‘Triptych’ Recap And Ending, Explained: What Happens To Aleida Trujano? Is Dr. Julia Batiz The Triplet’s Mother?

Netflix’s new Mexican sci-fi thriller is loosely inspired by a true story, as hard as it may be to believe. “Triptych” follows a young woman named Rebecca, aka Becca, who is a forensics investigator. She soon realizes there are two more of her and begins to investigate how this is possible. There isn’t much the series does to make it seem believable. It also takes more interest in the personal lives of the three women than their complete stories, making it more of a drama. The truth gets a little lost in thriller tropes, and one loses interest rather quickly in the mysteries of who’s who.


Spoilers Ahead

A Familiar Stranger

Becca arrives at a crime scene where a woman has been shot dead in an encounter. As she looks at the body of the woman, she realizes she’s an exact reflection of herself. Shocked by the revelation, she begins to cry, only to realize the woman is actually alive. The woman even says her name, throwing Becca off her game. Aleida (the zombie) is a respectable woman from a powerful family in Mexico who had taken her psychiatrist, Dr. Julia Batiz, hostage in a manic fit. Finally, she was shot by the police to save the doctor’s life. Everyone assumed she was dead until Rebecca arrived and realized she was alive. Aleida is taken to the hospital, and Becca is shaken by all the events. Aleida’s plan was to get the doctor to confess to something in front of the media.


In the meantime, Captain Solana tries to calm Becca down. They have a steamy relationship outside of the office, even though he’s a married man. Rebecca has a drinking problem, and when he broke up with her last, she burned his car down while it was parked in front of his home, near where his wife and kids could’ve been. Solana didn’t press charges and allowed her to keep her job at the precinct on the one rule that she quit drinking and attended AA meetings. When Becca arrives at the hospital to check on Aleida, she’s unable to find any records about her. Solana arrives and tells her to leave because the “rich and powerful” people are trying to keep this under wraps. She’s made to believe that Aleida had died while receiving treatment. Becca is more curious now than ever. Through a DNA test, she is able to determine that she and Aleida are, in fact, twins. Becca immediately rushes to confront her mother, but her mother has no idea about a twin. Becca was adopted as a child, and she says the adoption was an illegal one, so there were no records of it, but she was never told about another sister. Becca was their miracle child.

Who Is Aleida Trujano?

Aleida successfully heads a recruitment agency. She is the wife of Eugenio, whose father, along with her own father together, started a chain of hospitals, the Humanist Vita Hospitals, in Mexico. Aleida had a son named Alex, who drowned in their swimming pool. Because of this, Aleida needed a psychiatrist to keep her in check. Unfortunately, even after medication and help, Aleida didn’t seem to get better and had a manic episode where she began to see a fire in the house. She told Eugenio that their son was in the house and there was a huge fire, but of course, those were hallucinations. This caused them to admit Aleida to a psychiatric ward. Coincidentally, this episode matched the timing of Becca’s car-burning shenanigans. Aleida had found out the truth about Becca by then, though. She told Eugenio on her 33rd birthday that he should let her out of the ward. Eugenio thought she was okay and did bring her out, only for the dark happenings to unfold. Becca believes Eugenio has something to do with Aleida’s death, but she doesn’t know exactly what. After following him home, she goes through some of Aleida’s belongings to see some pictures of her and information about a club. Becca also sees Eugenio cry for his wife and seemingly blame himself for her death. Following the information found in Aleida’s house, Becca decides to head to the Olympia men’s club. She is shocked to find another woman who looks identical to her.


Who Is Tamara?

Becca now knows she was a triplet. Tamara is from a poor family but has now lost her mother. She lives a wild life of drugs, drinking, sex, and “performing art” (pole dancing for now). Tamara is exactly the opposite of Becca in behavior. She’s spontaneous and unbothered. Tamara tells Becca that she did, in fact, get a visit from Aleida, but they are interrupted by the police. Tamara ran away and never got contacted by Aleida again until she got a call from her to come to the doctors’ building the day she died. While Becca continues her investigation, she notices that she, too, had received calls from an unknown number on the day of Aleida’s death. When she contacts the number, Eugenio is the one who receives the call. Eugenio notices the pattern of the unknown numbers and tries them again to find Tamara. When he sees Tamara, he thinks he can save Aleida’s company from a shareholder takeover. Tamara chooses to work with him for money. She has a makeover from dreads to a bob, making her look sophisticated and charismatic like Aleida. Pilar, Aleida’s mother, and Eugenio decide to take over the company. But, when Eugenio comes up with this plan, he conveniently avoids telling Pilar about it (I still can’t understand why).

Eugenio takes her to the office, and people are thrilled to finally see their leader Aleida back. At the same time, Rebecca enters the office to find out what Eugenio is up to. She is shocked to see Aleida alive again. Becca tells Solana that her sister is alive, but he says he was the one who ID’d her body. Meanwhile, unfortunately for the office members, Tamara, as Aleida, immediately signs over her shares to Eugenio and resigns as president of her own company within a couple of minutes, shocking the shareholders. One of them comes up with a plan to see what exactly Eugenio is hiding about Aleida. In the meantime, Becca gets close to doctor Julia. She first interrogates her, thinking she may be working with Eugenio on his large plan to take over Aleida’s company. Julia is quick to catch on and denies the idea. She tells Becca that she wants to help both her and Tamara.


Tamara, on the other hand, consoles Pilar, who isn’t even able to say goodbye to her daughter. While at first, she doesn’t appreciate Tamara’s behavior; she finally accepts her as a daughter of her own to fill the void left by Aleida. Tamara trusts Pilar because her tears seem to be real.

The Experiment: What Does Becca Find In The Basement Of The Hospital?

Becca finds a woman named Beatriz, the social worker who handed her over to her mother as a child. Beatriz tells Becca all about the secret hospital basement where she and a fellow nurse had to take care of Becca’s biological mother. There was only one doctor with them, even though it was a triplet delivery: Doctor Bernardo Saenz (Eugenio’s father). Becca is led to believe that this was all a master plan by Eugenio and his family. Becca is made to believe that Francisca, Tamara’s mother, is their birth mother. Becca tells her mother about Tamara and invites her home, so they can figure out more about their lineage. Dolores, Becca’s mother, welcomes Tamara with open arms. Tamara brings Pilar along, although Becca doesn’t entirely trust her. They discuss all the similarities between the three girls’ lives to date. After doing some research, Dolores finds a magazine article about another set of triplets that went through a similar situation. Becca puts it aside for later and tells Pilar she wants to visit the basement of the hospital to find more information. She enters as Aleida, with Solana by her side. They find a file titled BS for Bernardo Saenz, and inside, they find a photograph of a Nazi woman. Becca starts to wonder if the absurd theory that the three of them are clones of some Nazi woman is true. Becca confesses all of this to Dr. Julia, who gives her some wine to calm her nerves. Becca reluctantly accepts and then ends up drinking too much alcohol. When Becca is drinking, Tamara, who is with Eugenio, the shareholder of Aleida’s company, and his wife, starts to behave strangely. She has barely had a drink but becomes incredibly drunk. Even making out with the shareholder’s wife. This leads the shareholder to believe Aleida is not mentally stable, and so her resignation and signature are null and void. However, Eugenio returns to the office and tells him that Aleida has left him for a woman. In a drunken daze, Becca calls Eugenio and tells him that Beatriz has told her everything, calling him a Nazi and cutting the phone.


The next day, when she’s stable, Solana finds Becca in prison. He gets her out, and she receives a phone call from Beatriz. When they arrive at Beatriz’s home, she’s found dead. Becca realizes they’re all in danger because she tells Eugenio about Beatriz and asks Solana to take her mom to a safe house. She can’t find Tamara, so she stays back to look for her. Tamara, who had been knocked unconscious and put in the trunk of a car by Eugenio’s man, ends up escaping and calling Becca. Solana and Becca go to get her and leave for the safe house.

Who Killed Beatriz, And Who Is Dr. Julia Batiz?

The great doctor is the person because of whom it all started. Solana takes Becca and Tamara to a remote house that doesn’t look anything like a safe house. Becca looks for her mother, but she is nowhere to be found. It turns out this was all Julia’s doing. She got her assistant to kill Beatriz before Becca could reach the truth. Before finding Tamara, Becca read the magazine because Dolores told her to read the article. It turns out that there was a doctor who did an unethical experiment on three boys in the 1960s who similarly found each other as adults. The doctor in charge was Dr. Meyer. Becca goes to find Dr. Julia because she fears for her life too, only to realize that Julia has a picture with Dr. Meyer. Becca takes her mother and leaves there immediately, leading up to the later events. Now she is face to face with Dr. Julia, the culprit behind it all. Julia tells her that there is one thing wrong with her theory: Eugenio was never part of the plan. Elsewhere, Pilar and Eugenio make a plan to find the two girls and save them.


What Is Solana’s Role In All Of This?

It turns out that Solana has been working with Julia for years. He is the person keeping a watch on Becca for her. Becca feels terribly betrayed, but Solana makes a sorry effort to let her know that he meant her no harm. When he returns to the precinct, an officer tells him that there was some cash found at Beatriz’s home that pinpoints Eugenio as the culprit behind her murder, but the officer also believes it is possible this was falsely planted to trap Eugenio. Solana dismisses the idea, only to find Eugenio in his office. Eugenio tells Solana everything that he and Pilar have found (foolishly) and teams up with him to “find” Becca and Tamara.

‘Triptych’ Ending Explained – What Happens To Aleida Trujano? Is Dr. Julia Batiz Triplets’ Mother?

Julia appallingly reveals to the two women that she is their biological mother. She used to work with Dr. Meyer in the 1960s. When he realized the word was going around about his experiment, he decided to discontinue it, so he wouldn’t get caught by the police. Julia, though, returned to Mexico and continued the experiment using the resources of Humantis Vita Hospital. She was an egg donor who created the three girls herself in a petri dish and then implanted a surrogate. Nature vs. nurture is the big experiment that Julia wanted to continue by handing out the three girls to three families from different socioeconomic backgrounds and monitoring them over the course of time.


In the meantime, Solana tries to kill Eugenio because he knows the truth. Eugenio fights back, and the car crashes. Rebecca and Tamara ask about Aleida, who they knew had found out the truth. The doctor had tried to convince her she was hallucinating. Aleida had called for the media when she took the doctor hostage because she wanted everyone to know the truth about the three of them. Aleida’s death was fabricated, and she, too, is in the house with the rest of them. At this point, Aleida manages to short out the power of the building and escape her room. This allows Tamara and Becca to escape too. They search for Aleida and find Julia’s assistant on the way. Becca had taken the alcohol Julia had stored for her in the room so she could resort to drinking in the difficult situation. She makes a Molotov cocktail again, this time to save her sister Tamara. Finally, the girls find Aleida in the arms of Julia, who is counting down the numbers for her to calm down. The scene cuts to the triplets escaping in the doctor’s car from the house. A truck begins to chase them and manages to stop them. It’s Eugenio in the truck. Before Becca does something reckless, Eugenio shows himself to her. He asks if Tamara is safe and is shocked to see that Aleida is alive.

When the girls escaped, they locked Batiz in the basement of her own home, where nobody could hear her screams. The police would take over her home and investigate her actions. We think it is possible that she could escape later and return to take revenge on the girls. Eugenio tells them that Solana died in the car accident, but it is possible that he, too, survived and returned to his wife and children, hiding from Becca. Now that Tamara, Becca, and Aleida (who are recovering in the hospital) are all together, they will continue to grow closer along with their families. Tamara finally has someone to care for her too. Aleida will probably take up her presidency again, and Becca will return to the police office sober this time. It is still unclear, though, how the girls all dream about each other and have these paranormal connections. The doctor could never answer these questions.


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