‘Treason’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Happened To Adam Lawrence? Who Is Dorian?

The season finale of Netflix’s limited series, “Treason,” leaves one in a very different position than expected. Television’s fluffiest agent, Adam Lawrence, is definitely one that will be remembered. While the plot is self-explanatory, “Treason” has just the right number of twists to make it a soft but intense thriller. Oona Chaplin’s “Maddy” was a standout throughout the show and has the best character arc for sure (a spin-off for the masses, please). We don’t know about you, but the astounding last episode definitely had us in tears. What happened to Dorian, and who exactly is he? What will happen to Dede? Will there be a season 2? Read on to know!


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 5? 

The finale of “Treason” begins with Adam and Kara connecting to Malik to track Olamide (Martin Angelis’ assistant), who has the compromising files and Maddy reaching out to Audrey to get immunity for Adam from prosecution for treason. Adam informs Malik of Martin’s kompromat and tells him that if he can help them, Audrey can become the Prime Minister, installing Malik as the new chief of MI6. Malik agrees and gives them Olamide. Adam apologizes to Kara for leaving her behind in Baku. In an action-packed sequence, Kara attempts to get the drive that Olamide and Zoe (both Martin’s people) are transferring all the secret files to, while Adam covers for them. The CIA also arrives at the same time. Kara manages to get the drive but is interrupted by Olamide, whom she finally ends up strangling to death. Maddy then decides Adam and Kara need her help, so she arrives there, too, managing to get the drive from a sprinting Zoe. Dede manages to get a hold of Adam and takes him out into the open. There she yells for Maddy, saying if she doesn’t hand over the files to Kara, she’d have no choice but to kill Adam. Kara stops Maddy from stepping out, but in a quick beat, Dede shoots Adam as Maddy yells for her to stop, and Adam tries to get the gun from her hands, dying instantly (how could they?).


Martin tells Malik and Patrick (Paddy) that, in a turn of events, Kara managed to kill Adam, and they’re holding a committee meeting to announce all the happenings of the past few days (since Martin’s stroke). Malik and Patrick oblige, considering one of them is set to be the next deputy of MI6. Maddy and Kara escape and figure out what they can do next to clear Adam’s name. Maddy reaches out to Audrey, letting her know what’s happened, but Audrey tells her to hand the files back to Martin in a cowardly move. Maddy and Kara are alone yet again. In an attempt to catch the real Dorian, they decide to use Maddy as bait to get the SVR to contact their double agent to retrieve the files from Maddy while she is at the committee meeting (genius). The plan works, and it is revealed that the real Dorian is Patrick! Audrey gets the files from Maddy and exposes Martin’s motives for becoming the most powerful and longest-running chief of MI6 in the nation’s history and finally absolving Adam. Kara manages to get a hold of Patrick and, in a power move, uses a chemical on the photograph of her with the Baku team to poison Patrick. Martin gets arrested, and Maddy lets Dede know that she will come for her for what she did to her and her family no matter what comes her way (go girls!). Kara and Maddy have a heartfelt goodbye, and the show ends with Maddy reaching the kids and telling them she’s “here” (how sad!!).

‘Treason’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – The Hunger For Power Ruins Many Innocent Lives

It is not in every spy drama that we see the protagonist actually killed before the climax of the last episode. It seems Adam Lawrence is a new kind of hero in many ways, but this show is more about the power of a team than individuals. Kara worked for 15 years to figure out what had happened to her team. Despite Lawrence’s success as a deputy, he never got over the guilt of leaving her behind and thinking only about himself. Same way, until Maddy doesn’t join hands with the two of them, they are set for doom. Martin was so power-hungry that he was blind to the fact that his own deputy was not a double agent but was doing everything in his power for his own country. As Maddy mentioned in the show, he was too busy exploiting people in power for his own gains. It is true Adam had help from Kara for his quick ascent through the ranks, but he never knew he was being used, and if Martin had figured this out properly, a lot of innocent lives would not have been destroyed. Although the Maddy, Kara, and Adam team have a penchant for bad decisions, they managed to do the right thing in the end. Self-indulgence never leads to anything productive, as clearly showcased in the case of Martin. Audrey Gratz is a great character (we miss River Song, too) that proves that even in a position of power, you can be a decent human being and get justice for the innocent. It seems the ladies of this show are the true heroes, and we’re absolutely here for it. Kara makes a great point while she’s trying to take the hard drive that carries the kompromat but is found out by Zoe. She tells her that even when one wants to serve their country, the people in power weaponize this service, showcasing the strength of corruption and how it can change anyone.


It all began in Baku when Patrick murdered the five men under Kara to secure Russia’s position in the city. Kara’s patience helped her get the answers she wanted even after being removed from the SVR and considered a traitor to her own country. In the end, she is able to get back to Moscow safely and feels vindicated. It would be interesting if they created another limited series with Kara being reinstated in the SVR and a parallel plot line with Maddy where they meet in the middle of the mission (Maddy attempting to make the world aware of Dede) and continue to be good friends. Although there’s no mention of a continuation of the series, if enough of us like the show, there may be a chance it would come back. We definitely enjoyed the “bad recruit,” that is, Adam, a unique way to humanize a special agent. A family man can be a special agent too, okay?

Maddy’s love for her adopted children is the reason for her fantastic character arc throughout the series. Although she got distracted a little bit by Dede, she managed to find out the truth and also all sides of the story to choose which side she had to be on, unlike Dede, who just assumed Martin was right about Adam. Although it is a little bit unclear why Dede cares so much about Maddy, she is slightly blinded by Martin and stuck on villainizing innocent Adam. As mentioned earlier, Adam has got to be television’s softest agent—and also one who dies too easily, leaving us hoping for a comeback that never is (but this isn’t reality, fam!). We would love some closure for him, as he apologized to Kara mere minutes before his death (they hate us). Ella comes along in the end and understands instantly that her father will not be returning (leaving us shattered) and accepts Maddy fully as her mother. Seems, as usual, ‘many hands, make work.’ 


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