‘Treason’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained – Are Martin And Dede On The Same Team? 

In Episode 3 of “Treason,” Adam takes the kids to Martin’s as a cover for Kara. Kara doesn’t find the files, and it turns out Martin has had all the information this whole time. Martin told Adam that he knew he was the double agent and was going to get him imprisoned for his treacherous behavior. Adam and Kara are both in big trouble with their own countries and decide the best thing for each of them is to work together. Maddy wants to get back to her children, and although she gives Dede some important information, she tells her it’s over and leaves to go find Adam.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 4?

Adam heads to the office with his children but is denied entry because Martin has taken over again, and Adam’s clearance has been revoked. Maddy lets Dede know that Adam saw them together and has taken the kids away. Dede tries to convince her again that Adam is a traitor, but all Maddy cares about right now is the kids and their safety. In the meantime, Kara is eavesdropping Martin’s office and finds out that he’s sending out a gunman for Adam. He also plans on blaming it on Kara. Martin is able to find out where Adam is headed with the kids through his wife, and Kara manages to figure out the exact location through their conversation. Maddy is also informed of their location through Dede and heads there. Adam and Maddy talk for a bit, but in the presence of the kids, they are unable to converse fully.


Melnikov is brutally stabbed in a basement. Minister Audrey’s information is finally leaked, and the two prime ministerial candidates have a debate. Adam believes that there is still hope that he can help Audrey win the election, even after such a scandal, if he’s able to get a hold of Martin’s files. Adam tells Maddy the whole truth about Baku, and they decide they need to fix this mess together. The gunman is posted outside the home they’re at and is ready to shoot. While Callum is supposed to be asleep, he steps out of the house and almost gets shot at by Martin’s guy, only to be saved by Kara. Kara is here because she knows there was a hitman on Adam, and that Martin plans to pin the crime on her. She lets Adam and Maddy know about what she overheard. The only way they can save everybody is if Adam stays in the house with the kids, and Maddy and Kara go out to distract Martin’s guy. The plan works, and Maddy ends up killing the man before he can harm her or Kara. 

Adam believes the only place for the family to be safe is at his lawyer friend Kit Harper’s (who we previously met in episode 2). Kit reluctantly agrees to help them without any promises. Adam, Maddy, Kara, and Kit make a plan to get a hold of Martin’s files while simultaneously getting immunity through Minister Audrey. The episode ends with Martin giving the CIA, or rather Dede, the green signal to kill Kara and Adam. 


‘Treason’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – What Is Martin Up To? 

It seems the suspicion on Martin rises, as we believe he may have something to do with the double agent within MI6, as he’s very keen on getting Adam killed. We bet he had something to do with the killing of the five men in Baku. It has been 15 years since the incident, but we finally know that Adam is guilty of leaving Kara and her people behind just because he wanted the MI6 to credit him for the intel regarding the siege. Adam and Maddy finally reconcile (thank goodness, this family is so cute), and even though she has some doubts about whether they are on the right side, he convinces her that he’s also doing this for his country. Kara needs the information regarding Baku, so she is able to tell the families she takes care of (those of the five men) about what really went down 15 years ago. It seems there is only one man at MI6 who truly believes in Adam, named Paddy, who may be of help to get inside information for Adam if he’s able to. We know now that Adam’s wife suffered before she died, and that her name was Sian. She was a very close friend of Mary, and Kit was her best friend too.

Ella and Adam have the most accurate teenage daughter-father conversation proving that Adam cannot do much wrong! Jokes aside, though, this heartfelt conversation draws a parallel between Adam and Martin, who pretends to Mary that the children will be safe even though he has no interest in them, and she knows so too. Who is “Dorian,” and will Audrey win back the people? How far will Dede go to do Martin’s dirty work before realizing he’s using the CIA as scapegoats for his dirty laundry? We hope there are no innocent deaths and a perfect ending to this adorable family man’s story. (Yes, we know you’re thinking it too.) Even though it’s a show about treason, it’s got minimum violence and many family-drama moments to make it a wholesome watch. We can’t wait to find out what happened in Baku and have Adam prove his innocence. The final episode, here we come! 


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