‘Treason’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained – Is Adam A Double Agent? What Happened In Baku?

In episode 2 of the thriller “Treason,” we learn that Adam is on the radar of the CIA and has been since his time in Baku (his first posting). His meteoric rise to the top of the MI6 is questioned by all, so Adam can’t trust anyone. Maddy, his wife, has betrayed him by leaking information about his meeting with Kara to Dede, her friend, and CIA agent. Fortunately, Ella is saved, but Adam still doesn’t know who took her in the first place. Will Adam work with Kara to understand the truth behind all of this? Will Adam and Maddy be able to open up to each other and get on the same page? Let’s find out with “Treason” episode 3.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘Treason’ Episode 3?

Kara is caught by the SVR because Russia is now the prime suspect in the poisoning of the MI6 Chief. When Kara denies the accusation of attempting to murder the Chief, she’s asked what she’s doing in London with an image from Baku. The SVR tells her she should stay away from Adam, and if the British get a hold of any reason to target the Russians, she can be removed from the world easily, considering no one would be bothered. Adam tells Audrey Gratz (Prime Ministerial candidate) that the MI6 have intel regarding a blackmail plot against her regarding the palliative care doctor she flew in for her mother (the files he himself gave away to Kara for the return of Ella). Audrey tells Adam that she had spoken to Sir Martin about it, and he had assured her this would disappear. She tells Adam that her best guess as to who could be responsible for this is her leadership opponent. Robert Kirby is backed by the Russian Anton Melnikov. Kara hands over the papers Adam gave her to Melnikov, but he lets her know that if she doesn’t help finish the job, she’ll never get to step into Moscow again. Kara obliges and makes a visit to Minister Audrey with the said papers. She tells her that if she doesn’t back out of the campaign, then this information will be leaked. In the meanwhile, Adam is in a meeting with Melnikov, who gives him a warning that Kara may approach him for blackmail, but he should report her to the police. Audrey gives him a call and lets him know that a woman has been to see her; he tells her not to back out, determined to save the day.


It seems Adam and Maddy are doing fine on the surface, but Maddy makes a visit to Dede’s secret lair, where all the CIA work has been happening. She sees that Adam is plastered across their boards and lets Dede know that she has not lost trust in him (thankfully). She shows Dede the image of Adam and Kara together but tells her that it’s all over because Adam is now resigning. Dede convinces her that the CIA will leave him alone if Maddy can lead them to Kara. Kara and Anton meet. Anton asks her why Audrey hasn’t quit, to which she replies that she’s done her job. She realizes he has no stake in Russia, and he tells her that the only reason he is backing Kirby is to hand him over to the Kremlin (Russian government) after he is Prime Minister, granting Anton a safe return to Moscow. He tells her that if she’s unable to make Audrey quit, he’ll have to make it known that she is the person who poisoned Angelis. 

Kara calls Adam and tells him she knows who kidnapped his daughter and that she’ll give him the intel if he’s able to help her with Baku. Maddy plants a tracker on Adam, courtesy of Dede, and they are ready for him to lead them to Kara. Maddy meets Dede and listens in on the conversation between Adam and Kara. Kara tells Adam that the five local men in Baku were tortured and hung up where their family and kids could see them, and she is desperate to know what happened to them as she had made a promise of protection to those families. Adam says he will try to get the files from Martin’s home. She tells him that the CIA is behind Ella’s kidnapping. He tells her to leave immediately before she gets caught by them, but since he was tailed, they’ve already caught on. Kara manages to escape but gets captured by the CIA agent’s body camera. 


Maddy can’t believe what Dede has done, but she reluctantly confirms that Kara is the woman in the picture and that Adam had handed her the file. Adam witnesses this conversation and realizes his kids are unsafe. He gets back home and takes them away immediately. They end up at Martin’s home, where Mary welcomes them in. Martin is meant to return any minute. Adam lets Kara into the house to get the files on Baku and Melnikov (for him to help Audrey). The files are not in the cellar, and Adam is confronted by Martin. Martin tells him that he has kept him close ever since he got the file on him from the CIA. He believes Adam is a double agent and lets him know that he will be imprisoned for a long time for everything he has done.

‘Treason’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – Is Adam A Double Agent? What Happened In Baku?

We find out through Martin that the five men were tortured and killed by a British MI6 agent, code-named “Dorian,” for the SVR in Baku, which caused a revolt. The rest of the MI6 pulled out, but Adam stayed, saving the embassy and making a name with the MI6. This led to the Russians taking over Baku. Adam tells Martin that he is not a double agent but can’t convince him as Martin knows Adam handed over the Audrey file to Kara. Martin seems to be caught up with the idea of power for MI6 and how everyone has forgotten them, which could lead to a big mess with Kirby as he has no intention of stopping him from entering Number 10 (The prime ministerial office in the UK). 


Dede shows her true colors to Maddy as she tells her that Adam’s kids are not her blood, but she is because she saved Maddy’s life before. Maddy finally cuts ties with her, but it seems it may be too late as It seems Adam has lost trust in her. In the nail-biting third episode of “Treason,” we see a lot of push and pull between these two characters and can’t wait for them to reconcile and communicate so they can get rid of all their misunderstandings. Adam has a great relationship with Ella, as she understands exactly what he needs while at Martin’s house and supports him. It seems both Kara and Adam are on their own, as everyone they once trusted has something against them. Will working together get them everything they need to prove Adam’s innocence and get Kara the answers to her question? We only hope to find out in the last two episodes of “Treason.” 

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