‘Treason’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained – Did Kara Really Kidnap Ella? Is Adam A Mole?

In the first episode of “Treason,” we were introduced to Adam, the deputy director of MI6, a family man with two children and a loving wife. Due to the Chief getting poisoned, Adam is appointed temporary Chief of the MI6 while he recovers. Turns out, his ex-lover Kara is the reason behind him, climbing up the ranks in the MI6 at such speed, and also the person who poisoned Sir Martin. She wants some secret intel from Adam. She’s also a former SVR agent who got kicked out for handing out intel to the UK. By the end of the episode, Adam’s daughter Ella is kidnapped. Let’s find out who kidnapped Ella and why in Episode 2.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘Treason’ Episode 2? 

In “Treason” Episode 2, we see that Ella is kidnapped by Joanne Allinson and Kyle Mills, but we’re not yet sure for what reason. Kara, who happens to be innocent, tries to convince Adam of the same, but he sends his men to go find her at her secret location. No luck there, as neither Ella nor Kara was there. Adam hears Kara out and agrees to meet her to get Ella back. He heads out alone and drives to the location with Kara, only to be betrayed by her. While Ella is at the location with the people named earlier, Kara manages to drive off with her before Adam can make it to her. She then tells Adam to give her some information (which she needs to give up for money and safety) in return for Ella. Meanwhile, Maddy finds herself suspecting Adam and goes looking through his things and recording his calls. She finds a picture of him, and Kara locked up at home. She then takes this information to Dede, who is keeping an eye on Adam.


Adam reluctantly agrees to give Kara the intel she’s looking for in return for Ella. He sets out for Martin’s home and speaks to his wife, Mary. She first tells him that Martin doesn’t speak about work to her but proceeds to take him to a secret cellar where he keeps all the confidential documents. He finds the papers Kara needs but also a file on himself that says he may be compromised with regard to foreign assets and is a person of interest for the CIA. Adam heads home and tells Maddy that he needs to go meet an agent who’s helping him get Ella back, and she says she will go with him. When they’re there, she sees him hand over the file to Kara and takes a video of the exchange to give to Dede. Kara tells him where to find Ella, and they finally get her back. Adam speaks with a trusted man named Kit about everything that went down in the past 36 hours and tells him that he is handing over his resignation, but he wants immunity from prosecution in exchange for intel. Kit tells him he’s got to expose the Russian spy and get a hold of Martin’s files in order to do so.

‘Treason’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – Is Adam A Mole? 

It is very clear that Adam will do anything to protect his family, even when it is irrational; a good example is how he followed Kara to get Ella, only to lose her to Kara herself. Maddy believes she’s doing the right thing to protect the children and herself, as Adam may be very different from the person she once knew and might also have someone else he might leave them for (in her eyes). It seems like there was a big explosion at Baku from which Adam had escaped leading up to his days getting promoted at MI6. Maddy is compromising the entire family by giving the CIA information without speaking to Adam directly, which makes us worry for the next episode. Adam’s got his hands too full to even see what is happening, and he may have to pay a heavy price. When Adam handed over the papers to Kara, he committed an act of treason and truly ended up becoming a mole. It seems he may still have some feelings towards Kara, protecting her by never telling his team what happened. Ella will definitely be asking Adam about her soon enough. 


Dede’s instigation has a huge influence on Maddy’s mind, which is why she truly believes Adam may be a traitor. Now that she has the video of him handing the papers over and also gets the feeling Kara and Adam may still be a thing, she too will act irrationally and hand over all the evidence needed by the CIA to get Adam. The Russians seem to be working for Prime Ministerial candidate Robert Kirby as, through Kara, they want to get intel on his opponent Audrey Kratz. Adam is clearly planning to come clean about his mistakes to save his family, even if it means life imprisonment, but will he be able to do so? If his act of treason has only been to protect his family, will he be utterly destroyed once people know? We only hope Adam and Maddy can talk it out so things can go according to plan and everyone stays safe. Until we know what happened in Baku, we will have to keep guessing what the true act of betrayal in the series is. Will Adam be able to snitch on Kara or Martin? Only later episodes of “Treason” can tell, but to answer our own question, Adam is a mole as of now, but we’re not so sure about before and why the CIA has been interested in him for so long. 

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