‘Treason’ Episode 1: Recap & Ending, Explained – Who Is Kara? What Happened To Ella?

Netflix’s spy thriller series, “Treason” plays out just like all our favorite spy movies, placing us right in the middle of a “situation” from the very first second. It’s gritty and has the perfect cinematography to keep you on the edge of your seat. It is strange to see Charlie not busting out the action sequences right from the start, but we’ll see how it goes! “Treason” could be the plot for a dozen spy movies from the last decade, but Charlie Cox’s Adam is a standout amongst all the MI spies we’ve ever seen. Yes, Liam Neeson was also a family man in “Taken,” but so much smiling and so many honest chats with the kids are melting our hearts for sure. Let’s break down Episode 1 of “Treason.”


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 1? 

It’s a dark night, and something eerie is about to happen. We’re viewing the scene through the scope of a gun. A couple is having a heartfelt conversation about figuring things out, and a little boy is trying to step out of the house. The gun suddenly points at him. The screen blacks out, and we’re transported back five days. The setting is London, and an important-looking man is at a club and is blackmailing another man with some confidential documents. He turns over said important documents from his briefcase, and it turns out he has some scandalous information about this man, Nigel Lambert, President of the Supreme Court. Nigel is left to consider making it disappear if he’s able to return the favor at a later time. The important man then orders his usual drink and some food when Nigel leaves. A suspicious woman walks into the kitchen of the club and mixes something in a drink. She hands it over to the important man and leaves. It turns out he was the Chief of MI6 and had a stroke after taking a swig. Our lead man, Adam, who was the deputy, is now stepping up as the Chief of MI6, Sir Martin Angelis. Immediately, he’s getting things done and making himself known at work. Adam calls his wife, Maddy and lets her know what’s happened.


Meanwhile, the mysterious woman has fled from the scene in a car with a man, who accidentally hits a biker on his way out. She’s in a big rush and stops him from checking on the man. Turns out MI6 has found the man through this incident and the poisoner too. She immediately makes a plan to leave no loose ends and kills the poor guy. Back home, Adam explains his role to his family. His teenage daughter doesn’t love the prospects. Sir Martin wakes up and thanks Adam for some books he gave them, but it seems Adam did not give him these books. It’s a secret message for Adam to decode. Adam figures out what it means and lands in the given location. Kara, our suspicious lady, is waiting there for him, and the two have something going.

Kara happens to be Adam’s ex-lover who used to work for the SVR but has been kicked out for leaking information to Adam, or that’s what she says. Kara tells Adam that the reason he is in his position is that she wrapped it up like a gift and gave it to him. All the secret intel, etc., just so she could get some high-security intel. Adam refuses to give it to her and leaves. Later, she gives him a location to go to collect more intel, which he does. The intel happens to be right, so he lets her know he’ll agree to her request. When Adam goes looking for the intel Kara wanted and finds nothing. Adam tells Kara he doesn’t want to hear from her again. The CIA is also involved, and Dede, who’s friends with Adam’s wife, is on a secret mission to infiltrate the scene by talking to her as a friend. The episode ends with Adam’s daughter exiting school from a different entrance than usual, so she doesn’t have security with her, but unfortunately, she realizes she’s been followed and calls up her dad immediately. Before anything substantial can be done, the call gets cut. 


‘Treason’ Episode 1: Ending Explained – Who Is Kara? What Happened To Ella? 

At the end of “Treason” Episode 1, Ella is kidnapped by what seems to be Kara’s people, and Adam lets her know he will do anything to save her. Kara needs information about five men she lost in Baku, Azerbaijan, some time ago. When Adam looked up this information, though, there were no ties with the MI6. But after seeing the papers regarding the President of the Supreme Court, there may be a reason to believe there’s a different kind of confidential documentation that he hasn’t seen yet that could give him answers to Kara’s questions so he can save Elle and his entire family. We learn through Dede that Adam’s wife, Maddy, is actually a stepmother to the kids and is a physiotherapist who’s served in the Army. She loves the children as though they were her own. For those of us who are uneducated in such matters, the SVR is the Russian foreign intelligence service. Kara worked for them but got thrown out for giving out information to the UK’s MI6. Baku happens to be Adam’s first place of service, and that’s where he and Kara first met.

Maddy also happened to disclose some very important information to her friend Dede from the CIA, who handed over a recording device in the form of a pen to her. Maddy will be putting Adam’s job at stake if she ends up using the pen for her personal work. Most importantly, we’ve learned that the Chief of MI6 is called C and not M. How boring. We’re also waiting for the answer to “do they have numbers like 007?” Let’s find out what happened to Elle in “Treason,” Episode 2.


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