‘Tooth Pari’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending, Explained: Do Rumi And Roy Live Happily Ever After?

In the seventh episode of “Tooth Pari,” Rumi is captured by Ora for her involvement in changing Badshah into a vampire and for her alleged role in Haru Babu’s murder. Roy, who is deeply worried about Rumi, decides to save her and visits the hideout with David’s help. However, things take a turn for the worse when Chitrabanu suddenly wakes up and alerts everyone in the hideout. Will Roy and Rumi manage to escape from the clutches of Ora and his followers? Or will they be caught and punished for their transgressions?


As “Tooth Pari” Episode 8 begins, Meera and David are pleading with Ora to spare the lives of Roy and Rumi, who are now imprisoned in cages. They are trying to reason with him, explaining that if AD finds out about their capture, it could mean certain death for the two of them. However, Ora is unwilling to listen to reason, and instead, he promptly informs AD of their capture. David and Meera are beside themselves with worry, knowing the dire consequences that await their friends. They try to convince Ora to reconsider his decision, but he stubbornly refuses. He reminds them that Rumi had been given a chance to live if she’d obeyed the rules, but she chose to betray them, and now, it is too late to change the outcome.

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Does AD Punish Rumi And Roy?

As AD lays eyes on Rumi, he is unsurprised to see her, knowing she is the root of their problems. But he is shocked upon seeing Roy, as he did not expect him to be there. Luckily, Roy does not recognize AD as his father’s friend. But AD has no intention of letting them off easily. AD devises a twisted and challenging task for them, one that will push them to their limits. Rumi is ordered to track down Luna, who knows everything about them and AD’s business, and kill her. Meanwhile, every member of the vampire clan will feed on Roy’s blood until Rumi completes her task. The stakes are high, and Roy’s life hangs in the balance. Can Rumi complete the task and save Roy, or will their fate be sealed forever?

Meanwhile, Roy’s parents are still in a state of panic as their son has been missing for more than 24 hours. They are anxiously waiting for any news of his whereabouts. Just then, Rumi arrives and tells them that Roy is currently filming for a cooking show where phones are prohibited. She also advises them to encourage Roy to pursue his passion for cooking, as he is not interested in dentistry. Rumi’s words strike a chord with Roy’s father, who begins to realize that he might have been pushing Roy into a career he did not want. As she is about to leave, a sudden downpour starts and Roy’s parents insist that Rumi stay until the storm passes, and she has no choice but to oblige.


Why Does Rumi Ask For Help From Kartik?

As Rumi enters Roy’s room, her eyes immediately fall on a suspicious-looking envelope lying on the table. Curiosity piques, and she picks it up and opens it, revealing a stack of photographs sent by Ian. As she browses through them, her heart races with anticipation, and she finally comes across the one she has been looking for—a picture of Luna. But what she sees next shakes her to the core. In the same frame as Luna, is Amar, a member of the vampire clan! Rumi’s mind races as she tries to figure out what is happening in front of her. Could it be that the vampires are in cahoots with Luna and the Cutmundus? Are they all part of some larger, sinister plan?

Despite knowing that Kartik is trying to kill her, Rumi takes a gamble and decides to seek his help. She knows that he has connections and resources that could be useful in her quest to save Roy and take down Luna. However, when she arrives, she is met with an unexpected sight. Biren bites his lip to produce some blood, urging Rumi to show her fangs. Rumi complies, and Biren is ecstatic to see it. But before they can make any headway, Kartik barges in, brandishing his gun and accusing Rumi of trying to harm him. He quickly grabs Biren and takes him outside the room, leaving Rumi trapped inside. Rumi desperately tries to reason with Kartik, telling him about her plight and the danger that AD and Luna pose to Roy. But Kartik isn’t convinced. He is bitter about how the vampires have ruined his life and career, and he sees Rumi as just another vampire trying to take advantage of him.


Does Kartik Plan To Expose Rumi’s Secret To The World?

As Luna is deeply engrossed in her Blue Moon ceremony, she is interrupted by one of her servants. She hesitates at first, wondering why Kartik could be calling her at such an odd hour. She quickly answers the call, only to be met with a flurry of urgent and alarming information. Kartik informs her that he has captured the vampire. He outlines a plan to take them all down, but he refuses to let Luna come. The next morning, Kartik puts his plan into action. He is calling for a massive meeting, inviting multiple journalists and all the members of the Cutmundus to attend. As everyone gathers, they notice a large cage in the center of the room. As the tension in the room builds up, everyone’s attention is fixed on the mysterious cage. The red satin cloth covering it adds to the air of anticipation and intrigue. What could be inside? What was Kartik’s plan? These were the questions racing through the minds of Cutmundus members and journalists alike.

As the suspense reaches its peak, Kartik steps forward and begins to introduce his father, Biren, to the crowd. He passionately defends his father’s innocence and explains how everyone falsely accused him and ruined his reputation. The journalists are all ears, scribbling down notes and taking pictures as Kartik makes his case. He then turns to Luna and asks her to unveil the mystery object. With a sense of trepidation, Luna lifts the cloth, revealing a figure inside the cage. But to everyone’s shock and surprise, it isn’t Rumi inside the cage, but Amar! He addresses Luma as his love, hinting at a romantic connection between the two. However, Luna remains composed and professional, introducing Amar as a theater artist named Rama Reddiyar, while Kartik sits with a smug grin across his face.

Amar AKA Rama And Luna’s Connection

Amar had always dreamed of becoming a popular Bollywood actor, but unfortunately, he was led astray by an anonymous person who convinced him to pursue a path that would keep him young forever. Driven by the desire to maintain his youthful looks, Amar made the decision to give up his human life and embrace a different existence. There is a possibility that he might have left Luna behind to pursue his ambitions, a fact that haunts her to this day. As the journalists pick up their cameras to take pictures of Amar, they quickly realize that he’s not showing up in any of the photos. They’re stunned and confused, unable to understand what’s happening. Luna steps forward and calmly explains that creatures like Amar are never captured by cameras because of their unique existence.

As Luna continues to speak about Amar, she tells the journalists about his unique abilities and how he needs blood to survive. With a sense of urgency, she takes her silver dagger and makes an incision in her hand, which immediately drives Amar crazy. His true side is revealed as his fangs extend outward, sending shivers down everyone’s spine. Not one to back down, Luna uses her magical powers and opens a window, allowing the sunlight to pour in. The journalists watch in awe as Amar’s skin begins to burn, and he screams in agony. With her quick reflexes, Luna closes the window just in time before his body catches on fire, leaving everyone breathless and stunned.


Does Luna Find Out The Truth?

Luna is furious with Kartik for not informing her about Amar’s situation earlier. She demands to know why he kept such a crucial piece of information from her, but Kartik quickly defends himself. He explains that he didn’t want to take any chances, especially since she is so close to Amar. Luna tries to reassure him that her priorities have shifted and that things are different now, but Kartik isn’t convinced. He sees right through her and accuses her of using the situation with Amar as an excuse to take revenge on the vampires. He also accuses her of pretending to be a savior of the world when, in reality, all she wants is to get back at the vampires for Amar’s betrayal. Luna is taken aback by Kartik’s accusations, but deep down; there is a possibility that he is telling the truth.

Luna returns to the room and lights up a cigarette, all the while calmly questioning Amar about the murder of Haru Babu and Badshah’s transformation. Fortunately, Luna is still in the dark about Rumi’s true identity and still believes that Amar is the vampire that Kartik has been talking about. However, Amar drops a bombshell by revealing that Rumi is the vampire in question and that AD had sent her to kill Luna. Luna chuckles at the absurdity of it all, but Amar insists that he can protect her from Rumi. Despite Amar’s assurances, Luna refuses to be protected by him, determined to handle the situation on her own terms.


Did Luna And Rumi Meet?

As Luna steps into the cage, Amar makes a sudden attempt to drink her blood, but Luna is not one to be taken by surprise. She grabs her trusty silver dagger and plunges it into Amar’s heart, putting an end to his existence as a vampire once and for all. She then sets his body ablaze, watching as the flames engulf him and reduce him to ashes. But as the smoke begins to clear, Luna sees a figure approaching her. To her shock, it is Rumi, the vampire that Kartik had warned her about. The two women stand face-to-face, sizing each other up as tension crackles in the air. Luna knows that she has to be careful, but she also knows that she can’t back down. She stands her ground, her eyes locked on Rumi’s, ready for whatever might come next.

When Rumi reveals that she is responsible for Har Babu’s death, Luna doesn’t like that. Rumi’s words hit Luna like a punch to the gut. Sreela’s death is still fresh in her mind, and she knows that Rumi is not going to let it go. Luna braces herself for what is to come, ready to defend herself against the vampire’s wrath. She knows that they have scores to settle and that this is going to be the biggest fight of her life. The tension in the air is palpable as the two women move to the side, their eyes locked on each other, both waiting for the other to make the first move. Luna can feel her heart pounding in her chest as she summons all of her powers, ready to unleash them on Rumi. This is it—the showdown between a vampire and a witch—and Luna is determined to come out on top.


The Final Showdown

As Rumi lunges at Luna with all her might, Luna’s magical powers kick in, creating a barrier that stops Rumi in her tracks. Luna unleashes her full arsenal of powers, sending Rumi flying and gravely injuring her. But Rumi is not one to be defeated so easily. Desperate to regain her strength, she turns to the one person she knows can help her—Kartik. Rumi sinks her fangs into Kartik’s neck, drinking his blood and feeling her strength return with every gulp. As Rumi stands back up, Luna summons all the water from the Hooghly River and creates a massive tsunami to try and take Rumi down. But as the water flows down Rumi’s body, her eyes glow blue with newfound power. Luna knows that she is in for a tough fight. To her surprise, the water only seems to make Rumi stronger. With a flick of her wrist, Rumi turns into a cloud of smoke and charges at Luna, ready to strike.

Luna tries to use her powers to shield herself, but they fail her in the face of Rumi’s strength. Rumi lands a powerful blow on Luna, sending her reeling. Luna reaches for her silver dagger and plunges it into Rumi’s heart, but to her shock, nothing happens. Rumi’s heartbeat pulses through the air, and Luna realizes that Rumi is not like other vampires. She is different. Before Luna can say another word, Rumi attacks her with a ferocity that shakes the ground beneath them. Luna tries to fight back, but Rumi is too powerful. In the end, Luna falls to Rumi’s deadly fangs, her body lifeless on the ground. Rumi stands victorious, her eyes still growing with power.


Do Rumi And Roy Live Happily Ever After?

As Rumi returns to the hideout, she is met with cheers and admiration for her victory against Luna. Now she is one of the most powerful vampires, but her triumph is bittersweet, as AD has other plans for Rumi. He demands that she change Roy into a vampire or face the consequences of having the hideout destroyed. But Roy refuses, stating that he wants to live a normal human life, with all its hardships and happiness. So, Ora orders David to remove all of Roy’s memories, erasing any knowledge of Rumi and the supernatural world.

The next morning, Roy wakes up with no recollection of Rumi. But his parents appreciate Roy’s cooking skills. On the other hand, Roy feels more drawn to his passion for cooking and decides to show his face on his YouTube channel, ready to embrace his new life with a renewed sense of purpose. As Roy continues to film for his YouTube channel, he is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Rumi. Their first encounter is replayed, and they share a quick conversation with each other. Meanwhile, with Amar gone, AD is using Badshah to transport the blood of all the vampires to make Hemalin, keeping a watchful eye on everyone. Badshah reports to AD that Rumi and the other vampires are planning to move away from Kolkata since Luna Luka is dead, and they are no longer afraid to come out at night.


However, AD has a big surprise up his sleeve. He reveals that Rumi’s daughter is still alive, and there is a chance that AD had a part in turning Rumi into a vampire. With her baby’s life on the line, Rumi will be forced to stay back, with the possibility of fighting alongside the Cutmundus, who are preparing for the battle with their new leader, Naru. The tension will rise as the two groups will prepare for an ultimate battle. The Cutmundus is determined to take down Ora and the other vampires, while Rumi will have to fight for her daughter’s life.

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