‘Tooth Pari’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens To Rumi? Does Roy Save Her?

In the sixth episode of “Tooth Pari,” Rumi’s secret is threatened as Kartik gets closer to the truth. Now, Rumi’s relationship with Roy is put at risk, and her own past begins to catch up with her. As the story progresses, Rumi’s secret is revealed, and Kartik is left stunned to learn that the woman he has fallen in love with is actually a vampire. Meanwhile, AD is a close friend of Roy’s father, and it is also revealed that Mithila is actually AD’s daughter. With so many secrets coming to light, the characters in this story are forced to confront their pasts. Will Rumi and Roy be able to stay together despite their differences? And what other secrets will be revealed as the story unfolds?


“Tooth Pari” Episode 7 opens with a poignant flashback to a conversation between AD and his wife, Mamata. As AD ponders the meaning of life and death, the scene interweaves with glimpses from Rumi’s past, creating a thought-provoking tableau. AD questions Mamata about her thoughts on death, asking whether she ever wished for it to relieve her of the pain caused by sickle cell disease. But then he poses a profound question: what if the pain persists even after death? AD continues to ask Mamata if she would like to live the life of an immortal if he finds a way to do that. As the two scenes converge, the flashback scenes shift to Rumi’s past, where we witness her transformation into a vampire. David, one of Rumi’s closest allies, turns her into one to save her life, and Rumi is suddenly thrust into a world of immortality. But would living forever be a blessing or a curse?

Spoilers Ahead 


What Does Kartik Find In The CCTV Footage?

As Kartik slowly wakes up from his drunken state, his head is pounding with a mix of regret and disbelief. He slowly remembers the events of the previous night, and with that comes the startling revelation that Rumi is a vampire. He can’t believe that he missed all the signs. Kartik takes a deep breath and begins to sort through his memories, replaying the conversations he had with Rumi and the strange occurrences that he had witnessed. As Kartik connects the dots, he realizes that he needs to find proof of Rumi’s true nature. With a newfound determination, he sets off for Roy’s dental clinic. As Kartik watches the CCTV footage at Roy’s clinic, he is on the edge of his seat, waiting for any sign of Rumi’s supernatural powers.

But as the footage progresses, Kartik’s suspicion only grows stronger. There is no sign of Rumi in the entire recording. It’s as if Rumi was never there, to begin with. The people around her moved as usual, but Rumi herself was completely invisible. Kartik couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Everything had finally fallen into place, and the truth was staring Kartik in the face. Rumi was a vampire.


What Happens When Rumi Visits Roy’s House?

Rumi, Meera, and David successfully manage to blend in with Roy’s family during their visit. Everything is going smoothly, but they know they have to be cautious and return to their hideout before Ora finds out. The consequences of getting caught are dire, and they can’t risk it. However, Kartik’s discovery is about to change everything. As he goes through Roy’s diary, he notices a detail that he had missed before, about Rumi’s broken tooth. He immediately remembers the night he found the dog. Kartik is in a state of panic after discovering the record in his diary. Without wasting any time, he rushes straight to Roy’s house, fearing that his life is in danger.

To make matters worse, as Kartik is on his way to Roy’s house, he unexpectedly bumps into AD. They have a brief conversation, and Kartik finds out that AD is also heading to Roy’s house. As Kartik and AD make their way to Roy’s house, little do they know that fate is about to intervene. Just as they are about to reach their destination, Roy receives a call from his receptionist, Anisha, warning him that Kartik is headed their way. Roy, David, Rumi, and Meera leave just in time. When Kartik inquires about Roy’s whereabouts, his father informs him that Roy has just left to drop off some guests.


What Happens To Rumi? Is She Killed? 

Just as Rumi arrives at the hideout, Badshah recognizes her and immediately reports her to Ora. The punishment is swift and brutal: Rumi is thrown into a cage without any blood and surrounded by multiple candles, each one designed to hurt her slowly. Ora refuses to meet her, and Rumi fears the worst-that he is going to hand her over to AD. Meanwhile, Kartik has finally found a breakthrough in his investigation into Haru Babu’s murder. He informs Luna that he has discovered the killer’s identity. The tension is building, and the stakes are higher than ever before.

As if Rumi’s situation wasn’t bad enough, Chitrabanu is also being held captive for his role in allowing vampires to pass outside the hideout. Like Rumi, he is suffering immensely, his body withering away without any sustenance. The candles surrounding him have burned his skin and made him go insane. The sound of his screams echoes through the hideout, a constant reminder of the cruel fate that awaits anyone who disobeys Ora’s rules. The situation is dire, and time is running out for Rumi, Chitrabanu, and anyone else who dares to challenge Ora’s authority.


Does Roy Save Rumi?

As days pass without any word from Rumi, Roy’s worry grows into a deep sense of dread. He confides in his close friend Ian, who advises him to visit her and find out what’s wrong. So, Roy makes his way down to the hideout, determined to get to the bottom of things. With David’s help, he finally finds Rumi; she is unconscious and barely clinging to life. Roy knows he has to act fast, and without a second thought, he makes a deep incision in his arm, offering his blood to Rumi. As soon as she drinks it, her eyes flicker open, and color returns to her cheeks. But their moment of relief is short-lived. Before they can make their escape, Chitrabhanu suddenly wakes up and begins calling out to all the other vampires in the hideout. Ora, who has been in a deep slumber, wakes up and joins in the chaos. The tension in the air is palpable as Rumi and Roy realize they are in danger. The odds are against them, and they have to act fast if they want to make it out alive.

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