‘Tooth Pari’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Is Luna Luka? Is Sreela Dead?

In the first episode of “Tooth Pari,” we learned Kartik has been assigned the case of Badshah, a man who files a complaint against Rumi for biting him. After Rumi’s fang is found at the location of the Tangra party, Kartik accidentally steps on the fang, which pierces through his sole. He removes the fang from his sole, but the injury is severe. He takes it home and keeps it as valuable evidence to investigate Badshah’s case. “Tooth Pari” Episode 2 begins with Biren discovering the fang. He starts to have flashbacks of his past experiences with vampires and questions Kartik about the wound. However, Kartik dismisses his father’s claims, believing his Alzheimer’s has caused him to have delusions about vampires again.


Kartik assumes that the fang must have fallen from a child’s locket, mistaking it for a tiger or elephant tooth. However, Biren insists that it is a vampire fang and begins to search for a book. Kartik tells his father to sit quietly and not mess up the room. But Biren finds the book, and Kartik assures him that he will read the book himself. He opens the book and discovers his father’s old library card, leading him to realize that Biren may have been a regular visitor to the library. With the discovery of this old card, the story takes an intriguing turn, leaving viewers wondering what secrets the old library may hold.

Spoilers Ahead 


Roy’s Pure Blood

Rumi returns to the hideout and tells David about Roy’s blood. She explains that when Roy pricked himself with a dental explorer, his blood fell into her mouth, causing her to experience a different taste. Rumi then elaborates on the taste, describing it as ‘pure’ and unlike anything she’s ever tasted before. After hearing about Rumi’s experience with Roy’s blood, David becomes curious and expresses his desire to taste it as well. Rumi agrees and decides to meet Roy again the following night to get a sample. However, David warns her that AD has increased security and she needs to be careful. But Rumi goes to meet Roy anyway. In order to get the sample, Rumi devises a plan to keep some blood in her mouth.

When Roy checks her mouth, he faints upon seeing the blood. This allows Rumi to extract a sample of his blood using an IV drip. After extracting his sample, Rumi wakes him up by splashing water on his face, and they engage in a conversation. Roy shares with Rumi that he has been diagnosed with vasovagal syncope because of which he suddenly faints at the sight of blood. They discuss Roy’s love for cooking and his family’s pressure on him to become a dentist. Rumi and Roy share a moment of connection, but Rumi ultimately leaves, knowing she must go back. When Rumi comes back to the hideout, she gives the blood sample to David, and he is amazed by the taste. He tells Rumi that Roy’s blood is pure because he is a virgin, which is a rare case.


The Cutmundus: Luna Luka

Kartik visits the library and finally gets the book ‘The Anatomy of Monsters’ that his father had asked him to find. Moreover, Kartik meets Haru Babu, his father’s old acquaintance, who tells him about his father’s interest in the book. Despite the library card being expired, Haru Babu gives the book to Kartik, as he needs it to investigate a case. Surprisingly, Haru Babu is revealed to be a member of ‘The Cutmundus,’ a witch cult, and he uses an old Bengali song on the radio to communicate with them. As the music spreads through the network of messengers, it eventually reaches the ears of Luna Luka, the leader of the cult.

Luna Luka, the powerful witch, makes a stunning appearance on the popular news show Kolkata Tez. Dressed in a long, flowing gown, Luna exudes an air of mystique and power. As she speaks, her voice is commanding and authoritative, yet soothing at the same time. During the live news show, Luna is asked about the existence of her new school for witches that practices the Wiccan religion. Luna Luka talks about the Wiccan religion and how it is in tune with nature. She explains that Wiccans worship nature and believe in the interconnectedness of all living things. She also mentions that the power of Wicca can take you to a world that you didn’t know exists. But the news anchor dismisses her claims and continues to mock her, which angers Luna and makes her display her power by shutting down the lights.


Luna warns the anchor not to force her to use her true powers and reminds her that the supernatural world is very close to the human world. She also implies that anyone who crosses that line will face dire consequences. Luna’s calm yet stern demeanor and the hint of danger in her words make it clear that she is not to be underestimated.

Rumi’s Huge Mistake

After David tastes Roy’s blood, he takes it to Meera. As they discuss the purity of the blood, they realize that they need more samples to quench their thirst. With Rumi’s fang missing, Sreela volunteers to get the blood, but the quest for pure blood takes a dangerous turn as Amar (another vampire) overhears Rumi and Sreela’s conversation about Roy’s blood. The following night, Rumi heads to the restaurant to retrieve her tooth while Sreela heads to Roy’s clinic. In the last appointment, Roy told Rumi that placing a fake tooth wouldn’t be sufficient and that she needed to find her original tooth. Rumi realizes that without her fangs, she cannot satisfy her thirst for blood properly. Unfortunately, Rumi encounters Kartik at the restaurant. He asks her about the recent attack, and Rumi avoids the conversation.


Rumi tells Kartik that she was at the party with her boyfriend, but she is concerned about Sreela potentially killing Roy. If Sreela drinks too much of his blood, it will damage Roy’s body. Rumi needs to fix her teeth, and Roy is the only person who can help her. As a result, Rumi decides to leave the restaurant to save Roy from Sreela’s attack.

Does Rumi Save Roy? What Happens To Sreela?

Rumi arrives at the clinic on time and takes him with her, emphasizing the urgency of the situation. Since Rumi is in a rush, she doesn’t explain the situation to Roy. He assumes that they are going on a date. Moreover, Roy is happy to leave with Rumi, thinking that this is a chance to spend time with her outside of the clinic. Rumi takes Roy to an old theater called Maniktala, which she believes is a safe place to hide him from Sreela. However, the theater triggers some old memories in Rumi, which are depicted through flashbacks. On the other hand, Rumi and Roy have a conversation about Roy’s past experiences with bullying due to never having a girlfriend. But Rumi tries to comfort Roy by telling Roy that he is very special and deserving. She then leaves him at the theater, urging him to be safe.


Meanwhile, Sreela walks into the clinic to retrieve Roy’s blood, only to be greeted by Luna Luka, who is already waiting for her. Sreela tries to put on a brave face, but Luna sees right through her. Sreela realizes that she is in grave danger and must find a way to escape Luna’s clutches. But Luna uses her powerful witchcraft to kill Sreela and slits her throat with a dagger made of silver. Now that Sreela is dead, the situation for Rumi and other vampires will become much more dangerous. Luna Luka and the Cutmundus will likely be on high alert to find and eliminate the others. Overall, Sreela’s death adds a new layer of danger and conflict in “Tooth Pari” narrative.

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