‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’ Season 2: Recap & Ending, Explained – Who Killed Senator Moreno?

After foiling a bioweapon attack in Paris in Season 1, Season 2 puts “Jack Ryan” in the middle of an altogether new situation; political warfare in Venezuela. A far-reaching conspiracy is brewing, and to prevent it, Ryan will have to traverse the globe and leave no stone unturned. Whom to trust and whom not to will be the most important question. “Jack Ryan” Season 2 raises the stakes of the “Jack Ryan” franchise and furthers the tension that is representative of the Ryanverse.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘Jack Ryan’ Season 2?

Venezuela will soon be having its elections, with social activist Gloria Bonalde going up against dictator Nicholas Reyes. Jim Greer, now posted in Moscow, Russia, has been tracking a satellite launch in the South China Sea. The name of the ship that was carrying the satellite is Almeta, and the satellite is orbiting over Venezuela. Back in the US, Jack too sees pictures of Almeta at his friend, US Senator Jaime Moreno’s house. The ship seems to be carrying weapons from Russia to Venezuela. Senator Mitchell Chaplin authorized Ryan and Moreno to pay Nicholas Reyes a visit, accompanied by US Ambassador Lisa Calabrese, to find answers. Reyes denies everything. Jack later meets Jim, who has also come down to Venezuela to track the Almeta. Jack spends a night with Lina, who is later revealed to be Harriet Baumann of the BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst), German intelligence. She bugged his room while he was sleeping and left quietly. On the way to the airport for their flight back to the US, Ryan and Moreno’s convoy is ambushed. Ryan escapes death, but he loses his dear friend Moreno, who is shot by a sniper. The head of the security detail for the convoy, Filiberto Ramos, comes to the US Embassy seeking asylum, saying he was attacked. He also reveals that he was paid to lead the convoy through an alternate route that led to Moreno’s death.


Bent on finding who killed his best friend and suspecting Reyes behind the attack, Jack receives intel from Harriet, who wants his help in finding a person she has been looking for for a long time—Max Schenkel. Unbeknownst to Jack, Max is the very guy who killed Moreno. She gives Jack an audio recording of Miguel Ubarri, Reyes’ chief advisor, speaking to his wife about Gloria Bonalde’s high chances of winning the elections. Jack, Jim, and Mike November (Chief-Of-Station, US Embassy, Caracas, Venezuela, and also the ex-husband of US Ambassador Lisa Calabrese) decide to use Ubarri to their own ends and force Reyes into making a wrong move. They track down Mateo Bastos, Reyes’s head of security, and play the audio in front of him, planting the seed of Ubarri’s intent of becoming president inside him that he will pollinate Reyes with. Jack later goes and meets Reyes again, accusing him of killing Moreno. Upon returning to his hotel room, he is attacked by a masked guy [Max Schenkel], whom he stabs in the eye. Jim tries to run after the guy, but his heart condition bars him. The guy escapes. Jack heads to Harriet’s place and shows her a sketch of the man that Filiberto has helped draw, confronting her about whether the man who attacked him and the one who paid Filiberto to reroute Moreno’s convoy is the very guy she has been tracking. Harriet nods. On the other hand, Filiberto is in the asylum, where he dies due to poisoning.

After failing to find anything in the office of a company called Cinco Palmas (from where Max made his last call) at the port in La Guaira, Caracas, Mike authorizes Jack and Jim to head to the cargo depot in the Venezuelan jungle where the Almeta has been delivering the containers to check them out. Jim and Greer team up with Matice and his team and reach the heavily guarded compound. In the process of finding out what is inside the crates, ammonium nitrate, Jack is almost caught but manages to escape from the jungle, thanks to Matice’s team. However, one of Matice’s team members is left behind: Marcus Bishop. Matice decides to drop off Jim and Jack and head back with his team to Marcus.


Back at the US Embassy in Caracas, Ryan manages to link the explosion that led to Moreno’s death to the ammonium nitrate he found at the compound. They had also found a drilling rig in a container. It seems that the compound is bringing in mining equipment. Furthermore, the guards at the compound belong to a private military company called Eprius, based in London. To find out more, Jack will have to go to London. However, Mike tells him that he has to return to the US because of the stunt he pulled at the compound by not following orders. Jack calls Senator Mitchell Chaplin to request a flight to London. He arrives in London and, with Harriet, decides to meet the CEO of Eprius, Rupert Thorne. Throne reveals that it was Vogler Industries that hired Eprius for its project in Venezuela. Upon being shown the sketch of Max Schenkel, Thorne tells them that he put Max, a former member of Eprius, together with a Venezuelan company called Cinco Palmas.

Jim decides to meet Gloria Bonalde after finding out that she is the wife of former Minister of Interior and Justice Sergio Bonalde, who had a fallout with Reyes and has been missing for a year. Jim meets Gloria at her house and tells her that her husband’s disappearance might just be related to his post that involved managing mining operations. She agrees to help in return for the safety of her family, which has just been threatened by Reyes. She also gives him a stone that her husband, Sergio, had in his possession. If Greer can find out more about the stone, he can find out what happened to Sergio. Later, he gets a call from Ryan (who is, to his utter surprise, in London), who tells him about Vogler Industries using satellite-based technology (the satellite Jim’s been tracking) to look for mining areas. Jack also tells him to find a woman, Monica Herrera, who is a middleman between Max and Cinco Palmas. Reyes gives Bastos access to a computer that links to the satellite above the jungle. It will allow Bastos to locate the American troops (Matice and his team looking for Marcus) in the jungle and kill them. In collaboration with MI5, Jack and Harriet plan a meeting between Max and Throne at a restaurant, but it is foiled by Max, who shoots and kills Thorne from a nearby building and manages to escape from Jack’s clutches. Jack manages to steal Thorne’s phone. He then breaks into his house and, through a favor from one of his juniors, Xander (Directorate of Digital Innovation, CIA), breaks into Thorne’s computer. He finds that Cinco Palmas made a deposit to Max’s account (one of the many in the database) a day before Moreno’s assassination. He also comes across multiple calls made to a number in Philadelphia, USA. The name of the company is Northlake Allied. He calls Jim and tells him about it. Then, with Harriet’s assistance and using Max’s sister as bait, Jack is able to meet Max face-to-face. It is Harriet who shoots Max before he can kill Jack.


At the US Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela, Jim shows the stone that Gloria gave him to Mike. It is called “blue gold,” an ore of the element tantalum that is used to manufacture circuits, jet engines, and more such things. He also tells Mike about Vogler Industries and its satellite imaging technology, saying that the company might be using it to locate more tantalum in the Venezuelan jungle. Mike decides to meet Ubarri and make a deal with him. He offers Ubarri and his family safe passage to the US in exchange for intel regarding Reyes’ mining operation and its relation to the assassination of Senator Moreno.

Jack returns to Venezuela, and he and Jim visit Monica Herrera at her office. Unfortunately, both are taken by President Reyes’s men and brought to him. Reyes tells them that they are wrong in pinning Moreno’s assassination on him, as he has already captured those responsible. Jack tells him that the guy responsible for Moreno’s death died in London. So Reyes has captured innocent men by mistake or is trying to hide the truth. Jack and Jim are asked to leave after they receive a warning from Reyes.


Matice and his team find Marcus but are ambushed by the guards of the compound, and Matice is killed in the gunfight. Marcus and Disco (a member of the team) watch from a distance as the guards take away Matice’s lifeless body.

Jack and Jim tell Mike, who is enraged at Jack for going behind his back, about Monica Herrera, who paid Max on behalf of the person who wanted Moreno dead. Amid anti-American protests that result from a leaked picture of CIA’s Jim Greer shaking hands with Gloria Bonalde and footage showing Mateo with the dead body of a US operative (Matice), Reyes orders the evacuation of the US Embassy in Venezuela for tampering with elections. While everyone else at the embassy is leaving, Mike, Jack, and Jim decide to stay back and find the truth behind Moreno’s death, as well as get the missing operatives back from the Venezuelan jungle. While leaving for a safe house, worried about Jim’s health, Jack discreetly tells Jim’s driver to take him to the airport. Mike and Jack reach the safe house and find out that Jim hasn’t reached the airport. Jim is, meanwhile, brought to Mateo Bastos by the driver. Mateo puts Jim in prison and tortures him for information, but he keeps his mouth shut. While at the prison camp near Puerto Maripana, he finds Sergio Bonalde along with other Venezuelan prisoners.


Mike tracks down the driver, Jose Marzan, at his beach house. Jose is the very guy who was provided by Mike to Jim for Gloria’s security. Mike shoots and kills Jose there and then. He and Jack decide to rescue Jim from the prison camp by buying off the guards at the facility. Mike calls his ex-wife Lisa to provide them with a helicopter for extraction as well as a way to take out a satellite. They meet Matice’s team, and Jack heads toward the compound in the jungle. Mike stays back.

Reyes moves forward with the elections, fearing Gloria’s increasing support. Ubarri tells his wife that they will be leaving Venezuela in a couple of days and going to America. They cannot trust Reyes’ actions. Reyes receives the news that his satellite has been taken down remotely by Americans and orders the execution of the prisoners. Ubarri tries to make him understand that he is taking things too far, but Reyes has made up his mind. Later on, Reyes slits Ubarri’s throat and kills him.


‘Jack Ryan’ Season 2: Ending Explained – Is Nicholas Reyes Held Responsible For His Crimes? Who Owns Vogler Industries?

By the time Jack, the operatives, and the guards they hired at the facility arrived at the prison camp; the soldiers had already killed some of the prisoners. However, Sergio and some other prisoners are still alive. Jack finds out from the soldiers that they have captured Jim and that Jim has been shifted to Reyes’s palace. Marcus and the operatives find Matice’s body. The voting begins. Jack records a video of the camp and the dead bodies and mails it to some leading news channels in Venezuela and America, which then spreads like wildfire. Watching the news, Reyes orders the voting to stop midway. Back at the camp, Mike arrives with the choppers and tells Jack that Vogler Industries is owned by two companies, Cinco Palmas and Northlake Allied. Rack remembers that the latter is the same company whose name he saw on Thorne’s computer in London. The signatory for the paperwork for Cinco Palmas is Nicholas Reyes. Jack calls Harriet in London and asks her for Thorne’s phone, which is with MI5. Jim and Mike then leave in a helicopter along with the rest of the operatives. They are going to get Jim at Reyes’s palace.

As the protestors stage a protest outside the palace gates, the team breaches through the roof of the palace, taking down Reyes’s guards one by one. Meanwhile, Greer has been making his way up from the prison underground after shooting Mateo Bastos. Greer finally sees Jack on the stairs. Mateo has also somehow managed to reach them and is about to shoot at them when Marcus shoots and kills Mateo, thus serving revenge for killing Matice. However, all is not over as Jack heads inside, looking for Reyes. He holds a gun at Reyes’ head when Mike stops him from pulling the trigger. Making Reyes pay for what he did is not up to them. The protestors will do the job. Jack and Mike thus leave the palace in the chopper, along with Jim and the operatives. The election results come out after its rigging by Reyes is exposed, and Gloria Bonalde wins. With Jack, Jim, and Mike watching, Gloria and her kids are reunited with Sergio aboard a US ship in the Caribbean Sea.


Back at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, Jack meets Senator Mitchell Chaplin. Chaplin is the one who owns Northlake Allied, the other owner of Vogler Industries, alongside Reyes’ Cinco Palmas. With Chaplin in front of him, Jack dials the Philadelphia number he found in Thorne’s phone. Chaplin’s phone begins to ring immediately. Moments later, as Jack walks away, FBI agents arrive on the scene with a warrant. Senator Chaplin is going to stand trial.

“Jack Ryan” Season 3 is nigh upon us. This time, it will be Jack against the very system he is a part of. Will he be able to prove his innocence in time? Season 3 will test Jack’s patience as he races against time all across Europe. Meanwhile, a nuclear strike is imminent. There is no room for mistakes. Will Jack cross the line to do what’s necessary? “Jack Ryan” Season 3 arrives on December 21 exclusively on Amazon Prime.


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