‘Titans’ Season 4 Finale Recap & Ending, Explained: Will We See The Team Ever Again?

HBO Max’s Titans came to an end as the eponymous team duked it out with an empowered Brother Blood, and while the main plotline of the series finale was anything but satisfactory, the epilogue turned out to be a saving grace. In the previous episode, we saw Tim getting his chance to shine as he earned the Robin mantle, and Conner made amends with the Titans and agreed to help them in their quest to stop Sebastian. After killing Mother Mayhem, Sebastian subsumed her powers and amplified his strength even more. The Titans decided to use one of Lex’s weapons that mimicked Starfire’s Tamaranean blue light on Sebastian to defeat him, but Dick’s unwillingness to completely change the core of the weapon by straining Kory led to inefficient output. Conner used the weapon on Sebastian, which instead helped him transform into his empowered Brother Blood self. Brother Blood attacked and presumably killed Conner, then went on to invoke Trigon. With all hands on deck, the Titans finally seem prepared to take on their biggest challenge yet.


Spoilers Ahead

What Was The Final Upgrade For Brother Blood?

As Dick, Kory, Rachel, and Gar try to enter the temple of Azarath, they find the outer Lexcorp gate key password to be changed. Kory prepares to blast her way through the gate, but Rachel suggests a better, more stealthy approach as she sends her soul-self projection inside the caverns. She sees that Sebastian has already summoned the multiversal interdimensional demon Trigon and is already making efforts to conclude a deal with him. Rachel tries to warn Sebastian about Trigon’s deceitful nature but gets shocked when she sees Sebastian killing the demon using May’s occult staff, ripping out its heart before banishing it once again in the burning well of blood. Sebastian offers for his half-sister Rachel to join his side to rule over the world, which she refuses. Using the blood from Trigon’s heart, Sebastian increases his powers to the maximum level and attacks the soul-self of Rachel, only to miss. Before returning to her human self, Rachel sees the apparently deceased Conner lying in the caverns. She is not so sure anymore if they can stop Brother Blood.


Sometimes later, the team goes inside the cavern to take a good look at Conner, and Dick is unable to find his pulse. Taking Conner’s body with them, the team decides to move back into the RV to locate Sebastian and engage him before anything even more horrendous happens. Honestly, it was not an expected opening, given how strong the character Trigon is in comics and how easily he was dealt with by Sebastian. If you thought the season one finale treated the character badly, wait till you see this series finale.

What Is Sebastian’s Endgame?

The team locates Brother Blood at a government black site, which is an abandoned chemical warehouse. Considering the possibility of a biochemical attack orchestrated by him, the team suits up, rushes to the spot, and meets Tim in Robin costume en route. However, as they find Sebastian present at the site, goading them into a battle, they soon realize it’s only a holographic projection meant only to distract them while Brother Blood operates elsewhere.


Meanwhile, Sebastian goes to STAR Labs and, using his blood magic, kills almost everyone present in the vicinity. Bernard, who thus far has been admitted to the STAR Labs clinic for his recovery, wakes up and observes Sebastian talking about a certain Project Icarus. Bernard calls the team and informs them of everything he observed, including Project Icarus, of which Dick seems to have prior knowledge. As the rest of the team curiously asks about what it is, Dick and Bernard reveal that it is a wormhole that STAR Labs managed to create, and upon activation, it can access even the most remote corner of the universe. Kory speculates that Sebastian wants to destroy Tamaran by making it collide with the earth, as Tamaraneans are the only threat to his power. The team rushes to STAR Labs to assess the situation.

How Did The Team Nullify The Threat Of Brother Blood?

In front of the wormhole, Sebastian is informed by the AI that Tamaranean energy can activate it, and he plans to do just that using Kory as the power source. The team enters the labs and rescues Bernard, and Sebastian uses his blood magic to lure Kory in front of the wormhole. The team gets distracted by a bunch of metahuman deterrent operatives, also employed and controlled by Sebastian, and Kory is affixed to power the wormhole. Elsewhere, at the RV, Conner slowly regains his vitals as Krypto, the super dog, licks him, apparently healing him in the process.


The team enters the wormhole chamber, and Dick and Tim try to fend off Sebastian, while Gar tries to detach the power source from the wormhole, and Rachel tries to communicate with Kory using her magical powers. After the timely entry of Superboy, aka Conner, the team is able to do all those things and beat Sebastian, but even in his depowered form, he is a threat to the world. Kory decides to bid the team farewell and go off on her own to destroy Sebastian by exerting her powers completely and, in the process, fulfilling her destiny. A teary-eyed Dick and other Titans watch as Kory flies off to space with Sebastian and blasts as a supernova, presumably losing her life in the process as well. However, much to the Titans’ excitement, Kory returns in her original orange flame form, and the team gather for a group hug.

Will We See The Group Ever Again?

The series finale of Titans ends with the group gathering for the last time for dinner at Metropolis, where they reminisce about their initial life in the team and, one by one, younger members state their wish to have a life of their own outside the team. Gar remarks that he will go into the Red to serve his purpose as the realm’s champion, and Rachel will go to have a shot at ‘normal’ life by enrolling in high school in Bludhaven. Tim shares that he will try to balance out his life and responsibilities in Gotham and Metropolis, while Conner shares that Superman has shown interest in training him. Dick and Kory, the leaders of the Titans, decide to live their dream of starting a family, and in the last shot, we see Conner finally getting the much-deserved flying lesson from Supes, although we only get a glimpse of the latter’s red boots. As previously mentioned, the epilogue section was the most memorable part of the series finale.

Although the series has ended, there’s still a chance of a continuation of the lore with the same cast if James Gunn decides to include them in his new DCU. The storyline might have suffered from unnecessary edginess, character assassinations, and bad plot points, but there was real potential in the cast and production design, and it will be a shame if it goes to waste at the end.

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