‘Tiger Nageswara Rao’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happens To Nageswara?

Tiger Nageswara Rao is a typical South Indian film that is replete with action, drama, romance, and thrills. Directed by Vamsi Krishna Naidu, the Telugu film is an action thriller that revolves around the life story of Nageswara Rao and the innumerable sacrifices he made for the villagers. The appeal of this film has increased as it has top-notch casting that includes Ravi Teja, Nupur Sanon, Jisshu Sengupta, and others. How will Nageswara prove his point? Will he be able to uplift his village? Will the villagers eventually come to know of his sacrifices? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Is Nageswara Rao So Famous?

Known for his heists around certain belts of Hyderabad and Madras, Nageswara Rao has earned the title of the most notorious robber. He is infamous for having killed his own father at an early age after he was caught in a heist so that he could save his own identity. From an early age, he was known to work for Yelamanda, the MLA of Stuartpuram, who was involved in all the illegal activities in the area. When he comes of age, he becomes notorious and opens a gang of his own in opposition to Yelamanda and his brother Kasi. He establishes his power by helping an illegal tobacco businessman restore his smuggled gold. This move helps him to prove his authority in the area. He is also seen looting a train full of grains enroute to Madras, but his motives remain hidden initially. Nageswara is dreaded around the village and has a reputation for frequenting brothels. There are also stories of him getting into a fight with the inspector in charge of the area, CI Mouli, after the officer tried to save the prostitute from his clutches. He is also notorious for taking taxes from rich businessmen. His activities in the area make him a target for Yelamanda and his gang. Nageswara is also seen getting into a feud with Kasi over his love interest, Sara, when Kasi tries to take her away forcibly.


What Led To His Arrest?

When Nageswara decides to loot a ship traveling with the Ennore to Pondicherry Belt for the gold, he unleashes the wrath of the don of that area. Yelamanda is then informed of the heist, and he tries to stop Nageswara from taking away the loot. While Kasi brings the corrupt police along with him to arrest Nageswara, he flees to Sara at Chirala station. He had promised her that he would run away with her after the heist and get married to her. However, the police manage to get hold of Nageswara, leaving Sara with the only option of committing suicide. He was sentenced to 14 years in jail by the Tamil Nadu government, as the heist took place in Madras.

What Does Nageswara Do For The Betterment Of The Village?

We get to see a different side of Nageswara after his arrest. All his noble intentions behind the heist start unfolding slowly. While in jail, he is informed of the atrocities that were being carried out on the people of Stuartpuram. He was involved in a lot of noble work, as he took care of and educated many children from the village. It is revealed that all the heists that he was involved in were for the benefit of the villagers. Despite their education, they were not able to find good jobs because of the bad reputation of Stuartpuram for heists and theft. Nageswara, however, decides to build a tobacco factory in the village to ensure that the people get jobs. Yelamanda tries to drain his efforts by killing the young college students who were supporting Nageswara in the cause. He murders some people and tries to destroy the others’ futures by marking them all as criminals in the police records. Nageswara gets furious and manages to escape the high-security prison with 3000 guards to save his people. He murders all the people of Yelamanda and Kasi to take his revenge, but, however, Yelamanda is spared, and Nageswara warns him that he will kill him on the day of the factory inauguration.


Nageswara had always set himself up as bait for the government to turn their glare at the pathetic conditions of the people of Stuartpuram. He made the police run after him in the darkness to bring light to the city. He ensured that while setting himself up as bait and running for his life, he chose the roughest terrain so that the government would build roads. He had lost all his gang members in the process, but he did not give up hope for a better tomorrow. He had made appeals to the Prime Minister, bringing up the problem of unemployment and corrupt officials like Yelamanda in his village, which later bore fruit. All the gold that he had stored for a better future for the villagers had, however, been taken away by Yelamanda and his men. His only aim was to take back the gold and put it to the use of the common people. It is ironic that he had given his best to protect the village but was misunderstood for being a bandit by the people of Stuartpuram.

Why Does CI Mouli Hunt Him Down?

There was an old feud between Nageswara and CI Mouli, a corrupt police officer. The story of Nageswara exploiting a prostitute was not true, as it was later revealed that CI Mouli had been beaten up by Nageswara for having physically assaulted the prostitute. He had held a grudge against him and had spread the false story to defame him. CI Mouli was intent on finding Nageswara and shooting him down. He had summoned his pregnant wife, Mani, and was interrogating her about the whereabouts of Nageswara while she was in labor. A social worker. Hemalatha, however, manages to save her from CI Mouli, and she promises him that Nageswara will surrender himself within a few days. She approaches Nageswara to ask him to surrender, and he tells her that when his work is finished, he will surrender himself.


What Happens In The End?

Nageswara was on a quest for the gold that Yelamanda had taken away from him. He catches hold of one of his accomplices and gets to know the whereabouts of the gold. While Nageswara is on the final mission, his wife is blackmailed by CI Mouli to give out his hiding place. She gives away the details of his hiding place, and CI Mouli and his forces attack him. He, however, manages to survive the attacks and get away with the gold. Even though he has lost all his companions and been shot several times, all he thinks about is converting the gold into liquid money and putting it to good use for the villagers.

Raghavendra Rajput, the chief of the intelligence bureau, who has learned of all the good deeds of Nageswara from one of his accomplices, is seen relaying them to the Prime Minister. She orders the immediate suspension of Yelamanda from the post of MLA. Meanwhile, Nageswara is captured by Yelamanda and CI Mouli so that they can take their revenge. Through a series of actions, Nageswara dramatically kills both Yelamanda and CI Mouli. He was intent on ridding the village of the corrupt officials, even after being shot several times by CI Mouli and other police officers. Nageswara believed that simply complaining about their problems would not solve the issue, but becoming the problem himself could resolve the issue.


Final Words

Tiger Nageswara Rao is full of dramatic twists as we get to know the real intentions of Nageswara. It comes as a shock to us when we realize that a person who seems to be the antagonist turns out to be the hero, thinking selflessly about others. We are left wondering if a messiah like Nageswara can ever be real and come forward to salvage the lives of the poor people in every corner of the world. It is a possibility that the film could have been inspired by the life of Veerappan, a domestic terrorist and bandit, as he was also believed to be the Robinhood of India. The film is full of intense drama, songs, and flashy grooves, making it a complete entertainer! However, I have felt that some parts of the film could have been omitted as they have been unnecessarily stretched.

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