‘The Wrath Of Becky’ (2023) Ending, Explained & Movie Summary: Are Becky And Diego Alive?

The dimwitted Noble Men getting violently schooled by a not-so-sweet 16 Becky clearly hasn’t seen the gory prequel that came out in 2020 and gave us a campy trip of blood and guts. There’s no denying that Becky was unflinchingly wicked about the kind of guilty pleasure it had aspired to become. And there’s an odd charm to films that are resolute in their ulterior agenda, however depraved and restricted they may be. With a fresh set of writer-directors and a brand-new Neo-Nazi trio extremely easy to root against, our vicious teenage scream queen gets her revenge switch clicked on once again in The Wrath Of Becky. And you know what follows when Becky is messed with!

Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

Becky knows what’s on your mind when her doe-eyed, pious little girl acts like a charm to a new set of foster parents but fails to convince you. You know she’ll be out of there before dawn breaks, and that’s exactly how it plays out. At least the homicidal orphan has found an understanding, if not slightly enabling, guardian in Elena. And all that rigorous training in the woods seems to have given her a sense of control over her rage, as her bloody tendencies are limited to only imagining slicing the throat of a mean ol’ customer. But even Becky has her limits. And when they’re tested by Sean, Anthony, and DJ, a revolting Neo-Nazi trio in town to join the impending insurrection led by a certain Darryl, you bet she loses her cool. While Sean may be nice enough to let Becky’s little act of revolt slide, the other two are as bad as chauvinistic white supremacist boneheads get. It seems like the world is unlikely to stop throwing Becky deadly curveballs, preferably in the form of Neo-Nazi degenerates looking for trouble in the wrong places.

Why Is Becky After The Neo-Nazi Trio?

Becky can’t catch a break. And neither can any parent figure fate tricks her into getting attached to. Losing her mother to cancer was hard enough for little Becky. Add to that the life-altering trauma of watching her father get butchered, and you’ve got a girl who’s understandably a bit iffy about forming attachments. But Elena’s life-affirming yet charmingly grounded personality does pose a worthy challenge in the face of her daunting cynicism. So when Sean, Anthony, and DJ break into her home to teach her a lesson, Becky is far more worried about protecting Elena and her dog Diego than herself. But since when has Becky’s horrendous fate given a hoot about her feelings? A bullet from Anthony’s gun is all it takes for Becky to be an orphan all over again. She’s buried enough by her parents to know how to make herself get through the day, even when life is rather stingy about giving her reasons to push herself. When Becky does find a reason, it’s a rather grim one. Diego’s been taken, and it’s time for Becky to go John Wick on the Noble Men, who’ve made the grave mistake of reigniting the murderous fire of vengeance Becky’s fought hard to leave behind.

What Are The Noble Men Planning?

A mirror image of QAnon and the very real and supremely braindead Proud Boys, the bigoted antagonists in The Wrath Of Becky are just as wayward about their hideous pursuit as they are confused about what they wish to achieve with it. Keeping with the 2020 prequel’s narrative trope of having one of the bad guys bear some weight of a convoluted conscience, The Wrath Of Becky has given us Sean. Don’t be fooled by his recurrent tendency to do, or at the very least, wish to do, the right thing, though. No decent man would join a dicey brotherhood of two of the most sexist and dangerously impulsive men and follow them to a whole new town for a White Supremacist rally. But here’s the catch: What Sean has been manipulated into believing is going to be a nonviolent gathering of bigots crawling out of their parent’s basements for Senator Hernandez’s Town Hall appearance is actually set to be an explosive case of terrorism. The self-declared leader of these idiots, the all-barking, all-groaning Darryl, has clearly not had his fill of rampant abuse back in his days in the army. And now that he’s gathered enough of an arsenal to leave a pretty severe mark on the general public, the Noble Men are set to establish themselves as a group not to be messed with.

Do Becky And Diego Get Away Alive?

If you’re familiar with Becky and the blood and guts she spills when her dainty frame is confused by a lack of vicious spirit, you can practically foresee the Noble Men’s fate. Neither The Wrath Of Becky nor its prequel, for that matter, could bother themselves with establishing a riotous conflict that’s worthy of such an amusing bloodbath. But you’re here for a reason. And the reason is to stare in awe as Becky twists and turns unfavorable circumstances and finds ways to wreak the most peculiarly gory havoc. It’s no news that she has a thing for inflicting just as much pain on the wrongdoers as possible.

Had Darryl, his middle-aged sidekick Twig, who seems to spend way too much time on 4chan and is au courant about all the new slurs coined against women, and the Neo-Nazi trio been worthy adversaries, their grisly demises would have been far more entertaining. But in lieu of the gusto that Becky would have loved to crush with her ingenious traps and merciless weapons, we have an insufferable group of men with a loathsome agenda and extremely problematic mindsets. After her odd run-in with an old woman with a breathing tube, Becky is quick to locate Darryl and, subsequently, the men who killed Elena and kidnapped her dog. Her beef is with the three men who wrecked the safe haven that she’d found after years of absolute emotional isolation. Darryl and Twig might’ve even survived had Becky not stumbled upon their plan and the ammo they’d stocked up on. The more you see of their obvious internal conflicts, which are primarily based on nervy Sean’s frequent trips to the bathroom just to keep his sketchy friends’ recent crimes hidden, the more you recognize how slim their shot at survival is.

Becky is bound to have wicked fun, proving their underestimation of her gruesome proclivities to be a grave mistake. With Anthony’s exploded head painting the lawn red, you’d think that the rest of them, especially Darryl, would take the girl a bit more seriously. But Darryl has reasons to at least attempt some sort of intimidation during his negotiation with Becky. After all, she’s in possession of the thumb drive, which would mean a world of pain for each member of the Noble Men if the authorities got their hands on it. The Becky we know, adore, and frankly, even fear, to some extent, isn’t without a soft side. It’s evident when she hesitates and takes a step back at Twig’s mention of his son. Having lost her father to a brainless killing spree, Becky knows better than to be impulsive about taking a father away from a kid. But if Twig can be stupid enough not to concoct a lie when he’s asked what his son’s name is, which happens to be Adolf, for crying out loud, he’s practically asking to be sliced into bits and pieces.

Things do seem quite grim when Darryl, proving himself to be a tad resourceful, tranquilizes Becky and holds her hostage. And in comes the most ridiculous twist of them all in the form of the same old woman whom Becky had the misfortune of meeting once before, who happens to be Darryl’s mom and has named him after herself. So much for smashing the patriarchy! But even Darryl Sr.’s audacious temper is no match for Becky’s quick-as-a-cat movements. In Becky’s defense, no one should mess with a dog parent’s emotions.

A poetic payback sees to it that Darryl Sr. pays dearly for her crimes. If not a bullet, it may as well be a knife through her head. Whether it’s his general overconfidence or the rush of violently murdering Sean, no amount of blood Becky leaves in her wake is enough to intimidate Darryl Jr. There’s nothing a string of booby traps can’t fix, nonetheless. Darryl Sr.’s rabid and clueless resurrection and subsequent re-murder aside, the path to Becky rescuing her dog and getting on her sort-of-merry way is quite easy. And Diego is, for a change, a dog that does survive a thriller. But how can she rest when she knows that the thickheaded DJ is out there living his best life, singing along to racist beats?

The Wrath Of Becky‘s ending takes quite a few ridiculous liberties with its incredulous hijinks, even for a film that, more often than not, lets the credibility of events take a back seat. For the CIA to seek out Becky and hire their youngest recruit may not be convincing in the real world, but considering she has been carrying the Valknut key ever since the prequel, who are we to stand in the way of her finding out the can of worms it actually opens? Thanks to Darryl Jr., Becky is now aware of the coordinates etched on the key. If another sequel, of which there’s a fair possibility, does get made, Becky will likely find out the sinister treasure that the Neo-Nazis from Becky were after. Until then, let’s just bask in the heat of the hand cannon that disrupts DJ’s singing party and sends him to hell, where he rightfully belongs.

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