‘The Worst Of Evil’ Episodes 4 And 5 Recap & Ending Explained: How Does Junmo Get Gicheul To Trust Him?

In the first three episodes of The Worst of Evil, we were introduced to Gicheul, the young head of one of Seoul’s most prominent crime syndicates. He made his way to that position with great difficulty, and by the time he reached it, there was no turning back. On the other hand, Junmo is a police officer with a shady past and a wife whose family isn’t pleased with him. Junmo needs to do something big to get a promotion that will make him reach the same level as his wife. They’re both in the police force, so her family is quite embarrassed. There’s a huge drug problem on the loose, so Junmo gets offered a place in Gicheul’s syndicate in order to dig deep and get a promotion as a result. Junmo, wanting to prove himself, chooses to accept this assignment. At the end of episode 3, Junmo has to shoot a man for Gicheul to make sure he can trust him.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 4?

Junmo fails to shoot the man, while Gicheul coaxes him to do so. Ultimately, it’s Chief Seo who has to kill the guy because Junmo pretends to not be able to aim. Everybody thinks it’s because it’s the first time that he’s unable to take the shot, but Gicheul still feels weary about the guy. Just because he’s the cousin of his best friend doesn’t mean he can trust him. At the same time, Euijong decides to help out in the investigation because she wants her husband safe as soon as possible. She contacts Gicheul and asks to meet him so they can rekindle whatever feelings they had for each other. Gicheul’s intentions are very clear; he really wants Euijong for himself, but Junmo, of course, can’t stand the thought of them together. Since Gicheul knows that Euijong and Seungho (Junmo’s name in the syndicate) have known each other since school, he only trusts Seungho to take him to meet her. The rest of the boys will be worried because she’s a police officer, after all.


At the meeting, Euijong tells Gicheul that she and her husband are divorced, and Junmo can’t do anything but listen and stay tight-lipped. Gicheul tells Seungho to keep the whole ordeal secret from the boys because they might feel uncomfortable with the fact that Euijong is a police officer. Unfortunately, at the same time, Euijong’s mother passes away, and Junmo can’t be there for her. In fact, Gicheul is the one who informs her, and that makes him feel much worse. Gicheul claims he has someone in the police department who has information, and that’s why he knows about Euijong and her family. A devastated Junmo has to drive Gicheul to his own mother-in-law’s funeral. It seems she was the only one from Euijong’s family who was supportive of the two of them. Instead of comforting his wife, Junmo has to watch as a gangster shows his support to his wife and even hugs her. There’s a slip-up, but the police officer who is pretending to be Euijong’s husband, Do-Hyung, shows up in the nick of time. Leaving Gicheul in the car, Junmo says he’ll go to the restroom and come back. Actually, he tries to go to the funeral, but the officers in charge of his investigation stop him, and he pays his respects from outside the room. It’s really heartbreaking to see him so helpless.

At night, a drunken Seungho asks Gicheul to take him fishing too. They’ve developed a closeness thanks to Euijong. Gicheul asks Seungho to promise him that he will help him get Euijong. Seungho agrees because that’s all he can do at this point. They make a kind of deal there, and then Junmo makes a call to his wife, apologizing for not being there for her. Jungbae, Gicheul’s right-hand man, has felt left behind and neglected ever since Seungho joined the group. He thinks his boss is trusting him too soon and asks Seungho where they went together. Seungho lies and says they went to Taeho’s columbarium. On the other hand, Junmo puts up a waving flag in front of Chief Seo to show him that they could be a good team. They both are great fighters and can be perfect as Gicheul’s main guys.


Now, the Busan guys want revenge, so they find another team in Seoul to team up with and offer them Gicheul’s properties in return for killing him. They decide to find an inside man so that they can make sure Gicheul is alone and kill him easily. They ask a bunch of Gicheul’s people to be rats, but it seems few take the bait. When it comes time for the special fishing trip, Heesung has to rush to his wife because she’s in the hospital. This is the perfect excuse for Gicheul to get Seungho to go with them. He tells Jungbae that they will not tell Seungho what’s really going on and leave him at the port. Skeptical, Jungbae has no choice but to agree. It’s late at night, and Seungho drives Gicheul to the fishing site. He wonders out loud how they can fish at this time. Gicheul tells him that he’ll have his answers in due time. Jungbae calls and says he’s stuck because of a mishap in his car, and he tells Gicheul to go ahead while he waits for help to arrive.

This is when all hell breaks loose, and Gicheul and Seungho are extremely outnumbered by the people of the other two syndicates. Seungho gets his hand on a gun and aims it at the head of the guy holding a knife at Gicheul’s throat. We hear the sound of a shot as The Worst of Evil Episode 4 ends.


What Happens In Episode 5?

Fortunately, Junmo doesn’t actually shoot at someone’s head; he shoots at someone else to distract the guy with the knife. He continues to shoot people, but only in places where he is sure they will not die. In the end, Junmo gets thoroughly wounded and sliced in the back with a knife. At that time, Chief Seo shows up, showing his loyalty to Gicheul and saving them in time. Seungho ends up in the hospital, and the doctors just barely manage to save him. Gicheul waits with him until he wakes up and tells Seungho himself that he trusts him now that he has saved his life twice. Euijong is terrified about what is happening with Junmo and can’t believe the team would take this so lightly.

The Chinese and the Japanese are the people Gicheul works with, or, we could even say, for. He has to take responsibility for the deal that he could not complete because of this mishap. Gicheul tells Chief Seo that he’s the only person he can trust, so he should dig up the other guys. Junmo, who is driven back to Seoul in an ambulance, gets a chance to meet Do-Hyung at the right time. He tells him that Gicheul will definitely kill the guy who betrayed him, so the police should get to him first to keep him safe. Weirdly enough, the tip doesn’t work, and they don’t make it in time. There’s something oddly suspicious about Do-Hyung, too, but we can’t really put a finger on it just yet. So, instead, Junmo beats up the guy really terribly with a baseball bat before Chief Seo can cut him up for almost getting Seungho killed. The plan works, and Gicheul listens to Seungho for now.


Professor Yoon is in China, and now Do-Hyung and the Chinese police know that she’s involved in this big scheme, too. All they need as proof will come from Junmo, who will go pick her up from the airport. Junmo’s big plan is to tell Gicheul that he suspects Gicheul’s closest fellows. For added benefit, he takes Chief Seo along, who also feels the same way. At the same time, on the important day of the meeting with the China leg of things, Euijong asks to meet Gicheul. Everybody knows by now that he won’t deny her. Chief Seo pretends to be a police officer and visits the head of the other syndicate that attacked Gicheul. He tries to get the truth out of him before killing him. He also visits Heesung and his wife, who had welcomed a baby at the hospital, meaning he wasn’t lying. Gicheul has drinks with Jungbae at the same time, which basically reminds him who is boss. Jungbae is worried that if Gicheul goes after Euijong, it will be problematic for their group. He’s just speaking out of concern. Chief Seo gives Gicheul a call, saying Jungbae and Heesung are clean, but it’s pretty clear from what we’ve seen that Jungbae is in on the scheme for sure. He definitely doesn’t like the idea of Seungho coming in and bulldozing everything, so he wants to teach his boss a lesson. Junmo visits Euijong at home briefly, and they talk about things outside of the investigation. He asks her how she is and if her mother’s funeral went well.

Does Professor Yoon Come Back To Korea?

Just as the police think they have the rat in the trap, a much younger woman shows up in place of Professor Yoon. Junmo drives her to the hotel as he’s expected to, asking as many questions as possible. On the other hand, Gicheul takes Euijong back to the church where they first met. He expresses his feelings for her, indicating that they should spend more time together. The woman in the car with Junmo takes off her wig and wonders why Junmo asks so many questions. Junmo finds out that she’s Korean-Chinese and apologizes for the mishap on the day of the gang wars. She tells him that it doesn’t seem right for someone to make a mistake and another to apologize. At the hotel, Junmo gets the chance to meet Do-Hyung briefly and tells him the details he’s learned. But he’s more concerned about why Do-Hyung is not with Gicheul. Junmo then finds out about Gicheul being with Euijong and becomes furious. He’s really afraid of what could happen to her. Do-Hyung reminds him that Euijong is also a police officer, and that he should trust her. Finally, Junmo walks away in anger and accidentally bumps shoulders with a man in front of the hotel. It’s the assistant of the head of the Chinese sector, and the head himself is there, too. Now, Junmo really has a chance to find out what’s going on exactly. There’s a chance the Japanese will be around too.


In this game, nobody can trust anybody, but there’s a chance Gicheul does trust Seungho. At the same time, there is a possibility that Gicheul and Jungbae are playing Junmo and know the truth about him. Who is this person in the police department who is Gicheul’s inside man? What if, ironically, it’s So-Hyung who is just creating a system to help Gicheul continue his drug supply? These are all just speculations, of course, and we don’t know anything until the next episode of The Worst of Evil.

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