‘The Worst Of Evil’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Junmo Get Through To Gicheul?

There is no need to panic because whatever we thought about Gicheul and Euijeong is not true. The Worst of Evil is extremely thrilling and unsettling, and we’re always in suspense of what’s going to happen next. Detective procedurals are always enjoyable, especially when the main guy is undercover and has to do questionable things to make sure he’s in the good books of the bad guys. It’s classic yet effective. Episode 2 ended with Junmo in a really dangerous position, and we were left worried, but episode 3 ends with him in a difficult spot too, leaving us wanting episode 4 to air immediately! Already, it feels like so much has happened, but it’s only the beginning. Let’s quickly get straight into what happened in episode 3 of The Worst of Evil


Spoilers Alert

Gicheul And Euijeong’s Past

Gicheul and Eujieong were a part of the same choir group back in high school. It seems they even dated briefly, or at least both liked each other. They got some pictures taken together for memory’s sake, and Euijeong even gifted Gicheul that necklace we saw him wearing in The Worst of Evil episode 2. Unfortunately, Gicheul’s mother was in an accident; what we can only presume is that she killed her husband, who may have been abusive, and so Gicheul was taken away from the neighborhood by the authorities. 


In the present day, even Euijeong’s mother knows that Gicheul is living as a gangster. While Euijeong gets acquainted with what Junmo is doing, Gicheul does a background check on both Euijeong and Junmo. Fortunately, Junmo’s friend has sorted things out and made it look like he is Park Junmo, married to Euijeong. Gicheul definitely has plans to win her back.

Junmo’s Big Plans

On the other hand, Junmo thinks it’s time to go big or go home. To get Gicheul to trust him, Junmo asks for men to show up to try and kill Gicheul so that he can swoop in and save him. The operation works, and when some strangers wearing masks show up and try to attack Gicheul, Junmo screams out that he himself is Gicheul and fights them all alone. Gicheul then brings out a loaded gun, but before he can actually shoot at anybody, they all magically escape. Junmo suffers a terrible wound on the head, and seeing that he would give his life to save Gicheul, the man is impressed. Gicheul decides to have Junmo be his new bodyguard, to the surprise of everyone. Even gangsters have a hierarchy, and it would look bad to other members of the gang if Junmo got special treatment. Gicheul doesn’t want to hear any of it, though, and now Junmo has some interesting secrets about the gang, like the passcodes are birth dates and where certain things are kept.


Junmo gets a phone and tells Euijeong that she can call him on that number because even if they check his logs, they’ll let it slide because they know she knows him. Junmo, of course, is mad that his boss is basically hitting on his wife, but he’s holding it in because he has to get the truth out. Weirdly enough, there’s been no sign of drugs near Gicheul till now. Is he just a club owner who happened to win over all the popular places in Gangnam? Even after almost being killed by a gang, Gicheul decides to step out of the office, but he takes only Junmo with him. It turns out they’re visiting Euijeong’s mother in the hospital. Junmo gets out of seeing her in person because his cover would be blown, and fortunately things go well. Euijeong’s mom asks Gicheul why he had to choose such a lifestyle, but Gicheul tells her that he’s not doing anything bad; he’s just helping kids who are alone, like he once was, to have a brotherhood and be protected.

The Japan Side Of Things

The Busan Boss visits his brother’s people in Japan and tells them that something needs to be done about Gicheul because soon he will take over all of them. In response, Gicheul has already reached out to the man in Japan and told him that the boss is the problem and needs to be handled. The Japanese head kills the man and throws him into the ocean with no trace (guess that is the easiest way to get rid of bodies). Because it’s a special day, Gicheul and his close friends go fishing. This is something they do sometimes but it seems like code for something.  


While Gicheul is gone, the rest of the group has nothing to do. Junmo tries to extract some information, but to no avail. Finally, he gets the office to himself when the rest of the gang goes out for drinks. At that time, he takes pictures of whatever he can and scouts out the place. He tells his seniors that he’ll try to talk his way into the fishing trip sometime to find out what the gang does because there’s no fishing equipment involved.

What Does Gicheul Make Junmo Do In The End?

A young man who is selling “Gangnam Crystal” gets beaten up by the drug lord. He is mad that somebody else is ruining his business, so he asks the young man to take him to his boss. They end up with Gicheul’s men, who are already ready to fight. On the other hand, Gicheul’s guys find a torch that isn’t working, and when they open it up, it has a police sticker on it. They connect the dots and realize the people who came to kill Gicheul may have been the police. This means that killing the boss was not entirely necessary because he didn’t send the men to kill Gicheul. Gicheul and his guys torture the other drug lord to put him in his place. The knife guy brings Junmo to the scene too. At the end of The Worst of Evil episode 3, Gicheul wants to know if he can trust Junmo, so he asks him to shoot the guy. If Junmo were a police officer, he probably wouldn’t shoot, but at the last moment, he does. Considering he’s undercover, is it worth Junmo’s morals and killing people to get their hands on Gicheul? At least, we know that he has something to do with the “Gangnam Crystal” with the way he destroyed the other drug lord.


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