‘The Witcher’ Season 4 Theories: What Can We Expect Next From The Netflix Series?

Netflix delivered an exhilarating journey in The Witcher Season 3, following Geralt, Yennefer, and Princess Cirilla as they faced perilous challenges throughout the show. Constantly on the run to protect Ciri, Geralt and his newfound family moved from place to place, encountering danger at every turn. Although Yennefer and Geralt’s paths diverged at times, they united to investigate the murderous mage lurking within the Brotherhood. In the climactic ending of The Witcher Season 3, shocking twists unfolded. Vilgefortz emerged as an even more horrifying villain than the Emperor White Flame of Nilfgaard. The season’s conclusion left fans eagerly anticipating what is to come in Season 4. With thrilling adventures and unexpected turns, the next chapter of the series will surely be a treat for the fans.


Geralt Abandoning His Neutrality

In the upcoming season of The Witcher Geralt’s pivotal choice to abandon his once-firm stance of neutrality to confront evil and fight for justice will significantly shape the narrative. With a newfound commitment to the side of good, Geralt will be driven by the singular purpose of finding and protecting Ciri, his destiny child. Freed from his old moral code, Geralt will become a powerful warrior, standing up against the oppressive forces of Nilfgaard. However, this transformation also marks a shift for the audience. With Henry Cavill’s departure from The Witcher, the character of Geralt will officially be portrayed by Liam Hemsworth, potentially bringing a new layer to the iconic witcher. While it might be challenging for viewers to connect with a different portrayal initially, the hope is that Liam’s performance will eventually win them over.

Did Ciri Embrace The Magic Of Chaos?

In the gripping conclusion of Season 3, we witnessed Ciri, now calling herself Falka, undergo a profound transformation. The reasons behind this change in identity can be traced to her troubled journey of survival and the pain she endured along the way. Killing someone for the first time left a profound impact on her, making her feel a connection to her ancestor, Falka, who was known for her own dark and murderous deeds. This inner conflict has stirred a fire within Ciri, leading her to adopt the name Falka as she struggles to reconcile her past actions with her own sense of self.


As the upcoming season unfolds, Ciri’s path takes a surprising turn as she becomes a member of the Rats. In this new alliance, she will form bonds with her newfound friends. The chemistry among the Rats could prove to be a pivotal element in the forthcoming season, shaping Ciri’s journey and the fate of those around her.

Vilgefortz’s Cunning Plan To Outwit Emhyr

Vilgefortz, with a clever plan, fooled Emhyr by presenting a fake Ciri to him. Through this display of his cunning strategy, Vilgefortz once again proved himself to be even more evil than the White Flame. He presented a fake Cirilla to Emhyr while intending to find Cirilla and keep her for himself so he could exploit her magical power and precious bloodline to conquer the alternate universes. However, despite Vilgefortz’s efforts, Emhyr, a shrewd ruler, may have already suspected his scheme. The upcoming season will see their rivalry grow stronger, leading to an intense showdown. Emhyr is determined to find Ciri, and he won’t let Vilgefortz deceive him easily. This clash of powerful figures will have significant consequences for Ciri and the entire Continent. Fans can expect an exciting and suspenseful narrative as Emhyr and Vilgefortz battle it out in their quest for Cirilla.


Francesca’s New Goal: Taking Out Emhyr

With the revelation of the White Flame as her child’s murderer, Francesca’s rebellion will take a dramatic turn in the upcoming season. Having lost everyone she loved, she’ll adopt a fiercer role against the emperor. Meanwhile, the fate of Fringilla and Cahir hangs in the balance, leaving us uncertain about Cahir’s true intentions. Did he genuinely regret capturing Ciri, or was it all a clever deception? The upcoming season promises gripping twists as the characters’ loyalties and alliances are put to the ultimate test.

What Is The Future Of The Brotherhood of Sorcerers?

With the devastating destruction of the Brotherhood and Tissia’s heartbreaking demise, the remaining sorcerers found themselves in dire need of a strong leader. Yennefer, stepping into this role, took it upon herself to guide the scattered Brotherhood. However, the loss of numerous mages severely weakened their ranks, and the future of the organization lies in uncertainty. In the upcoming season, Yennefer will surely face the challenges of rebuilding the Brotherhood from the remnants. The fate of the Brotherhood rests on her shoulders, and it’s a valuable question whether Yennefer will successfully restore the once-mighty Brotherhood and rejuvenate its influence in the world of magic.


What Happened to Istredd?

After being cast out through a portal by Vilgefortz, the series didn’t mention or shed light on where Istredd could have ended up. In season 4, he may find himself in a dark and perilous realm from which his return is almost impossible. However, we can say Istredd is alive, and it’s likely he will make a comeback in season 4, but it remains uncertain whether Istredd’s abilities will be enough to face Vilgefortz or if Triss, with her magical capabilities, will be the one to rescue him from the realm he’s trapped in. The upcoming season promises to unravel the fate of Istredd and the intriguing magical battle that awaits.

What Will Be The Future of Radovid?

After Radovid becomes the new king of Redania, the Spy Master Dijkstra and his partner-in-crime Philippa will soon learn about Ciri’s capture by Nilfgaard. In the upcoming season, they may face a crucial decision: whether to abandon their quest to find Ciri or engage in a fierce battle against Nilfgaard. Radovid’s new responsibilities as king will distance him from Jaskier, and he will become susceptible to being manipulated by Philippa and Dijkstra, who could control him like a puppet.

As the anticipation for the upcoming season of The Witcher builds, fans are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next thrilling installment. While some die-hard Henry Cavill fans may feel a tinge of sadness at the prospect of a new actor portraying Geralt, others are excited to see a fresh interpretation of their beloved character. The new season promises to be full of climatic moments and gripping developments, particularly regarding Ciri’s fate as a formidable warrior and her involvement with the Rats group. Meanwhile, Yennefer’s journey to rebuild the Brotherhood and unite the mages will be an intriguing arc, showcasing her struggle to rise from the ruins. With so much excitement and mystery in store, fans are counting down the days until they can relish this intriguing fictional world of The Witcher on the Netflix screen again.

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