‘The Witcher’ Season 3 Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Was Falka?

In the sixth episode of The Witcher season 3, part two, Aretuza met a tragic fate as it was mercilessly razed to the ground. The powerful forces of Scoia’tael and Nilfgaardian soldiers had managed to infiltrate the Brotherhood, cunningly aided by Vilgefortz, resulting in a fierce and devastating battle with the mages. Amidst the chaos, Ciri tried to evade Vilgefortz, as she didn’t want to become the apprentice of such a malevolent mage. She made her way inside Tor Lara and decided to take action by exploding the obelisk.


However, the aftermath left her separated and disoriented in a desolate landscape, completely alone, and facing a perilous journey on her own. Meanwhile, Geralt’s life hung in the balance due to the severe injuries he endured during his altercation with Vilgefortz. But thanks to Triss’s intervention, he didn’t give up on his life and survived the fatal injuries.

Episode 7 began with Jaskier approaching Aretuza and finding it in a state of destruction. He was worried about Geralt, Yennefer, and Cirilla, as he had seen Ciri for the last time running towards Aretuza. Yennefer met with Jaskier and felt relieved to see a familiar face after such a harrowing experience. However, she was concerned about whether her beloved Geralt would survive his injuries or not. She informed Jaskier that Triss had sent Geralt to Brokilon for treatment, but the fatal injuries might prove difficult to heal. Learning the location where Geralt had been sent, Jaskier found relief and ventured out to reach there, intending to be by his friend’s side and support him.


Where Did Ciri End Up After The Explosion At Tor Lara?

After the huge explosion at the tower of Tor Lara, Cirilla woke up in the desert of Korath, where not a single soul could be found around her. Under the scorching sun, Ciri found herself in a difficult position to even stand still due to the injuries she had endured after the explosion. She pulled out the magical coin from her pocket and started chanting her spell to make a connection with Yen and Geralt, but all her efforts went in vain. Debilitated by hunger and thirst, Ciri managed to pull herself together and go straight through the desert to finally reach somewhere she could get any help.

In the meantime, she found some poisonous lizards and eggs to satisfy her hunger, but the poison worsened her condition. However, just in time, she saw a magical figure resembling Pavetta calling her. Ciri found herself deluded by Pavetta’s mysterious apparition, believing her to be her real mother. However, her trance broke when the apparition of Pavetta started blaming Ciri for abandoning her family and her royal heritage. Fueled by anger, Ciri argued that it was Pavetta who had abandoned her. As Pavetta’s apparition mysteriously faded away, Ciri once again found herself confronted by her grandmother, Queen Calanthe. The queen’s words were filled with blame and hostility towards Ciri, but this time, Ciri recognized that it was merely an illusion playing tricks on her vulnerable state of mind. However, amidst the illusions and challenges, a glimmer of hope emerged when Ciri found a unicorn, just as Yennefer had described it to her. Ciri called the magical creature “little horse” who became Ciri’s sole companion, and together, they continued on their journey.


Who was Falka?

Ciri’s journey was filled with peril and dark chaos magic. On her way, she was confronted by a black-cloaked woman who seemed to be the one playing these magic tricks on Ciri all along. This black-cloaked woman later revealed herself to be Falka, the ancestor of Cirilla and also the one who carried the elder blood. Falka was a rebel who had killed her entire family to seize power and was later burned at the stake. She was indeed a vile character who pushed Cirilla to use her power to embrace the chaos. Falka was also aware of the prophecy that Ciri was one of her descendants and possessed the ability to change the fate of the world.

In the desolate landscape, where every step Ciri took was fraught with danger, she and her unicorn friend encountered a giant monster. While Ciri managed to survive the encounter and defeat the creature, her loyal unicorn suffered an injury. Falka appeared at just the right moment, seizing the opportunity to sway Ciri into using her chaos power to heal the unicorn’s wound. Ciri hesitated initially, well aware of the potential bad consequences of wielding fire magic, which could endanger everyone around her. However, Falka manipulated her, forcing Ciri to tap into her powers so that she could save her only friend, the unicorn.


Ciri had agreed to use the power of fire, which finally healed her little horse’s wound, but she found herself engulfed by a magical fire that Falka was casting to surround her. With the power of magic, Ciri could envision how Cahir and Vilgefortz would be punished for their evil deeds, but she soon realized that due to her having this chaos, she could also bring harm to Geralt and Yennefer’s lives. Thus, she relinquished her power and returned to reality from the realm of dark magic. As she woke up, she found herself surrounded by some local men who were talking among themselves about finding the girl whom “He” was looking for. As Emhyr had already sent his troops to find Ciri and had announced a reward for her return, it seemed that these locals were planning to take Ciri to the White Flame.

Where was Geralt?

Meanwhile, Jaskier found Radovid in the headquarters of Aretuza, but he didn’t sympathize with Radovid’s loss of Redanian soldiers. Jaskier then headed to the jungle of Brokilon, where the dryads initially viewed him as a threat and pointed their arrows at him. However, Jaskier managed to convince them that he only wanted to visit Geralt and check on him. The dryads allowed him to enter their camp, where Geralt was receiving treatment. Even though Geralt thought his life was a lost cause, the Dryads refused to let him die. They cared for him because they knew that saving Ciri’s life depended on Geralt and Yennefer being in good shape to help their newfound daughter.


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