‘The Witcher’ Season 3, Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Was Vilgefortz Rience’s Secret Employer?

In the fourth episode of The Witcher, Geralt and Ciri arrived safely at Aretuza, where Ciri opted to rest after a long and eventful day. Meanwhile, Geralt and Yennefer joined forces and devised a plan to infiltrate the Brotherhood’s headquarters. They suspected that Stregobor, an influential and elf-hating mage, might be the mastermind behind Rience’s evil actions. However, instead of confronting him directly, Yennefer decided it would be prudent to gather evidence against Stregobor. This way, the Brotherhood would have the necessary proof to apprehend him. In the climactic fifth episode of The Witcher Season 3, Volume 1, Geralt and Yennefer finally uncover the real face of evil driving the conflicts in Ciri’s life.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Stregobor?

In Episode 5, the story unfolded at a grand ball held in Thanedd, organized by the Brotherhood for the mages attending the conclave. Geralt, Yennefer, Triss, and Istredd took advantage of this event to gather information about Stregobor and share their findings. Dressed elegantly, Geralt and Yennefer entered the ball, swiftly drawing everyone’s attention to them. As they mingled among the mages, sorceresses like Sabrina and others tried to hit on Geralt, but the White Wolf remained focused on Yennefer and, more importantly, on Stregobor’s every movement.

Yennefer met with Istredd, who informed her that he and Triss had conjured a vision revealing that Stregobor possessed the Book of Monoliths. Meanwhile, Geralt was approached by Djikstra, who tried to convince him to hand over Ciri, claiming that the Brotherhood had been infiltrated by Nilfgaardian agents and that Ciri would be safer in Redania. Geralt firmly rejected the idea and continued to keep a watchful eye on Stregobor. Philippa, in the interim, pulled Yennefer aside, warning her about an impending dire conflict and suggesting that she should open her eyes to identify the true culprit among the Brotherhood. While Philippa’s words seemed to imply Stregobor, they held a deeper meaning.

As the ball continued, a lively dance ensued, providing the perfect opportunity for Yennefer to slip away and search Stregobor’s belongings for evidence. Geralt devised a plan and purposely picked a fight with Istredd to create a distraction. While the chaos ensued, Yennefer entered Stregobor’s room and began her search. However, a messenger butterfly alerted Stregobor to the intruder’s presence. Yennefer discovered the personal belongings of the missing girls and a list of their names in Stregobor’s locker. She also had a vision revealing Stregobor’s role in the abductions. Stregobor arrived just as Yennefer found damning evidence against him. Geralt, Tissaia, and Vilgefortz arrived shortly after, accompanied by Istredd and Triss, who found the Book of Monoliths in Stregobor’s possession. These compelling pieces of evidence left no room for doubt. Despite Stregobor’s bewildered denials, Tissaia and Vilgefortz decided to arrest him and hold him until trial.

The group returned to the ball, where Tissaia praised Yennefer’s intelligence and bravery. In front of everyone, Geralt and Yennefer shared a kiss, celebrating their success and togetherness. They retired to their room, feeling relieved that their mission had been accomplished. However, their relief was short-lived when they discovered the following morning that they had arrested the wrong guy.

Who Was Rience And Lydia’s Mysterious Employer?

During the ball, Geralt noticed Lydia’s mysterious appearance. She didn’t talk much due to the fact that her lower jaw was not real but rather an illusion. As Geralt came to know she communicated through telepathy, his doubts were clear that she was the one who had talked to Geralt through Teryn.

Following Stregobor’s arrest, Yennefer discovered a bracelet that Vilgefortz had given to Tissaia. Yennefer picked up the bracelet and showed it to Geralt. Upon closer examination, Geralt noticed that the stone in the bracelet closely resembled the Scarlet Ammonite stones that Lydia had worn in her earrings during the ball. These ammonites were also found in the deserted castle near Vuilpanne, where Geralt had previously visited in search of the mage but instead encountered Teryn.

The stones in Lydia’s earrings suggested that she had also received these earrings as a gift. This implied that the mage she was working for was the same person who had given her the earrings. If Vilgefortz had presented his beloved with the same stone-adorned bracelet, it meant that the mage in question was not Stregobor but Vilgefortz himself, confirming their suspicions. In the midst of everything, another revelation struck Geralt’s mind. During the ball, while he was keeping a watchful eye on Stregobor, Vilgefortz had approached him with a proposition similar to the one Djikstra had made. He displayed a magnificent landscape painting, admiring its beauty, and initiated a conversation about the impending conflicts they were about to face. He then demanded that Geralt join their cause. Interestingly, the landscape depicted in the painting was the very place where the Brotherhood was founded. This landscape also happened to be the location where Yennefer’s portal had transported her, leading her to confront a mystic apparition of Geralt that had attempted to harm her in episode 4. Connecting all these pieces together, Geralt and Yennefer finally reached the conclusion that they had apprehended the wrong person. Stregobor was not the mage they were after; it was Vilgefortz all along.

With the realization that Tissaia’s life could be in danger, Yennefer desperately attempted to use her magic to reach out to her while Geralt set off to confront Vilgefortz. However, by the time Geralt arrived, a conflict had already erupted outside. As he tried to navigate the chaotic situation, Djikstra suddenly appeared, holding the White Wolf at knifepoint. Djikstra claimed that Geralt should have chosen a side, further fueling a sense of mystery in the air.

The conclusion of Season 3 of The Witcher Volume 1 left us with a chilling discovery and an intriguing cliffhanger, leaving us hungry for more. In the aftermath of Djikstra’s unexpected appearance, the atmosphere is filled with uncertainty, but we can assume that Djikstra could meet his demise at any time as he was dealing with none other than the fierce White Wolf. It is likely that in the next installment of Season 3, we will delve deeper into Vilgefortz’s motives as the evil mage who was pursuing Ciri. He was the one who had formed an alliance with the emperor of Nilfgaard and had also orchestrated the abduction of young girls to create a clone of Ciri. The purpose behind all these actions remains unknown, but we can anticipate finding answers in Volume 2 of The Witcher Season 3.

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