‘Blood Origin’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Happened to Merwyn? Were Balor and Syndril Alive?

Scian previously duped Merwyn by informing her of Fjall’s whereabouts in “Blood Origin” Episode 3. She gained the Queen’s trust and received a large sum of money and a band of soldiers in return. Her intelligence strengthened the seven warriors, and they finally gained easy access to the palace. However, given Fjall’s condition, it was difficult to predict whether he would be able to tame the inner beast within himself and revert to his own form. Let’s take a look at the final episode of “Blood Origin” to find out.


What Happened to Merwyn?

The fourth episode of “Blood Origin” opens at Xin’trea palace, where Scian led the seven warriors who were clad in the armor of Xin’trea soldiers. Meanwhile, in Xin’trea, Merwyn advised Eredin to accompany Balor into the gateway of a different world in order to learn where the grain sources were. However, when Eredin entered the world and discovered it was nothing more than another version of hell, he realized Balor had betrayed them once more. Balor had used Fenrik as a pawn to acquire chaos magic. Despite the fact that Fenrik was not of his blood, he had always loved her as if she were his own daughter, so sacrificing Fenrik would be the only thing that would give Balor what he wanted. Therefore, he slit her throat, making a true sacrifice. After paying the price, Balor now was granted chaos magic. He immediately sent Eredin and his armies to another world with a curse that they would be stranded there for all eternity. Scian entered the palace hall with Fjall. She handed over Fjall to Merwyn as promised, lying about Lark and her other companions’ deaths.

Merwyn, on the other hand, was a traitor by nature, and she was so evil that she even betrayed Scian by breaking her word. She did not hand her the sword Soulreaver and instead ordered her soldiers to capture Scian. Scian was taken aback and cursed her, saying her womb would rot and no one would remember her. Merwyn wished to speak with Fjall while he was taming his inner beast. He was furious and didn’t want to look at Merwyn. Though he knew he had never loved Merwyn as much as he loved Eile, he couldn’t imagine her killing her own brother and the protectors who had sacrificed everything to safeguard her. Fjall couldn’t help but let his inner beast out, which terrified Merwyn. Fjall was about to attack her when the giant monster entered the hallway. Merwyn was taken to her chamber for safety while Fjall confronted the monster.


Eile was able to gather all the elves outside the palace and persuade them to speak out against the monarch. She had given them access to the palace’s grain store, but when Syndril opened it, it was empty. Eile couldn’t hold back her rage and encouraged the people to revolt against the empress to bring her kingdom down. The elven peasants recognized the Lark and began to sing “Black Rose,” which provided them with the energy they needed to protest and give voice to their revolution. Meanwhile, Scian was able to kill the soldiers who had captured her. She opened the palace door for Eile, and the rest of the group followed her into the palace and began killing all the guards. Eile finally made it to Queen Merwyn’s room to avenge her clan’s death. Merwyn was adamant about her decision and stated that she would not apologize for wanting to bring forth a new era, but Eile reminded her that bringing a new era required hope and the love of the people, but queen Merwyn was a mere child, a spoiled princess who wanted to build her dominance on betrayal, for which she deserved the ultimate punishment. Eile stabbed Merwyn and left her to die alone. Queen Merwyn was on the brink of death, but her arrogance did not crumble. She desired to be remembered and to die as a queen. When the peasants entered the palace, she sat on her throne for the last time. She smiled and asked them to remember her before she passed away peacefully.

Were Balor and Syndril Alive? What Led to the Conjunction of the Spheres?

Balor had returned to Xin’trea, clutching chaos magic in his fist. He gained the ability to control fire, which he used to kill everyone in his path. When Syndril and Zacare confronted him, he began shooting fire at them. Syndril realized that their magical power could neither stop Balor nor destroy the monolith. To put an end to Balor and his anarchy, they too needed to acquire chaos magic. Fjall, on the other hand, was eventually able to kill the beast, but not the one that was awakening inside his body. He completely transformed into a ferocious monster with no emotion or timidity. He literally began killing everyone in his path. He even injured Brother Death by mangling his eye, so in order to put an end to the monster within Fjall, Eile had to kill him. She hummed the song to keep him calm and eventually slaughtered him. Fjall took his last breath on Eile’s lap. Meanwhile, Syndril was ready to sacrifice himself. He forced Zacare to bind him with Balor’s chaos magic, which Zacare reluctantly did. Syndril absorbed the chaos magic and destroyed the monolith as well as Balor. Neither Balor nor Syndril could survive the battle, but the destruction of the master monolith induced all of the fragile barriers between the spheres to break, resulting in the conjunction of the spheres.


The entire Elven world went unconscious for a time, and when they awoke, their entire world had changed. Other creatures, such as nomadic elves and civilized humans, had arrived on the Yaruga Delta seashore. No one knew where they came from, but they began coexisting in this world that was once inhabited by elves alone. Eile cremated Fjall and bid her final farewell to him. While Scian was reunited with her Soulreaver, Zacare was mourning Syndril’s death with Brother Death, whose eye had been repaired thanks to Scian’s treatment. Six moons later, when monsters became prevalent in this world, we discovered Eile was pregnant with Fjall’s child, who was a different kind of blood combined with power of a beast and magic in its veins. Eile was back in the tavern of Inish Dubh when she caught up with Ithlinne again. She asked her to predict once more because she believed her prophecy had meaning and would come true eventually. Ithlinne declared once more that the conjunction of spheres was upon them, and that Lark’s seed would sing the last song, which meant Else’s child, or her bloodline would bring the end of the world or would put an end to the plight of elves.

What Did the Post-Credit Scene Mean?

Avallac’h is shown in the post-credits’ scene standing in the street and staring eerily at the kid, who is either Ciri or her ancestor. Avallac’h previously appeared, grabbing the book of monoliths, in “Blood Origin” Episode 4, where he learned that these monoliths could be used to travel through different timelines. The possibility exists that he found a monolith and cast spells to travel to a different era where he met Ciri or her ancestor. He might have discovered that Ciri was Eile and Fjall’s descendant and that she possessed a unique kind of power derived from magic and beasts. It is, therefore, possible that he was there to protect or warn her. It is safe to assume that “The Witcher” season 3 will show us glimpses of Avallac’h, who might be able to answer all the unexplained mysteries.


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