‘Blood Origin’ Character: Syndril, Explained: What Was Syndril And Balor’s Role In ‘The Conjunction Of Spheres’?

A prequel to “The Witcher,” “Blood Origin,” miniseries explained how the elves developed the proto-witcher thousands of years ago. The series featured the sandpiper, Jaskier, who was seen in the midst of a war when a mysterious elf appeared in his consciousness to tell him the story of the first-ever Witcher, who was none other than an elf. Through an ancient elf named Seanchai, a shapeshifting time-traveler, “The Witcher: Blood Origin” tells the story of seven elf warriors who lived in this world 1200 years ago before humans and monsters arrived in the universe. Jaskier was drawn to the story when she said that the original Witcher was created by these seven warriors in order to destroy Queen Merwyn’s empire of anarchy. A mage named Syndril, who had a direct connection to the Conjunction of the Spheres, was one of these seven warriors.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Syndril?

Syndril and Zacare, the celestial twins, were born in a village as a comet traveled across the sky. Syndril was accepted by Zacare’s mother, making the two of them related as siblings. The siblings were two of the most renowned mages of their time because of their great magical power. Syndril’s research on the monolith gave him hope that he could create a new world for elf-kind, but his companion, the chief sage Balor, had ulterior motives and intended to turn him in. While Syndril worked on the monoliths or the gateway to pave the way for a newer world, Balor wished to harness the power of chaos magic in order to become the mightiest mage of all time and establish his dominance over the world. Thus, when both of these mages passed through the monolith, they arrived in a darker world, as seen in The Witcher Season 2’s final episode. Syndril discovered that the world was similar to hell, with a gigantic winged creature flying overhead. Syndril was frightened by the growling of the beast and disheartened that his dreams of a new world had come to nothing. Balor betrayed him by stealing his “Book of Monolith” and imprisoning him, even though he warned him not to stay in that hellacious world. From the cell in prison, Syndril could see the beast destroying everything under Balor’s control. In order to prevent Balor from casting his dark shadow over the world, he escaped the prison by means of a monolith and vowed to destroy the gateway. Later, he started living in a cave in the forest with his sister and waited for the day to finally confront Balor.


What Was Syndril And Balor’s Connection With ‘The Conjunction Of Spheres’?

A cosmic collision called the Conjunction of the Spheres occurred 1,200 years ago (as mentioned in the source material). Several parallel universes collide during this cataclysm, causing a variety of creatures to enter the world, including witches and ghouls. However, according to the elves, humans also entered this world during this multiversal event. We saw that the realms collided in the fourth and final episode of “The Witcher: Blood Origin,” when Syndril destroyed the monolith to protect the elf kind from Balor’s chaos magic. A large rift in the universe caused by the gateway’s destruction allowed other universes to merge into one. Following the conjunction, many creatures descended upon Yaruga Delta’s seashore. Some of them were nomadic people, as described in the main source, and others were civilized humans. Syndril intended to benefit the elf kind by opening a portal to a more advanced world that would contain new lands, new crops, and new facilities to improve the quality of life, but he forgot that the heaven he was dreaming about might turn out to be hell. He thought that his discovery would bring him the joy of discovering the unknown, but it brought him sorrow, pain, and destruction.

According to the nature of the animal kingdom, there has always been conflict between the various classes of creatures so that only the strongest can prevail. However, in his attempt to usher in a new era, Syndril overlooked the fact that the creatures that would inhabit this world would also contend for dominance. So, while it was simple to imagine a new world, it was challenging to make it a reality. Additionally, Syndril’s own beliefs had betrayed him. He helped Balor because he believed that Balor would share his dream of a new era, which ultimately turned out to be a nightmare. In order to absorb the chaos magic and destroy the monolith, Syndril eventually confronted Balor and entangled himself with him. He even accepted death while destroying the monolith in order to free the elf kind from Balor, but as a result of the conjunction of the spheres, humans, and demons, they had entered the world. The world became filled with fear and death, for which Syndril was unwittingly responsible.


Is Syndril Dead Or Alive? What Happened To The Monoliths?

We saw Zacare shed tears for her brother after Syndril died since neither he nor Balor were able to survive the fierce battle. Though he made a number of errors in judgment by believing in the gateway, Syndril was an important character in the plot and was remembered for the sacrifice he made with the intention of rescuing his people. However, the catastrophe did not stop there because these monoliths were not totally destroyed. It’s possible that Syndril destroyed one of the gateways, but there were more monoliths, as mentioned in the second season of “The Witcher,” where Istredd talked about the monoliths and how they were called the original spheres. This suggests that monoliths were still in place after 1200 years and were being used as portals to travel through different realms. We have also seen that Ciri played a crucial role in the monoliths’ breaking whenever she screamed, allowing the monsters from other worlds to enter the world. Ciri’s ability to create a chasm in these monoliths, which were unbreakable doorways made of obsidian, made her the strongest character in this story. That’s how she was able to open a portal to a dark world of chaos magic and find the Wild Hunt, which was supposed to be led by Eredin. The upcoming season will reveal many more of Ciri’s secrets that will shed light on her becoming the “daughter of chaos,” which is why she was being chased by the Wild Hunt. But, despite all of the theories, the origins of the monoliths remain a mystery, and we hope that the upcoming season of “The Witcher” will help us to solve all of their hidden mysteries.

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