‘The Wheel Of Time’ Glossary Of Terms Before Watching Season 2

It is time for the wheel to turn again and churn out some new characters, hopefully leading to a better season this year. Season 2 of The Wheel Of Time returns this Friday, and many of us may have forgotten certain critical details, especially if we haven’t read the books. As it is with most adaptations, the show steers its wheel away from the source material (enough to make people mad), leaving us with fewer details to pay attention to. Season 1 follows Moiraine’s journey of figuring out who the Dragon is and their travels from Two Rivers to the White Tower. Now they have to fight the Dark One, who we don’t know much about, except for the fact that the former Dragon locked him up for 3000 years. If you need a recap of the characters, you can check out our guide on the characters in season 1. But here, from the Aes Sedai to The Eye Of The World, we have a small list of things to keep in mind before watching the new season of The Wheel Of Time


The One Power 

The One Power is the source of all magic, and every sorcerer draws their power from it in The Wheel Of Time universe. It allows humans to weave and “channel,” which gives them the name channelers. While before, both women and men could channel the One Power, it was tainted by the dark side, so men who can channel in the present day go mad and kill everyone they love (ouch). 

Dragon Reborn 

The Dragon is the title bestowed upon the one who is strong enough to stand against the Dark One. Rand is the Dragon Reborn and has the power to stand against the Dark One. Every town and corner of the world has a different version of the story of the Dragon reborn. The Dragon was a man called Lews Therin Telamon 3000 years earlier, and he was reborn as Rand.


The Eye Of The World 

This is where Rand slays Ishamael at the end of season 1, thinking he is the Dark One. The Eye is a circle in the Blight. We don’t know much more about it than that. Rand leaves Moiraine there after telling her to pretend he’s dead. Moiraine has no power anymore because Ishamael took away her ability to touch the source here. 

Aes Sedai

Also known as the servants of all in the old language, these are a group of female sorcerers who can draw power from the One Power and are trained to use it in the sacred White Tower. They are bound by three important bonds, and women choose from various colors to decide their sect. These are called the Ajah, and each one has a specific function. The Aes Sedai have warders who are bound to them and can feel their emotions, except for the Red Ajah, who do not have warders. 



Any woman who trains to become an Aes Sedai in the White Tower is known as a novice. We know that both Nynaeve and Egwene are encouraged to become Aes Sedai in season 1, and based on the promotional material for season 2, it looks like they’re both training at the white tower. 


The Wisdoms are essentially healers, and they use flowers and natural substances to heal people, unlike the Aes Sedai, who use the One Power. They are also trackers and can “hear” the wind. Wisdoms cannot marry, and since Egwene wants to be one, her relationship with Rand is messed up. Similarly, Lan and Nynaeve can’t be together, but there are other implications to that, too, because Lan thinks he’s going to die in the Blight. 



The Aiel are a race of people with red hair, as Loial points out many times in season 1 when he calls Rand an Aielman. Rand doesn’t know he’s adopted, but his mother, who was an Aiel warrior, died while giving birth to the boy. We don’t know much more about them except that they’re exceptional fighters, and most other people are afraid of them. 

Bel Tine 

The spring festival of the Westlands, Bel Tine, is when the Trollocs showed up in Two Rivers, and Moiraine’s journey with four of the “Dragon Reborns” began. People light lamps in memory of the dead on this day as well. 


The Heartstone 

Also known as Cuendillar, the Heartstone is an absorbent material that can even absorb the One Power. Moiraine thought it could not be broken, but after Rand “defeated” the Dark One, she had a piece with her. This is the material used to lock the Dark One in a specially designed prison, The Eye Of The World. That is why Moiraine says they’ve just won the first battle, and there’s much more to come. At the end of Season 2, Rand had unconsciously drawn so much of the power that it broke the Cuendillar.

Horn Of Valere  

At the end of season 1, Perrin and Loial are helping the warriors of Fal Dara try and dig up something from the throne room. They bring out a white box with some gold designs, and inside lies the Horn Of Valiere. Padan Fain and his other Darkfriends take the box while he explains to Perrin that he’s always been a fan of the Dark One. We don’t know much more about what the horn can actually do, though. 


The White Cloaks

Also known as the “Children Of The Light,” they consider themselves true followers of the light. They despise the use of the One Power, and so along with looking for Darkfriends, they also end up collecting Aes Sedai and burning them at the stake after cutting their hands off (so they can’t use the Power). 

Dark One 

The most powerful, bound by the power of the previous Dragon. The Dark One appears in the dreams of the five, whom he thinks are the potential Dragon. He is also known as the father of lies and is a representation of all things evil and destructive to the world. The Dark One’s side is called the shadow or the dark, and his human followers are called the Darkfriends. 



The Blight comes from the Dark One and surrounds the Eye Of The World. Nothing can be touched by the Blight because it is all contaminated and can kill you. Moiraine and Rand go passes through the dense Blight in order to reach the Dark One’s prison. 

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