‘The Wheel Of Time’ Season 2 Episode 3 Review/Recap: Will Nynaeve Succeed At The Arches?

Episode 3 is so good that it’s going to be hard to wait for an entire week to see what’s coming next. The Wheel of Time Season 2 is going really well right now, and there’s been more depth to the characters, a lot more to learn, and some beautiful scenes to gawk at. Nynaeve’s test to become an Aes Sedai is the highlight of the episode, for sure, but so much more happens in it too! What does Rand want from the false dragon? Will Elayne be able to help Egwene in any way? I’m terribly excited to see what’s coming next for all of them. And will Moiraine be able to get back to them in time to help them?


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

Nynaeve’s great test begins now, and she’s told that there will be only one way out after she’s inside. Many women have lost their lives to this test, but Liandrin is confident that Nynaeve can withstand the dangers there. It’s a test that makes you face your deepest and darkest fears, allowing you to walk away from them and be washed of your sins and fears. Even the One Power is unavailable inside the arches, and it’s all about the mind. In the first round, Nynaeve is taken back to the past, when she witnessed her parents being killed in front of her own eyes while she stayed hidden in a bunker. Just as Nynaeve tries to exit the bunker to help her dying parents, she sees the arch again and exits it. After every arch, water is poured over Nynaeve to wash off the sins she’s committed as well as the sins committed against her. The bruises made in the arches are real, and there’s always blood on Nynaeve when she escapes them. She is healed by the Aes Sedai when she’s hurt before stepping into the next arch.


In the second round, Nynaeve is taken back to Two Rivers, but this time, it is in the present day, where Nynaeve has abandoned them as their Wisdom. They’ve been struck by a plague, and all the new Wisdom can do is help them with painless deaths. Nynaeve is immediately struck by the thought of returning to Two Rivers. She steps out of the arch with the promise that she will come back and help everybody, but of course, she has to go through the next round. Round 3 is the most unique of them all. Nynaeve feels like she’s falling into a bottomless pit while seeing some terrible things. When she steps out of the arch, she can’t remember anything, but she’s holding Lan’s headband in her hand, so she thinks she’s killed him in there. In a rage, Nynaeve decides she will not accept the ring of the Aes Sedai and go back home. She says goodbye to Egwene and begins her journey to Two Rivers. On her way, she meets Lan, and he tells her that he’s no longer with Moiraine. He asks if he can join Nynaeve, and she accepts immediately. When the arch appears, Nynaeve doesn’t see it anymore, leaving her stuck in there with no realization. Liandrin is left disappointed because Nynaeve couldn’t pass the test and would never return to help them in the battle.

Liandrin returns to Mat and tells him to get out of her sight because he’s been a distraction for her. Liandrin blames Mat’s imprisonment for Nynaeve’s death. She leaves him free to walk away and go to Egwene, who is in desperate need of a friend after finding out that Nynaeve is dead. Mat walks out after many thoughts run through his mind. He watches Egwene cry, but in a moment, he returns to the cell and asks Min to step out. Min tells Mat that it’s time he flees too, and walks out of there. Liandrin, on the other hand, melts a ring in Nynaeve’s memory. Egwene shows up and tells her that she’s the reason Nynaeve is dead. Liandrin tells Egwene to remember her place as she always did and not overstep when she’s not as strong as Nynaeve. Egwene tells Liandrin that she has no idea what she’s capable of and walks away from her. Later, Mat and Min are ready to escape when Min needs to grab one last thing. It turns out she’s working with Liandrin, and this was all a ploy to get Min to travel with Mat and lead him somewhere Liandrin wants him. The excuse is that Moiraine won’t have anything over both of them if Min is successful.


Perrin and his friends watch as the Seanchan army picks out women randomly from the village they’re in. Everyone is forced to bow down to the Seanchans and their High Lady Suroth. She gives them one chance to do it themselves, but when they disobey, one of Perrin’s dear friends is killed to show them the result of disobedience. Everyone finally obeys and bows down to the Seanchans. On the other hand, the False Dragon clearly sees through Rand. He remembers him from when they paraded him in the city after removing his powers. Logain tells Rand that when men can channel, there’s a glow, and Rand’s was brighter than any he’d ever seen before. He had laughed after seeing Rand up there; back then, Mat had thought he was laughing at him because of the effect of the dagger. Rand wants to know how to stop the madness from Logain, but the man tells him to bring him special wine if he wants answers. Rand is quick to go to Selene, his innkeeper lover, and ask her for help getting his hands on this special wine. She has a great idea and gets them changed to go to a party.

At the party, Rand sees the lavish lives these people are leading when all the locals can do is search for the horn to get a taste of this luxury. A woman tells Rand that there may not actually be a horn, and it’s just a way to get the overpopulated city cleared out through natural selection. Most locals will run into the blight and die on the hunt for the horn, which may not even exist. Rand finds Selene to tell her all this, but she’s found the wine, and he immediately heads back to Logain to give it to him, leaving Selene exasperated.


Logain tells Rand nothing that he wants to hear. The urge to touch the One Power can’t be taken away from one, and Rand definitely knew that already, but Logain knows that he’s going to set him free because he is the only person who can help Rand. Logain still thinks he’s the Dragon and believes the Aes Sedai are scheming to stop him from being the most powerful. Rand calls him sick and leaves him there. Rand returns home and dreams about showing Selene his true self. The power takes over, and Rand wakes up, burning his entire cottage down. He escapes with Selene, but it’s not clear yet why the power burned down his cottage. Was it the madness in Rand? Is this how it works?

Ishamael talks to Perrin about his power and asks to meet the monster. Perrin still thinks he’s the Dark One and tells him he’s supposed to be dead. The wolves show up because Perrin feels afraid, and they set him free along with the other man with golden eyes. Ishamael tells Perrin that the more wolf he becomes, the more he will turn to the dark side.


Meanwhile, Egwene finds out that Nynaeve is too weak to open the arches, so Egwene helps her get out of them. She tells Nynaeve that there’s no way she can do it alone; it takes multiple Aes Sedai. Finally, they lie there with blankets so Egwene can feel close to Nynaeve one last time. On the other side of the arch, Nynaeve is living her dream life with Lan. Both Perrin and Mat are there, too, playing with her daughter, and she mentions that Egwene is still training to be an Aes Sedai. Everything is rosy until the Trollocs show up and kill all of Nynaeve’s loved ones. Only her daughter remains and points at the gateway. Nynaeve then remembers the arches. She grabs her daughter in both arms and escapes, crying desperately. When she reaches Egwene empty-handed, she gives out a gutwrenching scream, waking Egwene and Elayne up. The Wheel of Time Episode 3 ends with Egwene telling Nynaeve that she’s with her and everything will be okay.

Final Thoughts: 

There’s so much that happens in the second episode of The Wheel of Time that it’s hard to keep track, and still, there’s no Moiraine in it, so there’s a wait to see what she’s been up to. Mat and Min’s parts are exciting, and I wonder where she is taking him. Rand’s dream sequence was interesting to watch, and Nynaeve’s scenario was mesmerizing until the Trollocs showed up. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Wheel of Time Season 2.


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There's so much that happens in the second episode of The Wheel of Time that it's hard to keep track, and still, there's no Moiraine in it, so there's a wait to see what she's been up to. 'The Wheel Of Time' Season 2 Episode 3 Review/Recap: Will Nynaeve Succeed At The Arches?