‘The Way Home’ Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Kat?

The second season of Hallmark’s The Way Home has finally arrived with its magical pond and the family dilemma of the Landry women. After the previous season’s abrupt ending, now in the season 2 premiere, the story is more focused on Kat and Elliot’s romantic tension than time travel. Kat decided not to time travel anymore, as it had only made their situation worse. In this first episode of The Way Home season 2, let’s see if Kat could actually restrain her and her daughter’s desire to travel back in time or if they found something interesting in the past.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Kat Put Limits On The Time Spent Traveling Through The Pond?

The Way Home season 2 episode 1, titled The Space Between, opened with a mysterious scene involving a young kid running into the woods towards the magical pond, where we saw an elderly lady waiting for him. The kid held her hand, and the lady told him that the pond would always take them where they needed to go. However, the lady asked him to stay there. This boy was likely to be a little older version of Jacob, Kat’s younger brother, after he disappeared in 1999, and this mysterious lady, who we previously knew as the White Witch, might be the elderly version of Kat. This is probably a different timeline where these two tried to unravel the mystery surrounding their past. In future episodes, we might get a better understanding of who they were.


Back in the present timeline, Kat confided in Del Landry, talking about Jacob’s disappearance. She also told her that she knew their pet dog, Finn, could also travel back in time, and Jacob might have followed him to a different timeline. Del dismissed the discussion as she had already been through hell thinking about her son’s disappearance and was finally ready to move on. Kat, however, still decided to go back to the pond and jumped into the water, but this time, she failed to reach anywhere in a different timeline. As Alice also showed up there, she helped her mother come out of the freezing water. Kat and Alice promised to leave their past behind and swear that they would never time travel.

Were Kat And Elliot Back Together?

Seven months had passed, and Kat and Alice finally managed to restrain their desire to go back to the pond. Kat began to focus on her journalistic work while she was also operating Port Haven. While working in Port Haven, one day, Kat stumbled upon a painting that startled her. It was Kat in the painting, but the painting was from 1814. Kat soon realized that she might have traveled back to the 19th century as well. Kat couldn’t get a hold of her curiosity to know more about that particular timeline and what role she had played in that era. She had a hunch that in 1814, she might find some clues about Jacob’s disappearance, which might save her brother later from being lost in time.


Kat had been focusing on her health, so she regularly went jogging. One day, while she was jogging, she ran into Elliot, who was finally back once again. In the previous season, we saw Elliot and Kat’s romance cut short because of the circumstances and Kat’s constant urge to travel back in time. But this season had finally allowed these two to find their way to each other. However, sadly, it’s still a question if they would end up together or if Kat’s plans to time travel would stand in their way. At Alice’s party back at home, Kat spent some quality time with Elliot and shared a kiss, but realizing that they were crossing boundaries, they both pulled themselves back. Kat told Elliot that she had decided to give up on her time traveling, which gave Elliot hope that they might hit it off together ultimately. However, Alice wasn’t quite interested in Elliot or his budding romance with her mother. In the previous season, when Elliot almost abandoned them for their recurring time travel, Alice harbored grudges against him, and she hadn’t been able to forgive him ever since.

Del wanted to sort things out with her daughter and give their relationship a chance. On the other hand, we saw in a different timeline, or maybe a flashback, that Elliot and Colton were friends. As they were gossiping about their relationship, they heard a sound. Perhaps it was a time traveler (most likely Alice) from a different timeline, keeping an eye on their moves.


What Happened To Kat?

Kat confided in Alice about the painting she saw in Port Haven. Alice got another opportunity to convince her mother to go on another time journey, and Kat also agreed. The two of them once again arrived near the pond, but this time, while they approached the pond, Elliot spotted them. Elliot didn’t intervene, but it broke his heart that Kat had lied to him earlier. He wanted to start afresh with her, but these repeated time travels were jeopardizing their shot at being together. Elliot wanted Kat to put her past behind her, but Kat was unable to let go. She was desperate to learn about Jacob and wanted to bring him home. Kat and Alice decided to take another leap of faith, knowing that the pond would take them to the place where they needed to go. As the two jumped into the water, Kat got separated from her daughter. Through the pond, Alice managed to arrive in a different timeline, in 1990, where she met a young version of Elliot. Meanwhile, Kat couldn’t find any portals, and this time as well, she remained in the present timeline. In the meantime, someone from the woods shot Kat, throwing her into the water. We have no way of knowing who that shooter was, but they might be the time traveler who was probably responsible for the disappearance of Jacob. In the upcoming episodes, we might get a better idea of what happened to Kat. It’s possible that she will eventually survive and try to discover who shot her in the woods.

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