‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 9: Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Elena’s Plan to Blackmail Mrs. Ivey Successful?

At the end of “The Watchful Eye” Episode 8, Elena finds out that Mrs. Charlotte Ivey is Ruby Greybourne. Thus, she plans to blackmail her to get the money she wants. Meanwhile, Ginny and Alex find out that James has been lying to them about his job. Episode 9 shows Elena making up her mind to leave the Greybourne once and for all. But is it really that easy? Considering all that has been going on with Elena, not really. Here’s a recap of Episode 9 of “The Watchful Eye.”


Spoilers Ahead

Change Of Plans

Elena is packing her things in her room in the attic. She is supposed to leave the Greybourne that very day. Roman is at the door, talking to her about what she plans to do next. She will do the deal with Mrs. Ivey, get her money, go to Mexico, find a place to stay, come back, get Teo from his school, and leave. Then it will be a new start. She will give Scott his cut, but that’s all. He doesn’t need to know about her plan. Roman hugs her before getting back to the lobby. Elena then comes to the Wards to meet Jasper for the last time. But she is instead taken aback by a person who has come to Matthew and asked for her. To Elena’s “surprise,” it’s her brother Teo. She introduces him to Jasper with a smile and takes him straight to her room. There, Teo tells her that he ran away from school. Realizing that she cannot get him back to school anymore, she tells him to stay in the room while she takes care of her things and gets back. In the lobby, she informs Roman about Teo and tells him to make sure that Teo doesn’t leave the building. She then heads to the park, where Alex is waiting for her. There’s something she needs to tell Elena, and it can’t wait. At the park, Alex tells Elena about James and, in turn, finds out from Elena about Morgan who is missing. Alex decides to talk to James at his house and clear things up.


Elliot knocks on Elena’s door but finds an unfamiliar guy. It is Elena’s brother who tells him that, contrary to what she told him, her mother, and thus Teo’s, is very much alive. Elliot and Teo decide to hang out in the room itself.

The Greybourne Matters

Elena returns to The Greybourne and goes to Mrs. Ivey’s apartment to make the deal. But the door is shut in her face by Candace, thanks to the stunt she pulled by threatening to tell Candace’s husband about her affair with Cecil. On the way to the lobby, in the elevator, she gets a call from Scott, who asks her about Teo. She assures him that Teo is with her and disconnects the line, making it clear that she doesn’t have anything more to tell him. They are done for good. In the lobby, she tells Roman about it all to keep him in the game and have someone around in case something happens to her. She decides to make a copy of Ruby Greybourne’s birth certificate as a fail-safe and goes out to get it done.


Back at the Ayres’ apartment, things aren’t as normal as usual. Bennet is planning to go to Miami with her friends and has absolutely no regard for her father, Dick, who is bedridden and recovering. Her younger sister, Darcy, is the caring one who is looking after him. She brings a bowl of bone broth into his room and notices his laptop. It might just have something for her to know. Darcy leaves the room.

Alex has brought Ginny with her to James’s house to spy on him. They notice Otis Winthrop III handing James an envelope that seems to have a bundle of cash inside it. Is James working for Otis?


Elena returns to her room and finds Elliot chilling with Teo. She tells Elliot to leave and not tell anyone about Teo. After he leaves, Teo is hungry, and Elena has no option but to take him out and grab some food. Teo has just run away from school, and the last thing he wants is for his sister to play warden and keep him inside the four walls at all times. Downstairs, Darcy meets Elliot and asks him to find out from his mother about her father’s situation. It is Elliot’s mom who is the nurse who is looking after Dick Ayres.

Deal Sealed

It is almost Roman’s lunch break. So he takes Teo out to get him something to eat as well, at Elena’s request. Outside, Scott notices Teo come out of the Greybourne with another guy he doesn’t know. He decides to follow them. Elena returns to Mrs. Ivey’s apartment, and this time it is Mrs. Ivey who answers the door. Elena gets straight to her point. She has Mrs. Ivey’s real birth certificate, and it will cost her $5 million. Mrs. Ivey agrees, but Elena will have to wait till the next morning for the money. In the meantime, Mrs. Ivey tells her not to act smart by making copies of the document. Unbeknownst to her, Elena already has.


Elliot meets his mom and asks her about Darcy’s father, but she refuses to tell him anything. She realizes that Darcy has asked him to find out what happened to her father and tells Elliot to be careful. Neither she nor he can afford to take a single step against the Greybournes, or they might end up getting thrown out of their apartment, not to mention she would lose her job too. Later, when Darcy asks Elliot about it, he tells her the same thing his mother told him about the Greybournes. With no other way, she sneaks into her father’s room and, with him asleep, takes his laptop. She opens the laptop and finds something horrifying.

Teo and Roman are hanging out. Teo asks Roman about Elena and all that she has been doing in New York. Roman tells him about her nanny job. It is clear that Teo is trying to get information about his sister from Roman. Roman doesn’t realize this but does his job by not revealing anything that could later compromise Elena and, thus, himself. Meanwhile, Scott has been keeping an eye on them. Roman finally returns to the Greybourne with Teo. Elena tells Roman about the deal that she has made. Roman is glad and hugs her. They will finally be able to get out of this hellhole.


The Detective Returns

Sometime later, Scott arrives at The Greybourne and starts questioning Roman about how he got the job. Thankfully, Bennet comes to his rescue and tells Scott to return with a warrant because the Greybourne is private property. Scott gives them both his card and leaves. He doesn’t want to bite off more than he can chew. Bennet asks Roman to join her in Miami, but Roman has a job to do. She has no idea that he is about to leave the very next day and that she will never see him again. She heads back to her apartment. Moments later, Darcy finds a detective’s card on a table. The name on it is “Scott Macedo.” In the lobby, Roman comes across Elena and tells her about Scott. There has to be a reason why he came to talk to Roman. Maybe he wants to know Roman’s relationship with Teo and, thus, Elena. Roman is scared.

Alex gets a call from James after so many days. James tells her that he lost his job several months ago and has since been doing odd jobs to get by. They decide to meet.


The Truth

Elena arrives in the attic and hears a woman crying. It is Jocelyn. She follows the voice to the hidden stairway and comes across Mrs. Ivey, who seems to be in a disoriented state. She has been hearing Jocelyn’s voice her whole life. Elena has a vision of Jocelyn asking her not to hurt Ruby. Elena ushers Mrs. Ivey to her apartment. Whatever transpired inside the stairway seems to have affected Elena. She begins to reconsider her plan to take money from Mrs. Ivey in return for the birth certificate. This is when she gets a text from Matthew saying that he has invited Teo for pizza and wants her to join them. Elena arrives at Matthew’s apartment. He asks Elena to stay at his apartment for the night. Teo can sleep in her room in the attic. Elena agrees. Later on, in her room, before returning to Matthew’s place for the night, Elena opens up to Teo about Mrs. Ivey, the Ruby situation, and the deal, although she doesn’t tell him the amount of money she asked Mrs. Ivey for. That’s because she doesn’t intend to take the money at all. So the next day, Elena and Teo will start over from scratch. Elena then comes to Matthew’s apartment, leaving Teo on his own in her room.

Roman knocks on the door at the Ayres’. Bennet opens the door. Roman doesn’t waste a single moment and tells her that he wants to come with her to Miami. He can get another job elsewhere. But we all know that all he needs now is to leave the Greybourne so that he does not end up in jail. Scott is in his apartment when he gets a call from Darcy Ayres, who tells him that she has something that she wants him to see immediately.


‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 9: Ending Explained – What Did Darcy Find On Her Father’s Laptop?

Matthew and Elena wake up beside each other the next morning. As they are speaking to each other, there is a knock on the door. Matthew puts his shirt on and goes to open the door. He opens the door and finds Scott with a bunch of cops. Scott arrests Matthew for the murder of Alice Greybourne Ward. Elena comes out of the room and sees Matthew being put in handcuffs by Scott. Matthew tells her to inform Tory to contact their lawyer, Marcato.

Alex is at James’ place, where she comes across a box under his bed that has pictures of Elena and Jasper along with Elena’s phone [the phone that Elena lost at the gala (Episode 6)] as well as Morgan’s phone. James is the one who has been keeping tabs on Elena. He is the one who took all the pictures that Elena and Scott saw in the basement dining room. Was this the job that Otis Winthrop III paid him for?


Teo enters an eatery and takes a table. There’s a woman in front of him. He tells her all about Elena and her plans. The woman is their mother, Ronnie. She is out of prison. It is she who got Teo out and sent him after Elena to find out about her whereabouts and all that she has gotten herself involved in.

“The Watchful Eye” Episode 10, the season finale, will reveal the mystery surrounding the death of Alice Greybourne Ward. What Darcy saw on her father Dick’s laptop is the answer to why he was almost beaten to death by Winthrop. We will also find out why James was made to track Elena by Winthrop. And if and what any of this has got to do with Mrs. Ivey, a.k.a. Ruby Greybourne; moreover, Ronnie will also have some tricks up her sleeve for her dear daughter Elena. Episode 10 of “The Watchful Eye” will be the ultimate culmination that we have all been waiting for.


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