‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Does Elena Find At The Gala?

At the end of Episode 5 of “The Watchful Eye,” Elena and Scott find pictures of her and her brother Teo in the secret room in the basement. This means that they are being watched. Some kind of foul play is going on at the Greybourne, and Elena has now become the centerpiece, or so it seems. “The Watchful Eye” Episode 6 shows Elena sneaking into a gala organized by the Greybournes. Will she find anything useful there? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

The Invitation

Elena and Scott meet at a café to decide what their next step will be. Scott tells Elena that he has put a couple of guys outside Teo’s school. He also suggests putting at least one person outside the Greybourne for Elena’s safety. But Elena doesn’t want that. She hasn’t yet gotten over Scott hiding his Greybourne secret from her, and Scott understands that. Scott assures her that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her or Teo. Elena decides to leave. It’s time for her to get back to work.


Elena enters the Greybourne lobby and finds Roman staring at Bennet as she enters the elevator. Bennet may or may not have invited Roman to her apartment at night while her parents attend a gala. Elena snaps him out of his trance and shows him the pictures she gathered from the basement room. Roman thinks that either Scott or Matthew might be following her, but Elena has enough reasons to negate them both as suspects. If at all, the one doing all this is Otis Winthrop III. She finds out from Roman that Dr. Dick Ayres also goes to the basement (that’s where he keeps his golf clubs, apparently). Roman hands her an envelope to give to Matthew. It is an invitation to a gala. The seal of the envelope has a familiar symbol, i.e., the eye, which was also on the wallpaper of the basement dining room.

Elena arrives at the Wards’ apartment and gives the envelope to Matthew. Matthew tells her that it is a masquerade gala, a benefit event organized by Otis Winthrop III, among others. Mrs. Charlotte Ivey will be the special guest. Once back in her room, Elena calls Scott and tells him about the gala. Winthrop, Marcato (the lawyer), Tory, Dick, and all of the Greybournes will be there. She, too, has to go to find out more about them, as well as to see if she can find out who took her and Teo’s photos. Scott doesn’t want her to go to the gala, as it could be dangerous. Without any more discussion, Elena tells him that she won’t go. She lies. Roman, too, believes it could be dangerous for her to go to the gala. But Elena tells him that while she finds out whatever she can at the gala, it is Roman’s responsibility to sneak into Mrs. Ivey’s apartment and find the ruby. As they talk, Bennet walks in through the entrance, and she and Roman exchange glances. Elena warns him against flirting with Bennett, as it could compromise their plan big time. Meanwhile, back in their apartment, Tory Ayres tells her husband, Dick, who is glad to be recruited to the Greybourne board, to be careful at the gala.


The Secret Passage

With Matthew having taken Jasper to his work for some hanging out, Elena takes Roman to the attic to show him the secret doorway to Mrs. Ivey’s apartment. The only problem is that the door can only be opened from the inside, and there is no spare key to Mrs. Ivey’s apartment. So, Elena will have to find a way inside the apartment when Mrs. Ivey is there. Thankfully, Elena knows how. Sometime later, we see Jasper practicing piano at Mrs. Ivey’s when there is a knock on the door. It is Elena. Just as Mrs. Ivey and her handmaiden, who opened the door, go inside to take off the dress Ivey had been trying on for the gala, Elena finds the latch to the secret door and pulls it, leaving the door open just enough for Roman to pull it from the other side. After that, as per Mrs. Ivey’s instructions, Elena takes Jasper, drops him off at home, and heads back up to her room. In the corridor, she meets Ginny. As they talk about the gala, Ginny reveals that the Chans cannot go because Mrs. Chan is sick. Elena asks her if they can “borrow” the tickets from the Chans and go to the gala together. After much persuasion, Ginny agrees.

The Gala

Elena, Ginny, and one of Ginny’s friends, Alex, arrive all dressed up for the gala. Ginny shows the tickets at the counter, and voila! They are in. However, they submit their phones, which is customary. All three girls put their masks on. Ginny and Alex go to the dance floor while Elena goes for a drink, or so she tells them. While reading the room, Elena overhears Otis Winthrop III talking to two men about someone who has overstepped his bounds and needs to be shown his place.


Bennet settles her hair in front of the mirror. She is about to have a visitor. Soon, there is a knock on the door. She opens the door and sees Roman with a bouquet. Bennet ushers him in and closes the door. Without wasting any time, she kisses him, and they get busy. There is Chinese food too.

Elena notices Mrs. Ivey at a table and texts Roman that his path is clear. In some other part of the hall, Dick excuses himself to Tory and leaves with one of the guys we had previously mentioned being spoken to by Otis.


Quite some time has passed since Elena texted Roman. He and Bennet are having dinner after their make-out session. While talking, Bennet asks him about his equation with Elena. That’s when it strikes Roman. He was supposed to wait for Elena’s text and go to Mrs. Ivey’s. He finds his phone, reads Elena’s message, promises Bennet to make it up to her again, and leaves. Bennet sees him go upstairs, which is unusual as he is supposed to go to the lobby.

The Unexpected

Elena is dancing with Ginny and her friend when she bumps into Matthew, who recognizes her. But contrary to her expectation, Matthew appreciates her move to have subverted her way into the gala. They start dancing, and Elena requests that he keep her move a secret; otherwise, it could get her friends into trouble. Matthew gladly agrees. Before they could continue their conversation, Otis called out to Matthew from nearby. Elena finds her chance to escape, turns before Otis can see her, and walks away. Otis takes Matthew aside. Elena eavesdrops on Otis and Matthew, with Matthew telling Otis how he doesn’t like their present “arrangement” and whatever they are doing. What they are talking about, neither Elena knows nor do we. After speaking to Matthew, Otis walks up to the podium, speaks for some time about the gala, and then invites Mrs. Ivey to say a few words. Elena observes Otis leave the room and follows him. Otis heads downstairs to the basement and enters a room. Elena can hear a man grunting somewhere. She comes across a door and sees Dick tied to a chair and Otis and another man punching him. Before she could react, someone covers her mouth and pulls her away. It is Scott.


Back at the Greybourne, Roman makes his way through the attic to Mrs. Ivey’s apartment. As angry as Elena is at Scott, presumably for being at the gala and not telling her, she walks away after telling him that once they find the ruby, their relationship is over. If Scott cannot listen to what Elena has to say, there is no need for him to stay either. Elena returns upstairs and is about to enter the gala room when she notices Mrs. Ivey leaving. Realizing that she is headed back home, Elena goes to the counter to take her phone back, but she is told that someone has already picked it up. As Roman searches the apartment, Elena, also on her way back to Greybourne, uses her other phone (for work purposes) to notify Roman he has to leave the apartment. Roman sees the message and heads to the door. Unfortunately, he struggles to find the latch. During one such moment, he hears someone unlocking the main door. Mrs. Ivey is back. She opens the door and enters. There is no one there, as expected. Roman has made it out. Back at the Gala, Tory has been calling Dick, but there is no answer. This is when she sees a woman check out as “Mrs. Chan” but knows who Mrs. Chan is. And this woman is definitely not her. It’s Ginny. She has been caught red-handed.

‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Who Has Elena’s Phone?

Elena is in the elevator at the Greybourne going up when Bennet joins her. The elevator opens on the floor of the attic. The two girls come out and find Roman. Bennet asks Roman if he really hooked up with Elena while telling Bennet that they had nothing. This shocks Elena, as she has clearly told Roman not to get involved with Bennet. To get Bennet out of her way and not let things slip out of hand, Elena lies to her about having hooked up with Roman a couple of times. Bennet leaves angrily in the elevator without answering Roman, who tries to stop her. He is very upset with Elena for what she did and pulls out of her plan. Roman is done. He walks away. Elena, also angry, returns to her room. She is trying to trace her missing phone when Ginny enters her room, angry and upset, to say the least. Tory has recognized her, and if she tells the Chans, Ginny will lose her job. And Elena didn’t even think about what could happen and left the gala without notifying Ginny or Alex. Ginny asks her why she really went to the gala, but before she can answer, Ginny gets a text from Elena’s phone. It is a picture of Elena, Ginny, and Alex from the gala. The sender has seen them and knows who they are now.


Things are getting stranger by the day at the Greybourne. If someone had meant Elena harm, something would have happened to her by now. But since nothing has happened, whoever is taking the pictures (assuming that it was the same person who took this one as well as the ones in the basement dining room) is just trying to scare her and keep her from interfering. On the other hand, Elena will have to open up to Ginny about herself. Or else Ginny, too, will leave her side, just like Roman. And she will be left alone at Greybourne. This can be dangerous.  

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