‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 10: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens To Elena & Matthew?

At the end of Episode 9 of “The Watchful Eye,” Matthew Ward is arrested by the police for the murder of his wife, Allie, aka Alice Greybourne Ward. Darcy has found something shocking on her father, Dick Ayres’s laptop. Elena’s mother, Ronnie, is out of prison and has reached out to Teo to find out about her daughter and what she is up to. Alex gets her hands on Morgan’s phone as well as Elena’s phone, which was stolen from the gala at James’s place. Elena has made a deal with Mrs. Charlotte Ivey, aka Ruby Greybourne: $5 million in return for the latter’s real birth certificate. Episode 10, the season finale, will bring everyone face-to-face with the truth behind the death of Allie Greybourne Ward and reveal all the secrets that the Winthrops have been trying to hide.


Spoilers Ahead

Murder Mystery

James locked Alex in a room and turned up the volume on his speakers so that no one could hear her scream. It seems kidnapping Alex was also something Otis Winthrop III had paid him to do. Matthew is being interrogated by Scott, who shows him a letter written by Alice and says that Matthew wants to kill her to get what he wants. Scott asks him whether he really loved Allie or if he pretended to just for the money. Matthew, in return, asks him how he knows Elena. Matthew answers that he met her during the investigation of the Greybourne’s previous doorman, Hector Malo’s death. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Scott has a grudge against Matthew, with whom Elena has been sleeping. On the other hand, Matthew doubts Scott’s intentions and feels the need to know more about him and his relationship with Elena.


Elena is called by Mrs. Charlotte Ivey to Ward’s apartment, where she, along with Otis, Dick, and Tory, are having a meeting. Tory asks Elena if she knows or has heard anything related to Matthew’s arrest. Elena shakes her head. Victor Marcato, the family lawyer, arrives. He is the same guy who made Morgan sign the NDA which would prevent her from meeting Jasper. He may or may not be involved in her disappearance. Elena is ushered out by Mrs. Ivey as the family needs to discuss things in private. Before Elena leaves, Mrs. Ivey tells her that her money [for the birth certificate] will have to wait for later as this new issue has come up. Elena thus leaves while Mrs. Ivey calls someone on her phone. She returns to her room in the attic and finds Teo missing. Upon calling him, he tells her that he is at an eatery and asks her to join him.

Bennet is all set to escape to Miami with Roman, but the latter doesn’t think that it is the right time to leave. With Matthew being arrested and all that’s going on around the murder of Alice Greybourne, they might be needed, and their absence will only end up in causing people to doubt them. But Bennet’s persuasion does the trick, and Roman makes up his mind for the final time. There’s nothing left for either of them at the Greybourne.


For The Sake Of Chances

Elena arrives at the eatery and finds Ronnie waiting for her. Making Teo call Elena was a ruse so that she could see Elena. She tells Elena that she wants half of the money that Elena will be getting. She threatens to take Teo and disappear otherwise. Elena knows what Ronnie is capable of and has no option but to agree. After agreeing to Ronnie’s demand, Elena visits the police station to talk to Matthew. Scott gives her two minutes, during which Matthew tells her that the police found a note in Allie’s handwriting that implies, if not proves, that Matthew killed her. Elena promises to get Jasper back to him. On the way out, Scott tells her that if she doesn’t cooperate with him and tell him whatever she knows, he might have to arrest her too. Elena is unmoved by this threat from Scott and tells him that she’ll take her chances. She might not be wrong about him being jealous of Matthew, and whatever he is saying might just be a shameless gesture to vent out his anger at Elena for not being with him. Elena leaves.

Ginny is in her room when she gets a call from Kim, who tells her that Alex hasn’t been responding to calls or texts ever since she went to meet James. Ginny decides to head to James’s place and find out if she is there or not. Kim is also on her way back from her trip.


Elena is on her way back to the Greybourne when she informs Ronnie about the sudden delay in the plan due to Matthew’s arrest. Ronnie tells her that she will have to speed up if she wants to see her brother again. Then, before she could realize it, she’s gagged and put inside a van. When she opens her eyes, she finds James staring at her. She can also hear Alex from the other room. James is the one who stole Morgan’s phone as well as Elena’s. Morgan has a new identity and is in a different place. It all started when Morgan shared with him all the secrets that Allie told her when she was Jasper’s nanny. James decided to leverage the secrets and make some money. That’s when someone knocks on the door. With a gun in hand, James unlocks the door and barely opens it to see Ginny when Roman forces himself inside and punches James. Ginny follows him in. Elena grabs the gun and aims it at James. It is James’ turn to speak up.

The Truth Of The Winthrops

James starts spilling the beans, which are as follows: Otis Winthrop paid him to kill Dick Ayres, but he didn’t. They used the blackout to return Dick to his apartment. It was James who was texting Elena and threatening her. Mrs. Ivey is the one who wanted to get rid of Alice Greybourne, and now she wants to get rid of Elena too. So it was James who Mrs. Ivey called at Ward’s apartment after Elena left. Meanwhile, Ginny calls the cops on James.


Marcato meets Matthew at the police station and gives him terms for his release. He has to leave his position on the Greybourne Board as well as leave Jasper, as he is the rightful heir to the Greybourne shares. Matthew makes it clear that he is not leaving Jasper. Marcato apologizes to Matthew and leaves. Is this an apology for something that’s about to happen to Matthew? We all know Otis Winthrop’s methods by now.

Elena arrives at Greybourne and meets Tory. She asks Tory for $5 million in return for telling her who killed her sister Alice. Tory agrees. Elena tells her that Alice was trying to persuade Mrs. Ivey to open a trust to bring in a formerly cut-off branch of the Greybourne family. The trust mentioned that only the children of Alistair and Iris Greybourne could inherit from their estate. Being the illegitimate daughter of Otis Winthrop and Jocelyn [Mrs. Ivey’s nanny] and scared that Alice might find out about it, Mrs. Ivey decided to get rid of her. Alice must have mentioned it to her because she believed it would help Mrs. Ivey as well as herself. She didn’t know that Mrs. Ivey wasn’t technically a Greybourne. And Mrs. Ivey wanted to keep it that way. Elena has found Mrs. Ivey’s real birth certificate, and Tory can have it once she has the $5 million ready. Tory decides to talk to Mrs. Ivey. Meanwhile, Elena calls and informs Ronnie that the money has been arranged and tells her that as soon as she gets her half, she will have to leave her and Teo forever. Ronnie agrees. At the police department, Scott listens to a conversation between Elena and a woman in which they speak of their plan. He has always had Elena’s phone tapped.



Tory confronts Mrs. Ivey at her apartment regarding her illegitimacy as a Winthrop. Realizing that Tory has found out the truth, Mrs. Ivey tells her that she didn’t want to kill Alice. She merely wanted to keep her out of her way. For this, she told Dick (Tory’s husband) to convince Alice.

Elena is at the bank, taking out the birth certificate from her locker, when she sees Scott. He has heard everything about her plan with Ronnie and takes the certificate from her. She knows he can have her arrested for racketeering with her mom. Scott thus leaves with the document. Later, we see him meet Ronnie at a café. It seems that they will split the money now that Elena is out of the equation.


Elliot meets Darcy at her apartment after not getting a reply from her and asks her about the pieces of paper he found in the trash in her attic room. She was practicing writing Alice’s name. Darcy tells him that she can’t be with him anymore and closes the door in his face. She is the one who wrote the letter in Alice’s handwriting and gave it to Scott as proof that Alice’s death was Matthew’s fault.

In the lobby, Bennet meets Roman, and both finally leave the Greybourne and head to Miami. Elena is back at Ward’s apartment. She is playing with Jasper, the only person she is affectionate toward in the whole building. When she is with Jasper, she is happy. Elena looks up and, for a split second, sees Alice looking at her and smiling. Wherever she is, she must be happy to see someone giving Jasper the love and care he deserves.


‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 10: Ending Explained – What Happens To Elena & Matthew?

Tory heads back to her apartment, and after making Dick drink (adding some ingredients that he is allergic to), she asks him about Alice. As Dick takes a few sips of the drink, Tory asks him if he killed her sister. Dick starts feeling uneasy and, in no time, finds himself in immense pain, his allergic reaction taking its toll on him. Dick confesses to having given Alice drugs that eventually made her jump to her death. Hector, the doorman, saw him looking down from the window, and that is why he had to have Hector killed as well (“The Watchful Eye” Episode 1). Tory gives Dick the antidote, and the allergic reaction wears off. He then tries to make her understand that whatever he did was for her, as he knew that she hated her sister, and even goes on to say that he would do it again if required. In pain and rage, Tory picks up a pair of scissors lying on a table nearby and stabs him in the chest.

Elliot knocks on the Wards’ apartment. Elena opens the door. He gives her a piece of paper on which Darcy has been practicing writing the name “Allie.” Elena realizes that it was Darcy who wrote the note that would lead the cops to arrest him and not her father. Elena goes to tell Tory about it and finds her standing in front of Dick’s body, which is lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Dick Ayres is dead. Or is he?


“The Watchful Eye” Season 1 ends on a cliffhanger. We do not know how things will turn out now. Elena has found out the truth about Alice’s murder. However, Matthew is still in custody, and there is no telling what Otis Winthrop III will do to get him out of his way. Will Elena be able to get Matthew out before it’s too late? On the other hand, it is clear that Otis and Mrs. Ivey have separate motives. Otis doesn’t want to get rid of Alice and is just after the money. Mrs. Ivey has been trying to hide her real identity so that she, too, can claim her part of the Greybourne estate. What if Otis finds out that Mrs. Ivey isn’t a Greybourne? Will he come after her too? “The Watchful Eye” Season 2 will be interesting.

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