‘The Visitor’ Ending, Explained: Who Is Robert? What Does Robert’s Nightmare Mean?

“The Visitor” is the latest movie directed by Justin P. Lange, starring the likes of Fin Jones, Victoria Harris, Thomas Francis Murphy, and Shanna Forrestall in the leading roles. This Blumhouse Production movie embarks on the story of a couple relocating to the wife’s hometown of Briar Glen, where they encounter some thrilling scenarios that reveal their true relationship. Is the wife aware of the big secret? Perhaps the husband has a history with the town. After reading the movie recap in this article, you will have a better understanding of the situation.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In ‘The Visitor’ Film?

The film begins with a couple driving their car, relocating from London to Briar Glen. From the opening of the film, it is clear that Robert, Maia Eden’s husband, has an uneasy feeling about her inherited family house. The first thing that bothers Robert and us about the place is that a book falls on its own from the bookshelf, and as he reaches to pick it up, a door on the upper-level stairway opens on its own. In fact, it is evident that Maia knows something about the house when she opens the secret cabinet on the floor and removes a doll whose face is covered with a small piece of jute fabric.


The weirdest thing happens next. Robert finds a painting of a man who looks exactly like him, but Maia brushes it off by saying it could have just been a coincidence. Apart from that, his doubts about the town increase when he realizes that people in town actually know him. Things become much more complicated when he enters the store and meets Kathy, who tells him, “Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.” She also hands him a note with an address on it. This moment can also be viewed as a turning point in the film, as it prompts Robert to explore the doppelganger painting and all of the strange things he has been experiencing since his arrival in the town. The opening scene highlights the problematic nature of Robert and Maia’s relationship. It is evident in various situations throughout the opening screenplay, and one scenario which underlines this point is when he does not mention his encounter with Kathy.

The movie introduces a new character, Margaret Delacroix, as Robert reaches Delacroix Art & Antiques. He discovers the second painting in Delacroix Art & Antiques, where he appears to be a Confederate soldier. The second painting also has a note that reads, “The Visitor Watches It Burn.” Robert’s quest for the truth is greatly influenced by Margaret Delacroix, who forewarns him, saying, “Truth is your biggest enemy.” Also, she asks him to leave for London and not to return to the antique shop ever again. Following his conversation with Margaret, Robert returns home to find Maia has hung the first painting on the wall. When Robert questions Maia about the purpose of the painting on the wall, she chuckles, emphasizing that it is simply an inside joke and that he should not associate himself with the one in the painting.


As a result, Robert begins to doubt the rationality of his thoughts. In this scene, he can be seen reassuring himself and Maia and not trusting his inner feelings or the warning indications he has been receiving from others around him. Maia might also be thought of as the one who manipulates him to feel this way. She worked on making that place their new home and asked Robert if he really wanted to stay there with her. This scene prompts Robert to question the difficulties he has encountered since he arrived in the town. He assures Maia that he will focus more on her and make this place his new home. Moving on from this scene, we find a swarm of buds has attacked Margaret. This leads us to believe that all those attempting to warn Robert about the details have gone missing or are dead. Maia and Robert discover they are expecting a child in the next scene, leading Robert to discover the third painting when they see Pastor Ellis. The third painting also has a plaque that reads, “The Visitor Stakes His Claim.” Ellis informs Robert that the man in the painting is Alistair Edgar, who had actually saved the village. At the end of the middle screenplay, a new character (Maxwell Braun) is introduced, and this establishes a connection with the climax. Maxwell appears as if he has all the answers to Robert’s questions. Apart from this, Maxwell cautions him to make wise decisions because his actions will influence all the males in his bloodline. From this interaction, it is clear that Robert has been ignorant of all the facts he has come across up to this point.

‘The Visitor’ Ending Explained: What Does Robert’s Nightmare Mean?

In the latter part of the movie, Robert and Maia have supper at the dinner table. When Robert starts a conversation with Maia at the dinner table, it is evident that Maxwell has influenced Robert. Due to this influence, he requests that she return to London since he does not feel safe for himself or the baby they are expecting. As we’ve seen throughout the film, Maia has consistently questioned Robert’s sanity. And Maia does the same thing here. She says Maxwell is insane and starts talking about herself, saying that this place has started to feel like home to her, and she doesn’t want to lose it because of Robert’s delusions. Robert eventually decides to stay there and is shown preparing a list of names for his expecting son. He discovers that the list he had made is missing, and Maxwell has left him two voicemails that say that Robert had requested him to meet him at their meeting point. This is when things start getting fishy, and Robert discovers the truth about what is happening.


Maia finally tells Robert the truth he has been seeking all along. She tells him about the nightmares that he has encountered throughout the movie. She reveals to him that they weren’t actually nightmares and that Robert was responsible for all of the missing and dead people. While Robert was simply trying to make sense of the situation, he also realized that the child that they were expecting (whom they lost as a result of Maia’s miscarriage) was actually part of Maia’s plan because they required a boy to carry out the ritual that can be seen at the end. She also reveals that he is her long-lost brother, who was abducted and smuggled to London. Edgar Cartwell Eden had assigned Maia the responsibility of locating Robert because they required a son to carry on the family bloodline. Toward the end of the film, when Maia is seen giving birth to a child, and Pastor Ellis is seen guiding Robert and carrying out the formal ritual, Robert can be seen transitioning into his true form.

This ritual gives us the impression that they have occasionally carried it out to incarnate this true form in Eden family’s male bloodline. We might claim that this ritual is essential for them to carry out their occult practices. Speaking of his true form, it is similar to the creature in Isaiah described as the Day Star, also referred to as the Morning Star, that outshines all the others. This is also clear from the movie since everyone looks up to him the whole time.


As Robert regains consciousness, we can observe a coven carrying out the ritual under the supervision of Pastor Ellis. Pastor Ellis associates the newborn child with Baby Lucian, the lord of fire and blood and the bringer of light. Additionally, he urges Robert to raise Baby Lucian well because he will be the one to carry out their lord’s mission on Earth. Maia is seen seated on the chair at the end, appearing to have fulfilled her main objective. Then, everyone says goodbye to Robert as he leaves town, seemingly to rule the world.

Final Words

Robert is shown as a guy who lacks confidence in his decision-making and disregards the obvious truths. Maia significantly shapes Robert’s journey. She has occasionally been seen conversing with him and prompting him to doubt his capabilities and the excellent advice he receives from the locals. We can call Maia a manipulator because she is aware of the precise actions and words needed to carry out the strategy of keeping Robert in the town till their child is born.


The movie has various significant flaws, including a lack of adequate screen time for the characters apart from Robert and Maia and an abundance of events occurring quickly. The film’s horror genre doesn’t do justice because there isn’t anything that will give you a scare. As viewers, we could see the direction the film was going right away, but the character seemed to disregard the obvious. As we have stated at the outset, the movie is essentially about believing in the right people and not pursuing the truth.

“The Visitor” is a mystery thriller film directed by Justin P. Lange.

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