‘The Victims’ Game’ Season 2: Cast And Character Guide

The Victims’ Game season 2 introduces new characters while bringing back old ones and helping us reconnect with them all. The old characters go through significant changes from the first season, while the new characters have motives that are intense enough to make your skin crawl and evoke strong emotions. Let’s get familiar with all of these characters through this cast and character guide for this new season of The Victims’ Game.


Spoilers Ahead

Fang Yi-Jen

Watching Joseph Chang as Fang Yi-Jen in The Victims’ Game season 2 has been fascinating. In the first season, we see Fang as primarily a forensic specialist who was deeply dedicated to solving crimes. His Asperger’s syndrome made him brilliant yet socially awkward, and his strained relationship with his daughter, Chiang Hsiao-Meng, was a central struggle. In Season 2, Fang’s transformation felt really significant. He’s no longer just a forensic expert but also a father trying to make up for lost time. After leaving the police force, he started teaching at a university, attempting to build a more stable life. But his past pulls him back into the investigation when an old case with significant loopholes reopens. Fang never gave up on finding the truth, even when he learned shocking things about his mentor, Lin Ching-Jui, and how he helped cover up the fact that his son murdered of the two seventeen-year-olds by tampering with evidence. Fang could not believe that, at least not at first, and I think it’s understandable. When no one understands you, mocks you, or criticizes you, you need one person who believes in you. Lin Ching-Jui was that person in Fang’s life—his mentor, guide, and the father he never had. Despite this, Fang’s dedication to justice helped him piece together the truth by revealing Lin’s deception and protecting his own reputation.


Chiang Hsiao-Meng

Moon Lee, as Chiang Hsiao-Meng, played Fang Yi-Jen’s estranged daughter. In season one, she was distant from her father, but in season two, their relationship has grown much closer. Meng’s character development is truly inspiring. In the first season, she believed that escaping pain and suffering through suicide was the easy way out. Now, she understands that real strength lies in living and struggling each day. The real achievement is surviving and growing through those struggles. Meng tries to be independent in this season by working in a cleaning service, but it’s not just any cleaning service. She cleans places where people have died. It’s a tough job that makes her vomit every day, but unlike the old Meng, who would have quit, the new Meng pushes through. She finds meaning in her work and feels a connection to the deceased and their grieving loved ones. It’s her way of showing empathy and respect. Meng also helps her father, Fang Yi-Jen, solve the murder and find the killer. She tries to be a better daughter by spending more time with him and understanding him better, instead of thinking he’s weird or a freak. Her journey from a troubled girl to a strong, compassionate young woman is truly remarkable.

Lin Ching-Jui

Lin Ching-Jui’s character felt complex and deeply tragic. Even though his character gets introduced to us in this season, he comes from Fang’s past, when Fang was a teenager and got arrested. As Fang Yi-Jen’s mentor, he was a guiding figure, almost like a father to Fang. Lin Ching-Jui’s actions, however, reveal a darker side motivated by a desperate need to protect his own son, Lin Ming-Cheng. I think this makes him a figure torn between his moral duties and his paternal instincts. Some 15 years ago, when Hsiao Chia-Ying and Chen Yang-Yu, the two teenagers were found dead, Lin Ching-Jui tampered with the evidence to cover up the truth in the matter. Ching-Jui staged the crime scene to make it look like a murder-suicide to protect his own son, who was involved in the incident. Lin knew that his son accidentally shot Chen Yang-Yu and was responsible for Chia-Ying’s death. So to hide this fact, he dragged the bodies to the mountains and put animal dung in them to obscure the evidence. His goal was to make sure no one could trace the deaths back to his son and call him a murderer. Lin didn’t stop there. He managed to fool Fang, who trusted him completely. This trust blinded Fang to Lin’s faults and made it incredibly difficult for him to accept the truth about his mentor’s actions. Lin used this trust to his advantage by convincing Fang to ignore any doubts and focus on being a good father to his own daughter instead of thinking about the investigation. After all, he was a father, and his personal agenda was driven by his love for his son, but it also revealed his willingness to compromise his principles and manipulate those who trusted him. This duality in his character—being a loving father and a deceptive mentor—makes Lin Ching-Jui a deeply flawed human being.


Hsueh Hsin-Ning and Hsiao Min-Chun

Played by a terrific actor named Ruby Lin, this particle character has been one of the most sinister and twisted ones I have seen in a long time. Hsueh Hsin-Ning, also known as Hsiao Min-Chun in the series, was a mother who went through immense pain when her daughter, Hsiao Chia-Ying, was wrongly accused of her boyfriend’s murder. Society and the authorities blamed Chia-Ying and called her a murderer, which broke Min-Chun’s heart. Min-Chun pleaded for justice, but no one listened—not the police, not Chia-Ying’s friends—nor helped her find the truth. So, feeling helpless, she decided to transform herself into Hsueh Hsin-Ning using plastic surgery. This new identity allowed her to get close to the investigation and seek revenge against those she thought were responsible for her daughter’s death.

As Hsueh Hsin-Ning, she took matters into her own hands and turned into a vigilante. Hsin-Ning believed she had to punish all of her daughter’s friends, including Yuan Chi-Ling, Wu Chun-Lu, Liu Shu-Yen, Lin Ming-Cheng, and lastly, Fang Yi-Jen, for what happened to her daughter. Her motive was driven by love for her daughter and a need to correct the injustice. Despite her actions, Hsueh Hsin-Ning’s journey from a grieving mother to a homicidal monster shows the lengths a parent will go to for their child. While her actions turned sinister, she finally found the truth by confronting, torturing, and getting confessions from those she believed had wronged her daughter. Ultimately, she thought she had wronged her daughter as well and wanted to end her own life, but the authorities arrested her before she could act.


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