‘The Veil’ Episode 6 Ending Explained & Recap: Is Michael Dead?

After the furious back and forth about morals and ethics between Imogen and Adilah in the closing moments of the last episode, Imogen is battling against time in the final episode of The Veil. As the armed Bulgarian ship is getting nearer to the United States, the CIA and DGSE join forces to ensure that they get to Imogen before anybody else can. The showmakers packed a lot of punches in the finale, and here we are to discuss the major points of the twists and turns this espionage thriller is here to offer.


Spoilers Ahead

How does Imogen get to Michael? 

Imogen and Adilah make it to England by hitchhiking in the back of a truck, and of course Imogen knocks out the truck driver when he unzips his pants, asking for his end of the bargain. All of the agents of the DGSE headquarters are glued to their screens, as England being the most heavily surveilled country on the planet raises their odds of finding the women. Max and Malik get into a brawl again, and at this point, it’s hard to tell if they are special agents or high school brats. Imogen smoothly manipulates an elderly woman into dropping her and Adilah off in central London, and Imogen, using her debit card, gives their location away. Max abuses French intelligence and the country before leaving for London, and Malik follows suit. A special chauffeur named Patrick arrives to take the women to Michael, who’s apparently not just a mere spy but a proper lord with a huge mansion (much like Bruce Wayne). 


Why does Imogen lose trust in Michael?

Imogen has always had a very submissive relationship with Michael, and if we think of her past recollections, she’s clearly intimidated by her mentor or former lover. She came to Michael thinking he’d help get new identities for Adilah and her daughter so that they could disappear, but she was in for a disappointment. Michael asks her to meet in the shed, and as soon as he leaves, Imogen instructs Adilah to try and get her hands on the keys to a Land Rover in his garage. When Imogen goes to the shed, she discovers a wall full of all the information there was to find on her mission, along with the details of every single person involved. She also finds destroyed documents in the shredder, and it becomes clear that Michael has his own interest in this case. Meanwhile, Adilah tries to sneak into the garage for the keys, but Michael’s ex-Marine chauffeur Patrick  finds her snooping around. Patrick  tells her he remembers her kind’s smell from when he used to kill their people.

Why does Imogen suspect Russian interference?

After seeing the shredded Russian documents in Michael’s shredder, Imogen is quite shocked, and she needs to come up with a new plan. Michael is still the same manipulative guy who uses Imogen’s daddy issues to make her like him, and he wants Imogen for dinner. She agrees, but also calls one of her old contacts to get the passports since she thinks Michael won’t help her. Imogen asks Adilah if she ever thought that the Russians were involved in this attack. Adilah confirms that indeed there are some connections, like the mysterious captain Umer, who often spoke with a Russian man over the phone. The terrorists who trained Adilah promised her a better life and freedom in exchange for making the attack happen, and she followed her motherly instincts to save her child, even if at the cost of helping the terrorists.


Who killed Michael?

Imogen figured that Michael always knew about her father being a double agent, and he never chose to tell her. Michael let her live a life of lies rather than doing right by her, and it’s evident that her father’s protege molded her the same way he himself got trained. Michael manipulated Imogen into being his lover, and their whole relationship was nothing but a fantasy of his sick mind. Michael tries to avoid the whole conversation and lure Imogen back into his life, and he kisses her. Imogen tells him to wait so that she can wear the red dress just the way he prefers. In the middle of all this, Max and Malik had already arrived at the property to capture Adilah. Adilah is still not convinced that Imogen will succeed, and she starts putting the parts of the detonator together. Patrick  senses the intrusion and put silencers on his guns to neutralize Malik and Max. Patrick  shoots Max when he is about to kill Adilah, but soon Patrick  shoots him back when Max tries to bargain with Adilah. Michael has arrived in his bedroom, and Imogen starts their kinky ritual of playing music and drinking bourbon from the same glass before they get it going. Imogen pins him down and takes out a knife hidden inside her dress to threaten Michael into telling her the location of the ship, as it’s evident that Michael is too in on the whole plan. Michael is no child, and he had a pistol hidden in the bed in a convenient place. Michael apologizes to her and thinks Imogen’s goodness is her biggest fault, and just when he’s about to pull the trigger, Malik shoots him in the head. The French lover doesn’t disappoint when it counts, but Imogen runs out of the house instead of kissing him for saving her life. 

How does Adilah tell Imogen about the ship?

Adilah manages to take out the Land Rover after all, and she waits for Imogen. Imogen makes it to the car, and just when they’re about to head out of the house, Patrick shoots Adilah down. The only two people who knew about the terrorist ship are now dead, and Imogen thinks it’s all over. She fought with pretty much all the intelligence agencies in the world for nothing. In a fit of rage, she kills Patrick  with multiple gunshots. When she comes back to the car, she notices that Adilah has written the name of the ship, just like she noted Malik’s number when they first met, on the windshield. The ship’s name turns out to be Provadia, and soon the elite forces take control of the ship and kill Umer. 


Was Imogen’s father alive all along?

After saving the United States, an exhausted Imogen is sitting at the house of her former lover. She tells Malik to wait for her and starts to skip through some documents lying around in Michael’s shed. A letter from a person named Sebastian Illyria tickles her subconscious, and she finds the address of Sebastian’s cottage to be right next to Michael’s mansion. Imogen walks through the field, just like a Jane Austen protagonist, and reaches the little cottage. When she enters the cottage, she finds a copy of The Tempest alongside a coat that smells like her dad. Imogen realizes that Marcus Seabright did manage to escape the life of espionage, and he did so by betraying his country. She also discovers a painting she made for Marcus when she was little and a file that contains pretty much all of her life since she thought Marcus had died. Violet Seabright, the traitor’s daughter who saved the world, realizes that her father betrayed her as well. She quotes the famous Shakespearean line from The Tempest: “Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.” Violet managed to get Adilah’s daughter and her sister to leave for Canada, and shortly after, she prepared herself for the next mission in Athens. 

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