‘The Tiger’s Apprentice’ Ending Explained & Spoilers: Did Tom Find The Phoenix Pendant?

The Tiger’s Apprentice proved to be a delightful animated film, offering a refreshing escape into a magical realm filled with Zodiac characters and captivating revelations. Following the loss of his grandmother, Mrs. Lee, the protagonist Tom discovered his extraordinary role as a Guardian, a disclosure that unfolded in a glorious manner. The film’s strength lies in its intriguing premise and the execution of its fantasy adventure. However, a notable drawback was the fast-paced nature of the movie, leaving little time for in-depth character exploration. Despite this, Tom’s journey from skepticism to embracing his magical destiny was compelling. The film successfully balanced comfort and delight, making it an enjoyable watch. The execution of the plot, while not something groundbreaking. But the commendable thing was in its delivery of the battle against evil forces to attain divine power. Overall, The Tiger’s Apprentice offered a captivating and visually appealing experience, leaving a positive impression with its execution.


Spoilers Ahead

What Is The Film About?

The movie’s premise revolves around the Lunar New Year celebration, where young Tom and his grandmother, Mrs. Lee, excitedly set out to witness the fireworks. However, the joyous occasion takes a dark turn when they are ambushed by Yaoguai, menacing green creatures. In a crucial moment of danger, a luminous tiger named Mr. Hu, accompanied by other animal allies known as zodiacs, comes to their rescue. The conflict intensifies as the zodiacs, initially united in their efforts, face internal strife. Amidst the chaos, a devilish character named Loo appears through a mysterious green portal, seeking to seize the Phoenix locket from Mrs. Lee. This locket holds divine power, making it a coveted item in the mystical world. The central plot unfolds as Tom, his grandmother, and their newfound allies must navigate a world of magic and mythical creatures, facing challenges and conflicts to prevent the powerful Phoenix locket from falling into the wrong hands. The movie weaves together elements of fantasy, adventure, and familial bonds as the characters strive to overcome adversity and preserve the mystical balance in their world.


How Did Tom Realize That He Had Power?

As the years passed after the traumatic incident with the Yaoguai, Tom found himself facing a different kind of challenge in school. The torment and mockery from his classmates intensified, centered around the mystical aura of his grandmother’s home. The relentless teasing labeled Mrs. Lee as a witch, attributing magical elements in their house to her. Frustrated and angered by the constant ridicule, Tom couldn’t contain his emotions any longer. One day, the bullying reached its peak, pushing Tom to the brink. In a fit of anger, he instinctively pushed back against his tormentor. However, what unfolded was beyond any rational explanation. It was as if an unseen force surged through him, empowering his actions. His classmate soared through the air, colliding with the ceiling, leaving everyone, including Tom himself, bewildered by the inexplicable event. In the midst of this confusion, Tom found solace in an unexpected friendship with Rav, a girl who shared his affinity for magical and spiritual interests. Intrigued by her foster mother’s similar practices, Tom decided to introduce Rav to his peculiar world. The duo visited his grandmother’s house, a mystical temple adorned with enchanting charms and symbols. Despite Tom’s occasional embarrassment about the magical eccentricities surrounding him, his grandmother explained the necessity of these charms, emphasizing their role in warding off evil forces. Tom, grappling with the newfound powers and the peculiar nature of his lineage, confronted his grandmother, urging her to rid the house of these unusual elements. Mrs. Lee, however, revealed the extraordinary truth about their bloodline, explaining that Tom’s abilities were not ordinary and that these charms protected them. This revelation sparked Tom’s curiosity, driving him to seek to understand the extent of his powers. Embracing his unique heritage, he realized that his abilities were a manifestation of a magical legacy, a realization that set him on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. The magical world that once seemed peculiar became a source of strength for Tom as he sought to harness his extraordinary powers for the challenges that lay ahead.

How Did Mrs. Lee Lose Her Life?

As the tension escalated in Tom’s grandmother’s mystical abode, Hu, the luminous tiger and guardian of the Phoenix, appeared to unravel the truth for Tom about who he is and what he is truly capable of. Claiming to be a Zodiac warrior sworn to protect the Guardian of the Phoenix, Hu tried to convince Tom of the impending danger. However, Tom, still skeptical and considering it all a mere myth, dismissed both his grandmother’s and Hu’s explanations as fantastical nonsense. The surreal nature of the situation became painfully evident when Yaoguai, the very creatures that haunted Tom’s past, materialized and launched a fierce attack on his grandmother. Realizing the imminent danger, Mrs. Lee, with unwavering determination, decided to protect her grandson by sending him away with Hu, who had sworn to safeguard him. Tom, torn between fear and a desire to stay with his grandmother, witnessed the unfolding chaos. Loo, the devilish antagonist, intensified the conflict by targeting the locket hanging around Mrs. Lee’s neck,  that held significant power. In a selfless act, she threw the locket at Tom, urging him to wear it and confront the evil force. As Tom reluctantly donned the pendant, a surge of magical power coursed through him, unlocking abilities he never knew he possessed. The battle between good and evil reaches its climax, with Mrs. Lee valiantly facing Loo to protect her grandson. Despite her courageous efforts, tragedy struck as Loo, in a cruel turn of events, overpowered Mrs. Lee. The pendant, now in Tom’s possession, couldn’t prevent the fatal blow that ended Mrs. Lee’s life. The ghost cart, a symbol of the transition from life to the afterlife, appears to carry away Mrs. Lee’s noble soul, leaving Tom in a state of shock, bewilderment, and profound sadness. The loss of his grandmother marked a pivotal moment in Tom’s journey, forcing him to come to terms with the reality of the magical realm and the sacrifices made to protect him from the encroaching darkness.


How Did Tom Get To Know About The Temple Of The Twelve?

Tom’s induction into the mystical world under Hu’s guidance brought forth revelations about the pendant’s extraordinary power, linking it to the creation of humanity by the goddess Nu Kua. The seemingly ordinary necklace now held the key to magical abilities and the delicate balance between good and evil. Hu, the tiger in the zodiac circle, became his mentor and protector, especially after the tragic loss of his grandmother, who had entrusted him to Hu’s care. The transition into this dual existence took an unexpected turn when Tom entered a magical realm in his sleep. Here, the goddess Nu Kua herself appeared, acknowledging Tom’s role as a bridge between the mortal and magical worlds. This dreamlike encounter further emphasized the significance of his responsibility as the Guardian of the Phoenix. As Tom embarked on his training to hone his newfound powers, an unexpected twist occurred. Steve, a rat-like zodiac, revealed that Loo, the malevolent force they believed was defeated, was still alive and posed a lingering threat. This revelation shook both Hu and Tom, compelling them to prepare for a renewed confrontation with their formidable adversary. The journey took an adventurous turn when they encountered Mistral, a dragon-like zodiac, on the road. A fierce clash ensued between Hu and Mistral, each vying to prove their prowess in protecting Tom. The escalating conflict prompted a shift in strategy, leading them to seek the assistance of Cynthia, a zodiac frog who owned a dim sum shop. In a surprising turn of events, Cynthia unveiled the entrance to the Temple of the Twelve, a sacred place where the various zodiac guardians convened. Tom’s awareness of the Temple of the Twelve opened a new chapter in his magical education as he encountered diverse zodiac beings like the rooster, snake, monkey, goat, dragon, rabbit, and more. Each member brought unique skills and perspectives, contributing to Tom’s understanding of his role as the Guardian of the Phoenix. The unfolding events continued to shape Tom’s destiny, leading him deeper into the intricate tapestry of the magical world and the challenges that awaited him as its chosen protector.

How Did Tom Lose The Phoenix Pendant?

In his quest to confront Loo and avenge his grandmother’s loss, Tom ventured to the magical mansion where Loo had regained her power. To his surprise, he discovered his friend Rav living there with her foster mother. The joy of reunion, however, was short-lived, as Loo appeared, demanding the Phoenix pendant from Tom. Rav, unaware of the magical conflict, was caught in the crossfire, realizing she might have been used by her foster mother to befriend Tom. As Loo pursued them, a fierce battle erupted between the zodiacs and Loo within the magical mansion. The zodiacs ultimately managed to rescue Tom and Rav from the clutches of the malevolent force. Returning home, Tom devised a clever hiding spot for the Phoenix pendant, securing it in a jar of fortune cookies. His training intensified, focusing on fashu, protective spells, and charms essential for safeguarding the Phoenix. Amidst this, tensions flared between Tom and Hu. However, Mistral dropped a bombshell: Tom’s grandmother had sacrificed a part of her life to save Hu, revealing a deeper connection between them. Haunted by memories of his grandmother, Tom visited their old home, only to encounter a spectral illusion. The illusion, seemingly his grandmother, pleaded for a glimpse of the Phoenix. In the chaos that ensued, Rav warned Tom about the deception, as the illusion revealed itself to be Loo in disguise. In the tumult, Loo seized the opportunity, snatching the Phoenix pendant and making a hasty escape. The heart-wrenching realization hit Tom that, in the midst of the emotional turmoil and illusions, he had lost the pendant he was sworn to protect. The urgency to reclaim the powerful artifact intensified, setting the stage for Tom’s continued journey to master his magical abilities and confront the looming threat posed by Loo.


How Did Tom Get The Pendant Back Again?

In the face of an imminent threat, Hu reassured Tom of his proud lineage, spanning a thousand generations of guardians. Tom’s unique bloodline, deeply rooted in the legacy of protectors, instilled hope that he could rescue the Phoenix from the clutches of dark forces. As the sun dipped below the horizon, Loo, accompanied by her Yaoguai minions, launched a menacing assault on Tom. However, Tom was not alone; his zodiac allies rallied to his side. The ensuing battle was fierce, and victory seemed elusive. In a moment of desperation, as the Phoenix locket teetered on the brink of being lost, an unexpected twist occurred. The zodiac confined within the locket emerged, revealing a new source of strength. Yet, the turning point came with the onset of sunset, plunging the surroundings into darkness. Seizing the opportunity, Loo sought to manipulate the phoenix’s power for malevolent purposes, envisioning a world devoid of humanity. Undeterred, Tom clutched the Phoenix with determination, invoking the innate power within him—the strength of a thousand angels. With a surge of celestial energy, Tom thwarted Loo’s nefarious plans. The pendant, once on the verge of being tainted by darkness, radiated with renewed purity. The confrontation reached its climax as Tom, empowered by his lineage and newfound abilities, overcame Loo’s evil influence. In the final moments, Loo succumbed to the forces she had unleashed, meeting her demise. In this triumphant struggle between light and darkness, Tom’s resilience and connection to his guardian ancestry proved paramount. The Phoenix, rescued from the brink of corruption, now stood as a symbol of hope and protection under Tom’s watchful care. The victory marked a pivotal moment in Tom’s journey as the Guardian of the Phoenix, reinforcing his commitment to safeguarding the mystical balance of the world.

What Happened In The End?

In a selfless act, Hu, realizing he had exhausted all his powers, took Tom to the goddess Nu Kua for a chance at revival. Nu Kua, acknowledging the sacrifice, proposed a solution. Hu, willing to give his own life for Tom’s recovery, chanted, “With my blood I join you, with my breath I bind you.” Their souls intertwined in a sea of tears, symbolizing the profound connection and sacrifice made to save Tom’s life. Tom, grateful for Hu’s immense sacrifice, emerged from the ordeal with a newfound lease on life. The other zodiacs, recognizing Tom’s resilience and the extraordinary bond with Hu, officially declared him their Guardian. Hu extended a heartfelt invitation, urging Tom to come and live with him, fostering a bond that transcended mere mentorship. In an unexpected turn, Tom not only became the Guardian of the Phoenix but also embraced a new familial connection with Hu.


As a final transformation, Hu shared his soul with Tom, imbuing him with the essence of the tiger zodiac. This act solidified their connection, making them not just mentor and apprentice but also family. The movie concluded with Tom, now fully aware of his role and surrounded by the support of the zodiacs, stepping into a future where he would continue to protect the mystical balance and uphold the legacy of the Guardians. The profound sacrifice and unity showcased the strength that lies in bonds forged through courage and selflessness, leaving Tom poised to navigate the magical world with a newfound purpose and a chosen family by his side.

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