‘The Taming Of The Shrewd 2’ Ending Explained & Spoilers: What Happened To Kacper And Wera?

The Taming of the Shrewd 2, a continuation of the 2022 Netflix Polish rom-com of the same name, follows the aftermath of Patryk and Kaska ending up together and getting married. After successfully rescuing her land from the Nawrot firm and building a digital apiary, which has incorporated innovative digital tools and methods in beekeeping practice, Kaska became famous worldwide. She has also been called to America to receive an award for her innovative efforts to build a digital apiary, but Patryk, who is still a little bit insecure about his relationship, fears that Kaska might go back to her ex-lover. The trust issues between Patryk and Kaska have become a major conflict, leaving everyone around them in Podhale worried about the future of their relationship.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened In The Film?

The film begins with Kaska leaving for America to receive an award for her innovative work, while Patryk wonders over the possibility of Kaska going back to her ex-boyfriend, Bob. Kaska assured him that she would never even think about moving back to Bob, so she asked him to have some faith in their relationship. Even though Patryk knew in his heart that Kaska was faithful to him, the people around them in the village were always saying bad things about her. Especially Kaska’s brothers, Wacus and Jedrus, who believed that Kaska had gone to America to settle down with Bob. All this gossip going around was making Patryk worried, so he decided to prove to people that Kaska was not like that. After winning a sleigh race, Patryk threw a party and gathered all the people in the village to honor Kaska’s success and achievements. He started a video call with Kaska while she was in the US, giving an interview and receiving her award. During the interview, she had to submit her phone, but she forgot to turn it off. Kaska had no idea that Bob was on the set, waiting for her interview to get over and asking her to marry him in a live telecast. The phone was later handed over to Bob, who noticed Patryk’s call. Bob tried to get Patryk out of Kaska’s life, so he picked up the call and showed himself in a manner to suggest that he had slept with Kaska. As Patryk, on the other hand, was displaying the video call on a giant screen to prove his wife’s fidelity to all the people in the village, he felt extremely embarrassed to see Bob picking up his call. It broke Patryk’s heart, and he began to believe that his wife had been deceitful to him.


What Happened Between Patryk And Kaska?

Meanwhile, a couple named Wera and Kacper traveled to Podhale, where Kacper asked Wera to marry him. However, before saying yes to Kacper, Wera came to know that Kacper had accepted a job offer that would require him to leave his home. It broke Wera’s heart and made her extremely angry, so she decided to leave Kacper in the middle of the street and run away with his RV. Wera met Patryk on her way and began to feel comfortable around him. Patryk never tried to impress her, but he tried to help her in every way. As Wera was alone and had no place to stay, Patryk asked her to stay at his place, but the two of them maintained distance and respected each other’s boundaries. Kaska returned to Podhale and got extremely mad to find out that Patryk was staying with a woman. Instead of communicating properly, the couple began to distrust each other and continued arguing. Kaska tried to explain that she had been chased by police to the airport, so she had to come back early, while Patryk didn’t trust her and didn’t even try to listen to her.

Kacper found his RV and got to know that Wera was staying at Patryk’s place, so Kacper and Wera also developed some trust issues, which further led to a fight. To take revenge on Patryk, Kaska invited Kacper over to her place and kicked Patryk out. Patryk also decided to stay at Kasper’s RV with Wera to make Kaska feel jealous.


Did Patryk Finally Learn The Truth About Kaska And Bob?

Patryk and Kaska continued their argument for a long time, which annoyed Kaska’s mother, so she came up with a plan. She cunningly invited Wera and Kaska over to her place, put them inside a room, and locked it from the outside. Kaska and Wera talked it out between them, admitting that neither of them had ever cheated on their respective partners. Kaska and Wera decided to put an end to this revenge game and came out of the room as close friends. Meanwhile, Patryk finally found a video on the internet that revealed the truth about Kaska and Bob. The video showed that after Kaska’s interview was over, Bob had planned to make a grand gesture to propose to Kaska for marriage, but Kaska not only said no but also beat him up on live telecast. That’s why she had been chased by the police to the airport.

Finding out the truth, Patryk felt guilty for misunderstanding Kaska, but before he could rectify his mistakes, he got kidnapped by Wacus and Jedrus, who captured Patryk and Kacper and put them inside a storehouse. Even though Wacus and Jedrus were trying to unite Kaska and Patryk, their strategies were dangerous. Meanwhile, both of them also found out that the local man, Wloden, who was responsible for storing Kaska’s mother Marlyna’s litworówka, had been stealing it to sell it to the other customers. Marlyna had already found out about it, so she decided to catch Wloden red-handed. Wacus and Jedrus also caught Wloden, but they made a deal with him to keep things quiet if Wloden didn’t tell anyone about the kidnapping.


Did Patryk And Kacper Defeat The Bear?

Patryk and Kacper finally managed to untie themselves inside the storehouse, but before they could come out of the place, they found a bear roaming around the house. Having no idea how to deal with the situation, Patryk began to Google to learn how to defeat a bear. Meanwhile, Kaska and Wera looked for their partners, and while they came to know Wacus and Jedrus were hiding something they knew about Patryk and Kacper, Wacus, Jedrus, and Wloden chose not to speak, but as Marlyna arrived with the buyer of litworówka from the Czech Republic, Wloden and the two brothers had to open their mouths. Learning about the storehouse, where bears were often spotted, Kaska and Wera wasted no time and rushed to the location to rescue Patryk and Kacper. However, upon their arrival, they found out that the bear was gone, but Patryk and Kacper were still inside, shivering out of fear. Kaska and Patryk sorted out their misunderstanding and reunited, while Wera also forgave Kacper for their previous argument.

What Happened To Kacper And Wera?

Kaska and Patryk reunited, overcoming the trust issues and putting their arguments aside. Patryk had learned the truth about Kaska, and he apologized to her. Kaska and Patryk started afresh, while Wera and Kacper finally decided to move back to Portugal, Wera’s dream destination, to settle down with each other. To prioritize his lover’s choice, Kacper decided to give up on his dream and decided to work remotely from their place in Portugal; otherwise, he wouldn’t even go for the job. Wera became happy and agreed to marry Kacper. In the concluding scene of The Taming of the Shrewd 2, we saw everyone in Podhale finally check out the viral video of Kaska online and realize that Kaska was so faithful to Patryk that she had beaten up her ex on live television without any hesitation.


The second part of this film is one of those sequels that probably no one asked for. With a completely pointless plot and dry humor, this film will make you fall asleep midway. We hope this film could be the endgame to this romantic saga, as we don’t have any official confirmation if Netflix will come up with yet another continuation next year.

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