‘The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract’ Episodes 7 And 8 Recap And Ending Explained

The seventh and eighth episodes of The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract are full of fluttery romance and plot twists about Park Yeon Woo’s previous life. A lot of new sides and layers of characters have been revealed in these episodes, revealing their inner motives. Despite the betrayals from their close ones, the love boat of Yeon Woo and Tae Ha seems to be afloat. The malicious intent of Min Hye Sook is to make Tae Ha’s life difficult. Chairman Kang also has some hidden motives, which will eventually be revealed. Will the secret of Tae Ha’s illness come out? Who tried ruining Yeon Woo’s image in the company? What events led to an increased closeness between Yeon Woo and Tae Ha? Let’s find out!


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Who Was Responsible For Tae Ha’s Heart Condition?

Tae Ha’s stepmother, Min Hye Sook (CEO Min), was responsible for having killed him with arsenic in his past life. Tae Ha also remembered that Hye Sook had locked up his mother at the daily annex when she was having a heart attack, causing her death. She had later intended to prove that Tae Ha was also suffering from the same ailment as his mother and hence had a bad heart. She was probably also poisoning him in this life, as she had done in the previous life. CEO Min found out the information about the medication that Tae Ha took for his heart with the help of Secretary Hwang. She had also approached Dr. Oh. Chairman Kang’s physician had found out that he was just faking his liver ailment so that he could get Tae Ha married as soon as possible. She had found out that both Tae Ha and Chairman Kang had some secrets that they were hiding from each other. She decided to reveal Tae Ha’s secret to Chairman Kang so that he would be removed from his post as deputy chairman due to his heart condition. She had also started spreading rumors among the executives that Tae Ha would not be able to take care of the company’s responsibilities as a result of his health conditions. It is probable that she had wanted Tae Ha to lose his image in SH so that she could take control of the company and later make her son, Tae Min, the chairman.


What Malicious Intent Does Deputy Woo Have?

Deputy Woo’s obsession with Tae Ha is quite evident, as she seems to get quite jealous of Yeon Woo’s closeness with him. She tries to steal the limelight from Yeon Woo by criticizing her work and demeaning her. She also steals her designs and publishes them on another website to hamper her workflow. She had to face a lot of humiliation at her office because her designs had been stolen, which was supposedly the designer’s responsibility. She makes the clothes from scratch for the first event anniversary. Tae Min tries to help her by giving her some ideas about the designs. Later, another issue arose right before the event, when someone emailed the models that their event date had been changed. The last-moment problem became a big deal until CEO Min decided to help out with new models. Right before the show, they found out that someone had ruined the clothes. Yeon Woo immediately made up her mind to rework the clothes, making the fashion show a grand success in the end. Yeon Woo’s presence of mind helped save the day! Later, when Tae Ha found out from the footage that Deputy Woo was responsible for creating obstacles on the show, he fired her immediately. Later, when Deputy Woo is seen talking with Chairman Kang, it is revealed that she had just been a puppet in his hands. He had asked her to keep an eye on Tae Ha.

What Events Brought Tae Ha And Yeon Woo Closer?

A lot of events in the seventh and eighth episodes brought Tae Ha and Yeon Woo close to each other. Secretary Hong went to meet Sa Wol; it was then that she hatched plans with him to ensure closeness between Tae Ha and Yeon Woo. They locked the two in a room so that they would come close to each other, which eventually caused them to develop stronger feelings for each other. After the grand success of the event, Tae Ha had planned an office trip along with Yeon Woo and his other colleagues. Their feelings for each other were seen to be even more amplified after the trip, as they got to know each other better. After returning, Yeon Woo opened her heart to Tae Ha and told him of her feelings. Surprisingly, Tae Ha rejected her proposal as he was aware of his heart ailments. He knew that she had been very upset after losing her first husband and would not be able to handle it if she lost him as well. After the heartbreak, Yeon Woo left his house and went to stay with Secretary Hong for a few days. Meanwhile, Tae Min tried expressing his feelings for Yeon Woo by gifting her a hand-drawn comic book representing their story, right from the day that they met. Later, when Tae Ha realized how empty his life was without Yeon Woo, he reached out to her and expressed his feelings for her. He promised to never leave her side, as he had done before, and took her back home.


How Does Tae Ha Ruin Ceo Min’s Plans?

CEO Min had planned to take Tae Ha down from the post of Deputy CEO and capture the power position herself. However, Tae Ha managed to rain in her parade! He sent out a video to the company executives, apologizing for keeping his health conditions a secret from them. Stating that his health would be a burden to the company’s proceedings, he had decided to select someone in his place who would be able to take part in management, even though they did not belong to the owner’s family. It is very likely that he would select Yeon Woo as the deputy chairman, who would be functioning in his place.

Who Threw Yeon Woo Into The Well?

Yeon Woo gets flashbacks of the day when she was thrown into the well. She had heard the man asking her to pass well into the afterlife and remembered his voice. Later, when she heard CEO Min’s secretary, Hwang, speak on the phone, she could recognize his voice as the same as that of her kidnapper in her previous life. Meanwhile, while cleaning Chairman Kang’s room, Sa Wol found Yeon Woo’s watch that she had in her previous life. She shows it to Yeon Woo and tells her that the person who threw her into the well must have stolen it from her. Sa Wol expressed her fears that someone from the Kang family was her killer in her previous life.


What Was The Significance Of The Blue Butterfly?

A blue butterfly is seen emerging from Yeon Woo’s watch, and she follows it into the forest. She meets Cheon Myeong there, and she helps Yeon Woo see the past, where her mother-in-law had been involved in poisoning her husband. She also brings Yeon Woo across the tombstone of the loyal wife. This signified that Yeon Woo was dead in her past life, and the people there thought she committed suicide after her husband’s death. Butterflies are significant symbols that guide spirits into the afterlife. The blue butterfly, which is symbolic of rebirth, indicates the fact that Yeon Woo was dead in her past life and had attained a direct passage into her afterlife to meet her beloved!

Final Words

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract has been gaining greater depth with each passing episode. Not only does it have an excellent plot, but it is also replete with significant symbolism. The real intent of many characters, like Chairman Kang, however, still remains a mystery and is sure to be revealed in the next episodes of the series. Why did Chairman Kang possess a portrait of Yeon Woo from her previous birth? Did he already know her? It is quite possible that he, along with Hye Sook, had been involved in Yeon Woo’s kidnapping and murder so that he could usurp her property. Hopefully, the mystery of Chairman Kang and Tae Ha’s ailment will be brought out in the next episodes.

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