‘The Story Of Park’s Marriage Contract’ Episodes 5 And 6 Recap & Ending Explained

The fifth and sixth episodes of The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract bring out several plot twists and revelations. Many new characters are introduced in the series over the course of these two episodes. The desperate attempts of Tae Ha’s stepmother have been constantly making his life difficult. She also starts intervening in his marriage, which might bring about some new perils in his life. Will Tae Ha understand his feelings for Yeon Woo over the course of events? Will he be able to protect her from the conspiracies of his stepmother? Let’s get the answers to these questions by having a look at the series of events in the episodes.


Spoilers Ahead

What Rumors Does CEO Min Spread About Tae Ha’s Marriage?

CEO Min is extremely jealous of Tae Ha’s ancestral possessions and wants her son to be the heir to the company. She knew that Tae Ha was to take over SH Seoul and therefore engaged in spreading false rumors about his marriage in the media. She did that to tarnish his reputation, which would restrict him from taking up the position. She spreads false rumors about his wife being pregnant before marriage and the marriage being a fake one. When Yeon Woo sees that Tae Ha has left his important files at home, she goes to his office to give them to him. The media recognizes her and surrounds her, and then she is saved by Tae Min. He also confronts his mother and asks her not to bother Yeon Woo because he likes her as a person. CEO Min wanted to take the entire credit for handling the company alone while engaging Tae Ha in unnecessary complications. She did not want the reigns to go from her to Tae Ha’s hands. She is also shown to harbor extreme jealousy for her husband’s former wife, as he could never forget her. Her hatred towards Tae Ha could have stemmed from her jealousy towards his mother.


How Does Yeon Woo Become The Chief Designer Of The Company?

While at the mall, Yeon Woo sees Lee Mi Dam, the CEO of Midam, and recognizes her as her mother from her past life. She immediately goes up to her and hugs her, which embarrasses Tae Ha. Later, when Lady Mi Dam sees her embroidery skills, she is impressed and tells Tae Ha that it was a style that had been passed on in their generation for the past 200 years. She agrees to the contract for a joint collaboration with his company immediately after seeing Yeon Woo’s skills. Yeon Woo is offered the position of the main designer for clothes in the company. During the annual open exhibit of Midam’s collaboration with SH, Tae Ha surprisingly declares Yeon Woo to be his wife, which takes everyone by surprise. Later, when she asks him why he had done that without her permission, he tells her that he had done that to make sure that his stepmother would not dare cause her any harm, as now everyone was aware of their relationship.

Why Did Tae Ha Feel Jealous?

Tae Ha’s feelings for Yeon Woo seem to increase over time, as he is slowly seen getting possessive about her. When the office team goes to celebrate their collaboration with Midam, he is seen to resent the closeness of Do Yoon Jae, the deputy secretary of Midam. While Tae Ha resents the closeness of other women, he expects Yeon Woo to maintain a distance from other men. He is seen avoiding Deputy Woo, as he knows that she has feelings for him. However, at the company dinner, when he sees Yeon Woo enjoying the attention of both Yoon Jae and Tae Min, he gets jealous. He seems to dislike the closeness of Yeon Woo and Yeon Jae as they decide to take a walk alone to discuss the design of clothes. When he sees an increasing closeness between the two, he dismisses the dinner immediately. He also does not seem to like it when Yeon Woo gives her number to Yoon Jae. Tae Ha’s jealousy is a clear indication of his feelings for Yeon Woo, which he was trying to suppress. It is possible that Yeon Woo has been showcasing her closeness with another man on purpose to make her husband feel jealous and pursue her.


What Was The Conspiracy Behind Yeon Woo Losing Her Husband?

Tae Ha realizes that Yeon Woo was not lying about coming from the past as he learns of the past of his property. He learns that the estate initially belonged to Park Won, Park Yeon Woo’s grandfather, and that her grandfather’s younger brother was called Ho Won. He understands that there is a connection between Yeon Woo’s past and the area. However, he is suddenly seen suffering from chest pains, and the doctor warns him not to delay his treatment. Meanwhile, when Secretary Hong returns her butterfly charm, she sees that the silver in it has turned black. Hong tells her that it was a reaction that would be seen if there was poison in the metal. She realizes that someone poisoned her husband with arsenic in the past when she sends the charm for a test.

How Was The Past Affecting Tae Ha’s Present?

Tae Ha’s grandfather, meanwhile, calls him and tells him that he is worried about him. Tae Ha is also seen having flashbacks of his mother’s death, and he remembers having seen CEO Min on the spot. It leaves a possibility that CEO Min murdered his mother to get married to his father for the property. She was now doing the same with him, as he was the heir to the entire property. He is also seen to get into an accident, from which he somehow survives, and he tells Secretary Hong that someone is surely after his life. The past had been repeating itself, which becomes quite evident when Yeon Woo sees Chyeon Myeong again and she tells her that history had been repeating itself, indicating that something ominous is afoot. It also leaves a possibility for the fact that his heart was perfectly fine and he was again being poisoned by his stepmother in this life, just like in his past life.


Final Thoughts

Finally, CEO Min is seen summoning Yeon Woo to their ancestral property, where she is led into a dark room. There she sees the mask, which the person who had thrown her into the well had been wearing that day. It is possible that someone from Tae Ha’s family dropped her into the well just to usurp her entire property. Was it Tae Ha’s grandfather who was behind all the misdeeds? There is also a secret stalker of Yeon Woo who has been secretly clicking her pictures and sending them to someone. What could be the motive of the secret stalker? Who was he? It is quite possible that Tae Ha’s grandfather had set up spies to keep an eye on Yeon Woo, as it is certain that he definitely knows who she is. The series is sure to make a lot more revelations and provide us with answers to many questions in the upcoming episodes!

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