‘The Story Of Park’s Marriage Contract’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract Episode 2 drops Park Yeon Woo into a completely different timeline. The concept of a parallel world has been shown quite efficiently in the series. She comes across her husband and other people from the past, but they are somehow unable to recognize her. She crosses the ‘sea of forgetfulness’ to reunite with her dead husband, Kang Tae Ha. Replete with comic elements, the loose ends that had been left in the first episode get tied up in the second episode. Will Yeon Woo be able to have a reconciliation with her past and learn to live in the future? Let’s find out!


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How Does Yeon Woo React To Having Found Tae Ha In The Future?

We are taken into a modern world directly from the Confucian backdrop in the previous episode. Here, we see Kang Tae Ha as a very successful businessman and deputy CEO of a company. The concept of a parallel world has been depicted in this series. We see Yeon struggling in a swimming pool on Tae Ha’s property, and without giving it a second thought, Tae Ha jumps into the water to save her life. Later, when she gains consciousness, she is seen to be amazed at seeing her late husband. He is, however, unable to recognize her and asks her to sign a contract of marriage with him. Yeon Woo is unable to understand what is going on and follows Tae Ha around like a lovesick puppy, thinking him to be her husband.


Why Does Tae Ha Make A Contract With Yeon Woo?

Tae Ha has no clue as to why the lady he had just met was clad in Confucion clothes or was referring to him as her husband. He had, however, taken the opportunity to sign a contract with her regarding a marriage. Tae Ha, who had lost all the memories of his past life, told her that he would marry her because he had promised that to his grandfather. He had to give his word so that his grandfather would not delay his operation, which he said would be done only if his grandson was to marry. He marries Yeon Woo just to please his grandfather, not because he feels any attachment to her at that point. Later, after the marriage takes place, Yeon Woo realizes that he is just using her but is not in love with her. She leaves his house to go and live the life of a vagrant for a few days. Tae Ha, however, manages to find her out and present her in front of his grandfather in exchange for money. He asks her to introduce herself as Vanessa, who resides in Italy. She agrees to the contract after she realizes that she will not be able to live on the streets on her own for much longer. She tells his grandfather that she would like to stay a few days before going to Italy. Later, Tae Ha’s secretary is seen to comes across the butterfly charm belonging to Yeon Woo, which makes it possible that the object will remind Tae Ha of his past life when it is presented to him.

How Does She Struggle To Cope In The Modern World?

After arriving in Seoul from a historical era, Yeon Woo finds it difficult to cope with the modernization of the world. She seems to be very clumsy and confused about the changed dressing style of the people. She is shy about wearing modern clothes and hesitates; she also gets awkward when she sees people openly kissing on the streets. When she decides to go out on her own, she gets herself into a mess. She bumps into Tae Min, and he falls down. Later, she throws her things at him to escape his wrath, but he gets up and chases her. She comes across a child and asks him to help her. With a bag full of money, she had no idea how she should use it when the kid decided to help her buy food. When on the streets, she thinks of the good times that she used to spend with her family. She gets puzzled when she sees the new gadgets in the modern world. When she sees a cell phone, she is perplexed; she is unable to open a door lock or get into a car without someone’s help. When she accidentally switched on the television, a historical film was playing, making her feel that it was a portal through which she could get back home. Every moment that she spent in the modern world made her want to go back to her home.


What Happens In The End?

While Yeon Woo is struggling to cope with the modern world, Tae Ha is struggling with his past! He has a nightmare where he sees Yeon Woo climb on his shoulders and call out to him as “dear husband.” This signifies that Tae Ha’s past was somewhere suppressed beneath his conscious memories. It gives us hope that someday he will regain his memories! Meanwhile, Hye Sook, his stepmother, had been plotting to become the next CEO of the company after her father-in-law. She sees Tae Ha as a threat and wants to secure her own son Tae Min’s position in the company. Tae Min and Hye Sook are later seen visiting the grandfather’s house after hearing the news of Tae Ha’s marriage. As soon as Yeon Woo sees Hye Sook, she recognizes her as her mother-in-law from her previous life. It seems as if, by magic, all the characters have forgotten all about Yeon Woo, their roles remaining the same in this world. She recollects what the color-eyed Shaman from her past had told her. She had been told that she would lose something great from her life to gain it again in the future. She was also told that she would meet a similar fate even in her afterlife. It is revealed that Tae Ha’s grandfather knows a lot about the past when he reveals a painting of Yeon Woo that Tae Ha had painted in his previous life.

Final Words

The minds of the audience are clouded with several questions after watching this episode. Why did Tae Ha not recognize Yeon Woo? What does the grandfather know? Many unsolved mysteries have been introduced in this episode and are most likely to be solved in the next episode. The comic element of the series is one of the best things about it, making the one-hour-long episodes entertaining! However, as per my anticipation, the next episode is most likely to reveal the plotting that Tae Ha’s stepmother has been doing against him, both in his current life and his past life! It is most likely that Tae Ha was not born with a heart ailment, but his stepmother had been poisoning him, resulting in his death in the past. Will Yeon Woo be able to save him in his current life? We have yet to see that in the next episode!


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