‘The Story Of Park’s Marriage Contract’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Is Park Yeon Woo?

The South Korean series The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract, streaming on Viki, is a period drama directed by Park Sang hoon. The first episode introduces the character of Park Yeon Woo, played by Lee Se young, who has been leading her life with a dual identity. She is a renowned tailor under the guise of belonging to a noble family. Her ambitions, first love, and familial relationships have been emphasized in this episode. Will Yeon Woo be able to resolve the problem of her hidden identity? What will happen after she gets married? Let’s find out what twists and turns this episode takes in the long run!


Spoilers Ahead

What Is Park Yeon Woo’s Hidden Identity?

Master Ho Jeob is known to be the most famous tailor in Hanyang, and people are seen to be buying a lot of the clothes designed by her from a particular store. Ho Jeob’s real name is Park Yeon Woo, and she has hidden her real identity to keep her business a secret from her family. Belonging to a noble family, she wanted to keep her profession a secret with the help of one of her right hands, Sa Wol. She is ambitious enough to achieve something in her life and feels a sense of satisfaction when she sees people appreciating her designs. She doesn’t plan on getting married and is known to have driven away many matchmakers by playing pranks on them. Despite all her friends getting married off and having kids, she chooses to prioritize her career over everything. She is seen sneaking into her home at late hours after work. Her passion for her work proves that she is quite ahead of her own time! She goes to the extent of getting the ugly bachelor to get married wearing her clothes, so that her fame as a tailor gets widespread, proving that her clothes could get anyone married. She disguises herself as a maid to find the ugly old bachelor and ends up meeting Kang Tae Ha, whom she asks about the ugly bachelor’s whereabouts.


How Is She Saved From The Royal Investigation Bureau?

The King learns that some high-fashion clothes are being circulated in the market after he sees the princess wearing them. Thinking that it would spread immorality in society, the king orders the arrest of the tailor. A Royal Investigation Bureau is set up to get hold of the tailor, and the soldiers go down to the store and burn it down. Yeon Woo, however, manages to escape the spot and is later saved by Tae Ha. While she is on the run along with Tae Ha, she is saved by a mysterious woman, who hides them inside her palanquin. The mysterious lady says that if fate decides, then they will surely meet again. After saving her, the mysterious lady suddenly meets her one day at the market, asking her to return the favor. She takes her along with herself and tells her that she wants to make a friend in the estranged land because she is lonely. Yeon Woo is confused, as this is the first time that she has seen a foreigner in her land.

What Happens After Her Marriage?

Park Yeon Woo’s marriage is fixed, which she doesn’t approve of, and she tries to escape from her home. We see Tae Ha waiting outside her house to return the watch that she lost the other day while escaping the soldiers. While Yeon Woo is out on her way, he follows her, and she asks him to leave her alone. When he refuses to let her go her own way, they are stuck in an altercation. Later, they reach a fair where they see fireworks together, and just when Tae Ha goes to get her some food, her father comes and takes her away. She eventually gets married to the ugly bachelor without even seeing him. On their first night, Yeon Woo comes to know that the bachelor is none other than Tae Ha himself. On their very first night, he tries divorcing Yeon Woo as he tells her that he and his family have deceived them. He says that he was suffering from a heart ailment and could die at any moment. However, before even being able to spend their first night together, Tae Ha falls victim to his terminal illness and passes away. Later, Yeon Woo’s stepmother-in-law tries to accuse her of her son’s untimely death. She, however, makes it clear that she already knew of the heart ailment of her husband. While going through her late husband’s belongings, she finds out that he had a butterfly charm that she had given to a friend in childhood. This suggests that they knew each other before. While she is still in mourning, she is seen to be kidnapped by an unknown person who drops her in the well, where she sinks deep and is shown to be saved by a man.


What Was The Women’s Position In Society During The Confucian Times?

The first episode is replete with elements of misogyny. We see a woman struggling to establish her identity as a talented designer of clothes. Women’s talents were not respected and were not paid any heed during the Confucian times. They were thought of as commodities who could be married off at any time! When Yeon Woo asks her mother if she can stay with them without getting married to anyone, she is told that she cannot do that. Her marriageable age was compared to the other girls her own age so that she would agree to get married. Age bars were set on women during those times to keep them under patriarchal domination. We also see the actual position of a woman during those times, when Yeon Woo talks to her mother about her dreams, passion, and career and is told that a woman’s passion and career are of no use to society. The hypocrisy of society towards women has been well presented in the very first episode.

Final Words

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract is full of imagery that enriches the quality of the narration. To imply how full of life force Yeon Woo was, her life was compared to a blooming and budding crepe-myrtle tree. The blood moon that has been shown indicates some impending danger! When Yeon Woo fell into the well, we felt a sense of doom. But a light is seen at the end of the tunnel when a man comes to her rescue. The man is shown to have worn clothes that were modern and quite different from those worn by people during the Confucian era. There is a possibility that the man from the future has time-traveled to her realm to save her. It is also possible that, after falling into the well, Yeon Woo has traveled to a different time period. However, there are a lot of questions that still ring in our minds! What is Kang Tae Ha’s actual identity? Who saved Yeon Woo? There are a lot of possible routes that the narrative can take. However, all our doubts are expected to be cleared out in the next episode.


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