‘The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract’ Episodes 3 And 4 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did Tae-Ha Discover?

The third and fourth episodes of The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract make for a lot of speculation as they are loaded with a lot of twists and turns. After Yeon Woo travels from a historical era into the modern world, she finds a lot of the people from her world to have time traveled. Tae Ha and Yeon are also shown to be drawn to each other over the course of events in these episodes. Will she be able to find a route through which she can go back to her world? Why was she pushed into the well? What will eventually happen? Let’s find out!


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What Sparks Are Seen Between Tae Ha And Yeon Woo?

While Yeon Woo struggles to find a route back to her world, she falls deeper for her husband, Tae Ha. She tries escaping by jumping into the swimming pool, from which she had emerged, and Tae Ha again gets into the water to save her. Whenever she is trying to make a run for it, Tae Ha brings her back, keeping aside all his work. Yeon Woo notices the crepe myrtle tree in the middle of Tae Ha’s property, and we are assured that her previous house had been taken down and his property had been built there. The previous lives of Tae Ha and Yeon Woo bound them so strongly that they could not even be parted in their next birth.


Tae Ha asks Yeon Woo to marry him contractually for the next one month. Their closeness seems to increase after Tae Ha’s proposition. Yeon Woo tries her best to support Tae Ha in all his endeavors as she helps him restore Yoon Ahm’s real paintings. She also takes care of him when he is seen getting chest pains. When his stepmother comes to visit him, she doesn’t allow her in and tells her that he would get agitated at seeing her and that it is her duty to look after the well-being of her husband. She also takes the time to go through the guidebook to know their family tree well and impress his grandfather on his birthday. The physical closeness also increases between them as we see them engaging in a passionate lip-lock after Yeon Woo gets drunk.

How Does Yeon Woo Unravel Yoon Ahm’s Fake Paintings?

CEO Min tried her best to stomp on Tae Ha’s prestige as a well-known businessman. She plans to present a fake painting of Yoon Ahm in one of the exhibitions that Tae Ha has set up for his international clients. Yeon Woo does not take a minute to recognize the painting as a hoax. She informs him about it, and they both try to take care of the situation together. Tae Ha asks his secretary, Mr. Hong, to buy him some time before he finds the real painting. Tae Ha and Yeon Woo, however, manage to display the real painting in front of the clients, impressing them in the process. When Tae Ha asks her how she knew about the painting, she tells him that Yoon Ahm was her friend, and she recognized the seal on the painting as fake. She also went on to say that her talent was suppressed due to her gender during those times. This sheds light on the patriarchal control of society over women in earlier times.


What Happens on Tae Ha’s Grandfather’s Birthday?

When CEO Min arrives at Tae Ha’s house to invite him for his grandfather’s birthday, she is told off by him. She knows of her intentions to usurp his fortune and get her own son into the business. When they arrive at their grandfather’s birthday, CEO Min tries to show everyone that she is adopted. Meanwhile, she had also set up a plan to kidnap Kim Ha Young, the original contract bride, and present her in front of Tae Ha’s grandfather so that she could prove his marriage to be a hoax and he would lose all faith in Tae Ha.

At the party, Yeon Woo recognizes Sa Wol, a maid from the past, and believes that she would recognize her. When she pursues Sa Wol, she is told that she remembers everything. She says that when she saw Yeon Woo’s shoes near the well on the night of her disappearance, she had seen a light inside the well and had been drawn by it, causing her to end up in the modern world. After the party is over, Yeon Woo requests that grandfather let her stay the night at his place. While she sleeps, she has dreams of the night she fell into the well. She sees that it was her own grandfather in the past, who had pushed her into the well.


What Intentions Does Tae Min Have?

Tae Min knows that his mother doesn’t have any expectations from him but has been trying hard to get him a position at SH. He is also compared to the garden weed that stops the growth of beautiful flowers by his grandfather. In a desperate attempt to prove himself, he takes a drastic step, subverting his mother’s plan. When Ha Young is brought in for the grand revelation of the fake marriage, Tae Min introduces her as his girlfriend in front of his grandfather. When he is later berated for his actions by his mother, he tells her that he had done it for his own benefit. He later goes up to Tae Ha and blackmails him, saying that he wanted a position in his company; otherwise, he would reveal his secret contract marriage to their grandfather.

What Did Tae-Ha Discover?

Secretary Hong seems to be extremely interested in reading historical dramas. While reading, he comes up with the notion that Yeon Woo must be a sucker for historical dramas, causing her to lose her mind. When he suggests that to Tae Ha, he takes her to a doctor but is told that she is perfectly fine. It is later that Tae Ha finds out from the internet that whatever Yeon Woo had told him was matching word-to-word with it. It would have been impossible for her to memorize all the details and narrate them to him.

While Yeon Woo is still at her grandfather’s place, she sleepwalks after seeing the Shaman, Cheongmyeong, from her past life. She decides to follow her, and we also see another entity following her. Meanwhile, when Yeon Woo learns that she was not lying, he rushes back home and finds her missing. He sets out to find her, and just when he sees her, he notices that she is about to fall off an elevated cliff. The events of his past life seem to flash by in front of his eyes, and he rushes forward to save her.

Final Words

There are a lot of twists that are present in both the third and fourth episodes of The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract. There are multiple cliffhangers that compel us to analyze future events. It is likely that Tae Min will fall for Yeon Woo, raising a bigger conflict between the half-brothers. CEO Min will come back with more of her vicious plans to destroy Tae Min. The grandfather was unable to show Yeon Woo’s painting to her, which is likely to be revealed later. It is possible that the grandfather had all his memories from the past intact. The third and fourth episodes create a sense of curiosity in the audience, which is likely to be satiated in the fifth episode.


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