‘The Soccer Football Movie’ Ending, Explained: How Did Zlatan’s Ponytail Become A Monster?

Director Mitch Schauer and writer Deeki Deke had come up with a tedious animated film named “The Soccer Football Movie” that was recently released on Netflix. Apart from the voiceovers of two of the greatest footballers of our generation, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Megan Rapinoe, this film had nothing to offer. It is basically all the sci-fi comedy animation movies that went wrong since the beginning.


Spoilers Ahead

‘The Soccer Football Movie’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

The movie starts with Zlatan taking a penalty shot that establishes his skills as a marvelous footballer. Later, we saw four kids trying to get tickets for the upcoming All-Star game. They were evidently talented football players who had started a new business to save up the money needed to buy the tickets. Coincidentally, they came across Zlatan, who was so impressed by their football skills that he promised to give them the tickets that they needed. However, when Zlatan went to grab those tickets, he found a gift box. He opened the box and found a football in it. He ignored the gift at first, but soon a green glowing thing came out from inside the football, and it attacked Zlatan. It was a slug that possessed Zlatan’s body and turned him into a vicious mutant. As soon as the four kids found out about it, they decided to help Zlatan get rid of the slug.


Later, we saw Megan Rapinoe had been sent the same gift box, and from there, another slug attacked her. When the four kids accidentally confronted Megan, right at that moment, the slug took over Megan’s body and made her a mutant. However, one of the kids found out that the sound of the whoopee cushion decreased the slug’s strength. Using this technique, the kids saved the lives of numerous All-Star football players, including Megan. But Zlatan was still missing and was finally found by Weird Al. We learned that Weird Al was behind all this mess. He wanted to share the same talent as every All-Star football player in the world. So, he sent them each a slug so that he could steal the talents of the footballers. Weird Al had discovered an enzyme that made a person’s talent tangible and extractable. But the process only had one flaw. Once entered into the body, the enzyme creates a hideous mutation and makes a mutant out of the particular person. Weird Al could extract the talent only after the slug brought it to the surface. So anyway, Zlatan’s talent was kept in his ponytail. And Weird Al cut off his ponytail and put it on his head, becoming as skilled a footballer as Zlatan.

After losing the ponytail, Zlatan lost all his football talent. However, the kids helped him build his talent from scratch, and he was ready for the All-Star game. In the All-Star Cup, Zlatan, Megan, and the kids defeated Weird Al and his team of slugs. But suddenly, Zlatan’s ponytail cut itself off from Weird Al and gained its own conscience. It turned into a giant monster, and then he ate Weird Al and Zlatan. Later, with the help of the kids and Megan, Zlatan destroys the monster and saves Weird Al too. “The Soccer Football Movie” ends with a hint of a sequel, in which a portion of the enzyme remains and turns a local old woman into a mutant again.


‘The Soccer Football Movie’ Ending Explained – How Did Zlatan’s Ponytail Become A Monster?

Zlatan is one of the most talented strikers of all time in the football world. We have all seen how he scored a magnificent screamer against England with a prolific bicycle kick. Apart from his talent, Zlatan is known for his swagger and out-of-this-world attitude. We all have the urge to become like Zlatan. A tall guy with such football skills and who has mastered kung fu—not only that, but even his personality is mesmerizing. The ponytail, once it gained consciousness, found Zlatan’s talents very impressive and wanted to have them all. Its consciousness instilled in him a desire for more than what it possessed. Thus, it made the proposal to consume all the talents of everyone around the world. It was basically about enjoying the abundance of talent and potential. But Zlatan’s talent was earned rather than stolen. He had struggled enough to be in such a position. So, he was not frightened of the monster his ponytail had turned into. He did not even bother to collect his ponytail again. The kids made him realize that his talent was not inside the ponytail but within himself. It was his determination that made him Zlatan the Wonder. It was greed and selfishness that drove Zlatan’s ponytail to become a monster. On the other hand, the kids made Zlatan realize that since his talents were hard-earned, he did not have to worry about his ponytail. So, he faced his ponytail, which had become a horrible monster, and easily beat it.

“The soccer football movie” is a 2022 animated comedy film directed by Mitch Schauer.

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