‘The Snow Girl’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Rescues Amaya From Iris? Does Iris Survive The Crash?

The fifth episode of “The Snow Girl” was all about Iris and Santiago taking care of Amaya, known to them as Julia. Both kept her away from the world beyond their home and farm and never let her communicate with anyone that visited their home from then on. Iris made a habit of living life on the outskirts by bringing Amaya into her life. She and Santiago had always wanted a child, and their abduction of Amaya fulfilled this dream they always had. Sure it was against the law, what they did, but they promised to one another to bring up Julia with love and keep her away from society and people in general. Julia grew up in isolation, not realizing her upbringing as fundamentally wrong. How will she be rescued? Will Belen and Miren come together to make sure Amaya is rescued from Iris?


Spoilers Ahead

Miren’s Obsession With Finding Amaya

Miren is brought in for interrogation. She is suspected of killing James Foster and David Luque. The two of them were notorious for being a part of a ring that sold and recorded explicit videos of young girls. David Luque was in jail for the crimes, while James Foster had finished his sentence and was now working as a tattoo artist. One fine day in 2019, they were both found charred to death inside James’ RV. Belen’s team finds Miren’s photograph inside a safe box in the RV and concludes that there is a possibility of Miren’s involvement in the arson. Miren knew David and James Foster knew each other through the illegal website, Slide. James Foster had given Miren possible names of the people who might have the video of her being raped. She contacted David in 2016 when he was in prison to ask questions about the video, but seemingly never got any answers from him. All the above incidents from 2016 are known only to James and David, and now with their deaths, no proof points towards Miren’s involvement. At this point, even viewers are not sure if Miren killed both, but she dodges Belen’s question quite smartly. She reveals that her meeting with David Luque in prison was strictly for an assignment in which she required information from him. David had refused to share the information, and that was the end of the meeting. Miren is not arrested because Belen’s team has no proof against her.


Miren’s mentor, Eduardo, is worried for her because she is not taking her safety seriously. Miren, on the other hand, is hell-bent on pursuing Iris Molina, for she is sure of the fact that Iris has information about Amaya’s whereabouts. As before, Miren is obsessed with solving Amaya’s case, and she simply cannot hold herself back. She is eager to find out more information from Iris without realizing Iris could be a dangerous person. Miren is again interrogated by Belen’s team when she says she is not upset about men who indulged in explicit videos of young girls, and neither should they be bothered about how James and David died.

‘The Snow Girl’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Who Rescues Amaya From Iris? Does Iris Survive The Crash?

Miren has no time to think about David and James’s deaths, for she is more concerned with following the only powerful lead she has received in the last nine years. Miren is sure Iris is the key to reaching Amaya, but what Miren doesn’t realize is that Iris is an obsessive woman who would do anything to make sure her daughter Julia stays with her, and she will never let her go out of her sight.  In the meanwhile, Eduardo comes across Miren’s camera in her car, only for him to see the last pictures of James and David she’d clicked. Eduardo keeps this vital piece of information to himself. It is now made clear that Miren set the RV on fire, which killed both men. In a way to save Miren from a jail sentence, Eduardo does not share this piece of information with anybody, and he doesn’t let Miren know of the fact that he now knows if her involvement in the deaths. Eduardo is a mentor figure who never leaves Miren’s side because he knows she will always need a friend that will help save her from whatever trouble she lands in. Miren is adamant but an emotionally fragile person. The sexual assault incident changed her in a way that she cannot undo. Eduardo makes sure he is there for her whenever she needs him emotionally, professionally, and physically. Their friendship stays strong over the fact that they know each other so well.


Miren heads towards Iris’s home to get an idea of who she is and what information she can provide eventually. Miren initially walks in as a journalist under the pretext of writing about people living in rural areas. Iris senses that there is something odd about this woman. She is paranoid whenever somebody comes by their home. Her first instinct is to send Julia upstairs, which she does. Iris develops a suspicion that maybe she is here to harm her and her daughter and is not convinced by the questions asked by Miren. Miren, on the other hand, is trying to look through Iris to understand if she reveals anything that will help her know more about Amaya’s situation. Miren is sure Iris knows something about Amaya, and she is waiting for her to crack. Both try to one-up each other in the brief meeting, and that’s when Miren notices the headband worn by Iris. Miren can’t seem to place where she has seen it before, but she starts feeling uncomfortable in Iris’s presence. She decides to leave the place immediately. Miren realizes Iris is not a type of woman she has ever met before. She is intimidating and knows how to dodge questions and divert the topic. She understands from her behavior that there is no way Iris was going to divulge any information about Amaya. Miren leaves only for her to halfway remember that the headband was worn by Amaya in the second video sent earlier that year, which is 2019. Miren panics and makes a call to Belen. Belen, unfortunately, is only able to hear Iris’s full name due to a bad signal.

Miren parks her car far away from Iris’s property, trying to click their pictures using her camera to understand what the situation is, and to see if Iris is panicking too. Iris plans to take her daughter away when she senses the fact that Miren might have picked up on Iris acting weird around her. Iris, at no cost, can lose her daughter, as she has spent nine years cultivating a lifestyle for herself and Julia, and she loves her. She has lost her husband, and she cannot afford to lose her daughter as well. Miren starts chasing Iris’s car and informs Belen again about Iris holding Amaya captive. Iris realizes this is the end of the road for her, and there is no turning back, for she now knows Miren must have informed the police about Amaya’s whereabouts.


In full, brutal force, Iris crashes her vehicle, hoping it will kill her and her daughter instantly. Iris believed that if she could not have her daughter, neither could Ana and Alvaro. Iris also cannot live as a criminal knowing her daughter is alive and living with her actual family when Iris was the one who raised Amaya/Julia for ten years. Iris dies in the crash, and meanwhile, Amaya is shocked to see her mother die and struggles to defend herself from Miren. Miren tries to make her understand that she was captive for ten years and that she is here only to help her out. Amaya is taken to childcare support, where she has not been on speaking terms with anyone since the death of Iris. She is in shock after the barrage of news about her captivity was told to her. Ana and Alvaro try to speak to her, but she doesn’t initially respond because, for her, they are strangers. She probably does not understand that her biological parents are trying to be there for her. In her mind, Iris was the one who took care of her. Ana starts calling her daughter Julia too, and she responds. This makes Ana realize that maybe there will be a breakthrough someday. It won’t be today. Eduardo, on the other hand, stole the memory card from Miren’s camera to save her if there was the possibility of her being prosecuted. Belen’s team finds her camera in her car, only to see no memory card in it. Miren finally writes a book about her journey of investigating this sensational kidnapping case which went on for a decade. After the book signing event, she is given a parcel that includes a photo of a woman being tied up with the name Laura mentioned on it. Has another woman been kidnapped? And are the kidnappers playing a game with Miren to chase and find the woman, just like she did with Amaya? Possibly.

Will There Be A Season Two Of ‘The Snow Girl’?

“The Snow Girl” may have a season two. The first season ends with Miren receiving an image of a girl named Laura being kidnapped, and she is challenged by the kidnappers to locate and find the said woman, just like she did with Amaya. The next season will be about Miren’s hunt for Laura’s survival, and possibly there will be information about the sexual assault that she went through. Given how the writers and directors carried this season, it will be intriguing to watch what more they will bring in when it comes to women being victims of many crimes that happen in Spain. Looking forward to “The Snow Girl” season 2.

Final Thoughts

“The Snow Girl” is a compelling story where women are victims, and women are the only ones that step up to save people of their gender from heinous crimes that are committed daily. The show lacked strong performances, which were compensated for by a strong screenplay written by Jesús Mesas and Javier Andrés Roig, who compelled us to think about the horrors women go through frequently. A child getting kidnapped, being forced to remain isolated; women being raped, taped, and forced into prostitution; molestation, and killing of spouses—all of this and many more were the underlying themes of the show, which shines through the six episodes. The editing is crisp, keeping in mind the story jumps between three periods: 2010, 2016, and 2019. Directors David Ulloa and Laura Alvea delivered a gripping tale of abductions and horrors associated with them. A good watch.

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