‘The Snow Girl’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Is Iris? How Is She Connected With Amaya’s Kidnapping?

The revelation in earlier episodes of “The Snow Girl” that shook Miren to the core is that of James Foster, who reveals that all of them are very close to finding a conclusion to the case. James also mentions knowing about the sexual assault she went through. She is shocked to even consider that there could be some connection between the kidnapping and her own assault. But Miren knows she must keep digging deeper, for she needs answers.


Spoilers Ahead

What Is Slide?

Miren cannot stop thinking about what James Foster told her and decides to pursue him, for she needs answers to the assault she went through. Miren was never able to locate her rapists, and had haunted her ever since.  James informs her of the website Slide to which David and his son uploaded the videos, and of how on that website, he’d seen the video of her being raped. Miren realizes she must find the video to know the faces of the men she was assaulted by and that she will also have to make sure the culprits are caught. James offers to give her the names of the people who visit the website regularly, but for that to happen, he expects remuneration in return from Miren. Miren says she will think about the offer. She is not financially secure enough to pay him a handsome amount.


In a conversation with Eduardo, he conveys that Slide is a despicable website that is visited by monsters and is backed by financially strong people, so Miren won’t be able to touch or harm any of them. Even if she tries to do so, there will be consequences for her actions. Eduardo cares for Miren because he knows the pain she went through, but to save her the trouble, he offers to help. But Miren wants to face her rapists on her own, and this is a crusade she will have to fight alone. She gives away all the money she had to James for the piece of information, and in return, James starts clicking polaroid pictures of her for the sake of proof. Miren is visibly disturbed by the man James Foster is and cannot fathom that she made a deal with a man as heinous as him. All Miren wanted was some answers about who the rapists were, so she could want to confront them and ideally want them behind bars.

The Death Of David Luque And James Foster

The RV in which James Foster used to live caught fire, and no one knew how the vehicle got engulfed in flames. On the same day, Miren receives another tape of Amaya, and the couple is again called to have a look at the video. Ana is devastated to comprehend that even though her daughter is alive, she can’t seem to touch or hold her tight. This ordeal is torturous and frustrating to the point that Ana has a mental breakdown. Ana is anguished, tired, and overwhelmed by the situation she and Alvaro are in. Alvaro has been a helping hand so far, but Ana is completely devastated and starts wondering if she will ever get to see her daughter alive.


‘The Snow Girl’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – Who Is Iris Molina, And What Is Her Connection With Amaya’s Kidnapping?

Belen and Miren are back to analyzing both the videos that they received from the kidnapper, the second video three years after getting the first one. Belen starts noticing all the changes in the video from 2016 and the recent video from 2019. She starts contacting several artisan toy shops because she notices something in the latest video which did not show up in the first video. Miren, on the other hand, is also looking for some differences in both videos, and she comes across changes in the way the video looks overall. She and Eduardo consult an expert, who conclude that the VCR on which the second video was recorded was different. It is interesting to watch both women having similar thought processes, that is, to find out how different is the 2019 video is from the 2016 one and how this will help them find a lead that would take them to Amaya. Belen does come across an artisan toy shop that might have sold one of the items seen in the video to Amaya’s kidnapper. Sadly, the owner of the shop is too old to recall to whom he sold the custom handmade toy.

Miren, on the other hand, finds a lead regarding which store might have repaired the VCR that the person used to record the video of Amaya in 2019. She does thorough research on the store that deals with vintage electronic items. Miren is excited to find a lead before Belen does, and she hopes there will be a breakthrough if she convinces the store owner to cooperate with her. On reaching the store, she initially does not divulge any information about her involvement in covering Amaya’s case, but soon she is forced to. The store owner refused to part with the information about who was here to repair an 85-model Sanyo VCR. The store owner probably didn’t want to be harassed by the police officers, and in fact, this information is confidential, which technically means he can share these details only with the law enforcement authorities and not journalists. Miren has to resort to stealing the information book that has the name Iris Molina written on it. She is sure this woman knows Amaya’s location and will probably help them crack the case. Miren will have a story to work on with this revelation, and she aims to bring justice to Amaya and her parents.


Unfortunately for Miren, her photographs are found in the burnt-down van where James Foster and David Luque died. Miren becomes a suspect, and Belen takes her into custody for questioning, not before Miren parts with the information about Iris Molina to Eduardo and her boss. Miren is a suspect because she has tirelessly followed the Amaya case, and it forms a motive for the arson, including the fact that Belen knows Miren is aware of Slide and the kind of content uploaded there. Miren being a suspect for the killing of David Luque and James Foster comes at a time when Miren is fed up with all the nightmares she has gone through, and she wants an end to it. Killing them would give her closure. All of this is an assumption made by Belen, but new proof emerges that both were killed by the local mafia kingpin, who was a big part of Slide as well. “The Snow Girl” Episode 4, and we see the actual Iris Molina heading to her daughter Julia’s room and asking her to clean up her room. Julia turns out to be Amaya, and Iris turns out to be the kidnapper.

What To Expect From Episode 5 Of ‘The Snow Girl’?

The Snow Girl” Episode 5 will focus only on how Amaya became a part of Iris’s life and what circumstances led to Iris making Amaya a part of her life. Many questions will be answered. If Iriis sent the video, what is Amaya doing with her? Where is Amaya living? Is Iris living alone or with her partner, who is also aware of the Amaya situation?

Final Thoughts

The 4th episode of The Snow Girl” meandered a little bit until the climax of the show, which did not end the way it was expected to close. By that, I mean the climax of the show was interesting and ended on a cliffhanger so that people continue watching the show without getting bored. Hype created by the writers Jesús Mesas Silva and Javier Andrés Roig, finally pays off because the The Snow Girl” Episode 4 is highly engaging and interesting, which helps in taking the storytelling forward instead of getting stagnated.

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