‘The Snow Girl’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Do The Police Receive Any Help From Tips Sent By People? 

Episode two of “The Snow Girl” ended with the shocking death of Samuel, son of David and Rosa Luque, who committed suicide when his mother revealed her knowledge of his criminal racket. Ending his life seemed like the only option left for him to contemplate after indulging in humiliating nefarious activities. Miren was the one who witnessed the death, and she is not aware of what happened that led to Samuel killing himself. It will be interesting to see how the story moves from here.


Spoilers Ahead

A New Lead And A New Suspect

In the year 2016 the police and the media have the tape in hand, they can use whatever details are mentioned on the package to track it, and Belen and her team are on it to find out the type of VHS tape used, and the type of device used to make the recording, thanks to technology. On the other hand, Miren is also equally obsessed with finding out more details about the person who delivered the package to her. In the flashback sequence of 2010, Miren had concluded that there was a symbol of a park slide which she had noticed on Samuel’s laptop. If the symbol can be cracked, it will help her and the police to find out more about people who are watching and demanding explicit material of children. Cracking that ring will probably help get closer to the suspect. Coming back to 2016, Miren started enquiring about the store opposite her office to check the CCTV footage on the off chance that he could also have an image of the person who delivered the package to her. The store owners initially resist her request, but Miren convinces them that she needs it for her safety. Belen’s team too had approached the store for the CCTV footage, so they, too, knew about the identity of the person who delivered it.


Miren and Belen again run into each other in the course of pursuing the possible route the delivery person had taken; as shown in the CCTV, Belen requests a quid pro quo from Miren. Belen would leak the VHS tape video for the people to watch, and in return, Miren would expect an interview with the first suspect that is caught by the police. Belen and Miren finally agree, so that case can finally get traction, and they can head towards finding a solid lead after six years of no hardcore evidence. Belen and her team leak the footage only to receive much-expected backlash from her seniors. Belen stands her ground when questioned by her seniors about the motive of the leak. Belen knew that this was the only way to get close to the suspect and let the suspect know that he/she was being hunted.

Ana and Alvaro, years after separation, talk about where the case stands for them. Alvaro makes it clear that he does not trust Belen or the police to help them by leaking this footage. Alvaro claims Belen has a motive behind leaking this footage, and Ana should not be falling for this trap like the last time. It is implied that the police probably misled the case unknowingly, which led to Ana and Alvaro losing hope of ever finding out if their daughter is alive or not. Ana, though, is happy to hear that her daughter is alive, for she did not expect to hear that call from the police. Ana blames Alvaro for making money from the tragedy they both went through, something for which Ana has never forgiven him. They grew apart and eventually got a divorce after they lost their daughter. All the resentment they carry comes out on each other years after the news of Amaya being alive is conveyed to them. 


‘The Snow Girl’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – Do The Police Receive Any Help From Tips Sent By People?

Once the video is out, the police receive plenty of tips from all over. While some are useful, many are plain useless. Miren, on the other hand, goes through a panic attack as flashes of the assault keep coming back, even though it happened way before she worked on the Amaya kidnapping case. During one of her support group sessions, Miren talks about witnessing Samuel’s death, which further aggravated her depression and anxiety. Along with flashes of her assault, she now thinks repeatedly about Samuel’s death. Miren is a classic case of a woman who is going through a long-lasting trauma that needs to be dealt with urgently. She faced an assault of an aggravated nature from which she never recovered, and instead of indulging in the healing process, Miren directly jumped into a case that would emotionally wreck her even more. If an emotionally vulnerable person tends to gravitate towards such matters, there is a high chance of that person spiraling by giving all the strength they can. Miren is doing the opposite of what she is supposed to do. Eduardo and her mother try to make her understand the importance of therapy, but she makes sure she distracts herself by immersing herself in Amaya’s case, which is again emotionally draining.

The tips Belen and her team keep receiving from various sources from around the town initially do not help them. The team is frustrated that their plan is not working out as expected. Belen is almost on the verge of giving up when a call they receive helps her crack a solid lead. The said person talks about a man named James Foster who got into an online group about tech nostalgia and asked about the Sanyo VHS tape on which the Amaya tape was recorded. The name was enough for Belen and her team to finally look out for the man who would lead them to Amaya. Belen is hoping this lead will take them somewhere, and finally, there will be a closure to Amaya’s case. But this case is far from over, and Belen, her team, and Miren will probably have to give it a lot of time and patience again, this time to crack Amaya’s location. James Foster is a serial sex offender from the UK who now lives in Malaga. But just like how the case of David Luque went, James Foster’s case also fell through, as there was no solid evidence to back the fact that he was the one who delivered the videotape to Amaya’s office, and that too on the kid’s birthday. Belen feels like she has reached a block, and she is unable to look beyond it. She feels that if the culprit does not want to get caught, why send the video after all? Is the culprit being too cocky with the fact that they won’t be caught? Belen has a lot of questions to answer.


Meanwhile, as promised by Belen, Miren gets to speak to James Foster about the case when he slyly reveals that they are very close to solving this case, and it has to do with Miren’s rape case as well. Miren is stunned by this revelation, but before she can ask any questions, James leaves the premises. Miren is trying to connect the dots between Amaya’s kidnapping and the assault that happened to herself. Is there a connection, or did James Foster only say it messes with her? And how does James Foster even know about Miren being sexually assaulted?

What To Expect From Episode 4 Of ‘The Snow Girl’?

Miren’s assault will be the center of attention in the next episode, and if not, surely in the coming episodes. It will be interesting to watch what approach Belen is planning to take to crack this case. All of them have reached a dead end. Hopefully, Miren’s mind map will help find some clues, but that, again, is farfetched. Miren will probably have to open up about her assault, and there will be a can of worms that will emerge, and Miren will have to face them head-on and not run away from it.


Final Thoughts

“The Snow Girl” might lack in the performance department, but the writing from here on is getting tighter and tighter, and the narrative is thankfully not slipping away. As the case gets murkier and darker, viewers get to see how the system works and how many of them must work around it to crack any case, for that matter. Hopefully, the buildup writers, Jesús Mesas Silva and Javier Andrés Roig are creating is worth the wait. The third episode’s climax is solidly executed. Good watch so far again.

Smriti Kannan
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