‘The Snow Girl’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: Are David Luque And His Son The Culprits?

The pilot episode of “The Snow Girl” ended with a shocking video that revealed that Amaya is indeed alive. Amaya’s parents, the police, and Miren are shocked to see the footage. But the good news is the VHS is now a lead that the police and media have been looking for for the last six years. It will be interesting to watch how the police proceed from here now that they have something to work on for the case. Miren’s mental health seems to be in a bad place, and her involvement in the beginning stage of the investigation will affect her more.


Spoilers Ahead

Amaya is Alive

As Belen, her subordinates, Ana, Alvaro, and Miren watch the tape that was sent to Miren, all of them wonder where Amaya is. That is probably the first question that popped into Ana and Alvaro’s minds. They will surely wonder if she is still in the town or if she was taken far outside the city or maybe even to another home located in some other city. Thousands of questions plague the parents; meanwhile, Belen wants to know the origin of this tape and the address that sent the video to Miren. Belen makes it clear to Miren that the news of this tape by no means can be written about or leaked to any media because, so far, it is a piece of sensitive evidence that has surfaced in this year which is 2016. The media and the public, in general, will question the police on how they have not been able to get hold of the victim and the culprit. To avoid any questions before any further investigation is done on the origin of this tape, Belen will not entertain any mess up from Miren. Miren makes it clear that whatever happened in the past is not her fault.


David Luque’s Shady Past

In 2010, David Luque was arrested as a possible suspect in the kidnapping of Amaya Martin. The only reason David was arrested was that he had a criminal record of raping a 13-year-old girl. David makes it clear that this matter was sorted out a long time back, and the police cannot use his previous charges to prove the current case in hand. David, though, is aware of the crime he committed in his younger days; but he is sure that he did not harm Amaya. Amaya is the daughter of his family friend. David and his wife, Ana, and Alvaro were good friends until his arrest. David’s conscience is clear, and he knows he hasn’t harmed Amaya, and he has no connection with her kidnapping. Belen, on the other hand, is trying every trick in the law book to prove David is the culprit in an attempt to get him to confess the location. The police frantically search through all of David’s financial dealings and his assets to find any connection between the kidnapping and to determine whether he is part of any human trafficking syndicate. David’s alibi works in his favor, and he is let go by the police, for they have no solid evidence to prove that he committed the crime. The past criminal record cannot be used as a weapon or even circumstantial evidence to throw David in jail. Belen is distressed by his release, even though her instincts say David is the culprit. On the other hand, Alvaro is beyond livid, for he has assumed David was the one who kidnapped and harmed Amaya. Miren’s theory that someone close to Amaya’s family has done the crime might not be true.

At Ana and Alvaro’s home, cracks start appearing in their marriage as Ana blames Alvaro for letting go of her child. The nature of the fight proves that this is not the first time they have fought over this subject. Alvaro is in no mood to hear his wife’s confrontation, for he cannot take the blame for losing his kid when he is already drowning in guilt. Alvaro starts confronting Ana, who is always at work, and he is the one who takes care of Amaya. That’s why Ana cannot blame him for losing their kid. It was an accident, and both as a couple should be emotionally supporting each other and not pointing fingers. This is probably the only reason why Ana and Alvaro eventually broke up. They probably couldn’t live with each other knowing how they could have saved their child. The guilt consumed their marriage.


‘The Snow Girl’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – Are David Luque And His Son, The Culprits? 

Eduardo gets in touch with a police officer who investigated David’s case in 1983. David was hardly an adult when the case of him raping a minor girl was filed against him. The police officer who Eduardo and Miren meet starts intimidating her, and the fact that he keeps blaming the victim for acting out of character upsets her. Miren is shaken by the police officer’s behavior and judgment about women who get sexually assaulted. The said policeman starts verbally abusing Miren out of nowhere, and Eduardo pushes him away. Miren’s experience with assault is brought back due to this police officer’s behavior, and there is no way out for her but to deal with her issues. Miren joins a support group where people talk about how they felt after they were sexually violated. She considers this to be a safe space where she can talk about how her mind and body felt after the incident. Miren is trying her best not to succumb to the memory, but the flashes keep frequently appearing, which disrupts her daily routine. After going through the police report of 1983, Miren and Eduardo conclude that the woman David had raped turned out to be his wife. The possibility of 18-year-old David falling in love with 13-year-old Rosa and possibly Rosa’s father filing the rape case against David for harming his kid emerged. Miren and Eduardo conclude that it wasn’t David who harmed Amaya. David’s past is as intriguing as Amaya’s disappearance. For the longest possible time, no one knew about David and Rosa’s past, and now it will be out in the open in the form of an article that Miren will write as a profile piece on David.

Belen soon discovers that David has plenty of money to spend on the lawyer, the yacht, a home for the family, along with another apartment that is not being rented out. This rings an alarm bell for Belen, who can’t seem to wrap her head around the fact that David’s small business is funding all the luxuries in his life. Belen and her team searched the apartment, which had been kept closed for a while now. Belen asks Rosa to join her. Belen conducts a thorough search in the hope some incriminating evidence will show up. Belen is hell-bent on proving David guilty, and looking for something in this apartment proves that she would go to any extent to prove her instincts right. Belen’s search leads to the team discovering a camcorder that has a recording of many young women being drugged and raped by David and his son. Belen had a hunch there would be something that would land in their lap, but they did not expect to come across a full network that has young women being drugged and molested. This bombshell of a revelation shakes Rosa to the core. Rosa is distressed by the fact that her husband and son were indulging in underage obscenity, which makes her suspect that maybe they are involved in kidnapping and possibly murdering Amaya.


Meanwhile, Miren heads to David’s home to speak to Rosa about the incident of 1983. Their son Samuel refuses to speak to Miren on his father’s orders, but he lets her in eventually. Miren promises to publish only the information which he and the family agree on; this makes him comfortable, and he invites her in to talk about his parents. He makes it clear that his father never harmed Amaya, as she is his sister’s best friend. Amidst the conversation, Samuel receives a phone call from his devastated mother accusing him and David of carrying out an illegal racket, and she confesses that, at this point, she cannot trust the men in her life. Rosa is shattered to know that her son is involved in the case too. With David again behind bars, Rosa has everything to lose with her son being accused of indulging in such nefarious activities. Rosa will practically have to live with no family. Samuel knows there is no way out of this cycle of criminal activities he indulged in, so he jumps off the balcony of his home, killing himself instantly. Miren did not know what was the conversation that happened between him, and his mother was, is again shocked to have witnessed his suicide. Samuel’s instinctive reaction to kill himself comes from the fact that he would end up behind bars with his father, which would ruin his family’s legacy for good. Samuel had no other option but to commit suicide to avoid being arrested and humiliating his mother and sister. David and Samuel are indeed culprits for another crime. “The Snow Girl” Episode 2 ended with viewers realizing that Miren has been obsessed with the case since Amaya’s disappearance and has followed all the media clippings about her. She has a wall dedicated to Amaya, which helps her keep track of daily updates now she receives with the case being reopened. Miren has not given up on the search for Amaya, and she believes it is her job to bring justice to Ana and Alvaro.

What To Expect From Episode 3 Of ‘The Snow Girl’?

“The Snow Girl” Episode 3 will further dig deep into Samuel’s death and the fact that David has committed a crime but did not kidnap Amaya. Hopefully, Belen, her team, and Amaya will form some sort of truce to make sure there is no friction between the police force and the media. Amaya’s obsession with finding out answers, and she will continue doing the same.


Final Thoughts

Episode two of “The Snow Girl” took the narrative forward and introduced another subplot that did not seem random but was a cogent part of the screenplay. So far, the investigative whodunnit show has proved deserving of a watch. “The Snow Girl” talks in depth about sexual assault and the deep-rooted impact it has on victims. The radio stations constantly talking about the rate of domestic abuse on the rise in Spain is proof that the underlying theme of the show is the crimes against women, which in many cases go unnoticed. Writers Jesús Mesas Silva and Javier Andrés Roig so far have a grip on the storytelling, and the interest in the show is still going strong.

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