‘The Signal’ (2024) Cast And Character Guide

The Signal is a captivating sci-fi drama series premiering on Netflix. The show centers around an astronaut named Paula, portrayed by Peri Baumeister, who embarks on a mission to space alongside her associate astronaut, Hadi, played by Hadi Khanjanpour. Under the backing of Indian billionaire Benisha Mudhi, depicted by Sheeba Chadda, their mission is to explore the possibility of aliens coming to Earth. As the story goes on, it becomes clear that there’s a sneaky plan going on. Mudhi, the billionaire, actually wants to stop the aliens from coming to Earth. Paula, the astronaut, was supposed to come home, but Mudhi caused a plane crash to stop her from revealing the truth. Left on Earth, Paula’s husband, Sven, and daughter, Charlie, try hard to find out the truth behind all this and whether the aliens are real. Throughout the series, each character delivers an outstanding performance, bringing their unique dynamics to life. The Signal masterfully blends elements of science fiction with gripping drama, offering an enthralling viewing experience for audiences.



Peri Baumeister’s portrayal of Paula is truly extraordinary. She plays an astronaut who embarks on a mission into space to seek out aliens and their advanced technology. Her main motivation is to find a way for her daughter, Charlie, who is deaf, to hear without needing a hearing aid. Initially, Paula trusts the billionaire funding the mission, believing she has noble intentions. However, she soon discovers that the billionaire’s true goal is to prevent the aliens from coming to Earth, fearing humanity isn’t ready for their advanced technology and might end up being destroyed by it. Despite Paula’s efforts to oppose this destructive agenda, she finds herself powerless. She decides to use her family, including Charlie and her husband Sven, to uncover the truth about the aliens’ impending arrival. Paula resorts to bluffing everyone about the time and space of the alien’s arrival, including the billionaire, to achieve her goal. Paula struggles with drug addiction and psychosis, leading to frequent episodes. Some, like fellow astronaut Hadi, try to take advantage of this by dismissing her experiences as hallucinations when she hears a voice say “hello” through her radio; a voice she knew wasn’t coming from Earth. Despite the challenges, Paula remains determined to reveal the truth. She believes the aliens can bring about world peace and wants to show the world they’re not harmful.


Sven, portrayed by Florian David Fitz, is Paula’s husband in the series. He’s a history teacher with a deep dedication to his family. Sven holds a skeptical view of humanity’s motives, believing that, throughout history, people have been driven by a desire for power and destruction rather than noble intentions. This skepticism extends to the idea of bringing a child into a world he sees as corrupt and dangerous. Despite his reservations, Sven’s focus shifts entirely to his daughter, Charlie, once she is born. When Paula is presumed dead in a plane crash, Sven becomes determined to uncover the truth behind her death and the reasons behind it. After discovering a secret document that Paula had found regarding the aliens’ impending arrival on Earth, Sven realizes that powerful forces will stop at nothing to get this information. To protect Charlie and himself, he keeps this knowledge hidden until the very end, knowing that the police, media, and other influential and powerful figures would come after them if they knew what Paula had discovered. Throughout the series, Sven prioritizes Charlie’s safety above all else, ensuring she remains protected from any potential harm.



Charlie, portrayed by Yuna Bennett, is the 9-year-old daughter of Paula and Sven. She was born deaf, which prompts Paula’s mission to outer space in search of a solution for her hearing impairment. Despite her young age, Charlie is remarkably intelligent, much like her mother. She possesses a keen interest in outer space and science fiction, displaying a deep understanding of these subjects. Despite the challenges they face, Charlie remains courageous and determined to uncover the truth behind the aliens’ impending arrival and her mother’s disappearance. She is a beacon of hope, refusing to give up on the possibility that Paula is still alive until the very end. 

Benisha Mudhi 

Benisha Mudhi is introduced in the series as an inspirational Indian billionaire who is admired for her contributions to women’s empowerment and her philanthropic efforts to alleviate poverty. Played by Sheeba Chadda, Mudhi initially appears as a beloved figure with a positive public image. However, as the series unfolds, it becomes evident that Mudhi is not as virtuous as she seems. With her wealth and influence, she manipulates Paula and her associate Hadi to uncover information about the aliens’ arrival, intending to destroy them. Sheeba Chadda’s portrayal of the cruel Mudhi is gripping and unforgettable. Mudhi’s willingness to sacrifice innocent lives, including Paula and Hadi, along with 178 others in a plane crash to achieve her goals, demonstrates the depths of her sick plan. Mudhi shows no remorse for her actions, believing that the ends justify the means. She views herself as a potential national hero, confident that her actions will be justified by the perceived greater good.  When Mudhi realized that the navigation and information about the aliens’ arrival were false and Paula had seen through her tactics, she went to extreme lengths. She resorted to hurting Charlie and Sven by kidnapping and manipulating them. Eventually, she even attempted to kill them. However, Mudhi’s actions did not go unpunished, and she was ultimately arrested by the police. Sheeba Chadda’s performance in this series was truly remarkable and worth watching. As a well-known figure in the Bollywood industry, with notable roles in films and series like Badhaai Do, Talaash, Mirzapur, etc., her portrayal added depth and authenticity to the character. In this German series, marking her international debut, she delivered an outstanding performance that captivated audiences.



Hadi, portrayed by Hadi Khanjanpour, joined Paula on the space mission to uncover information about the aliens’ arrival, a secret assignment given by Mudhi. However, he became a pawn in Mudhi’s manipulative tactics when she threatened to harm his family if he didn’t provide her with information about Paula’s discoveries. Despite being friends and colleagues with Paula, Hadi felt compelled to manipulate her due to these threats. He exploited Paula’s hallucinations, using them to extract information from her about the aliens’ arrival. At one point, he even endangered her life by intentionally decreasing the oxygen levels in the space rocket. Hadi’s actions were driven by fear, as he believed he had no choice but to comply with Mudhi’s demands. Ultimately, Mudhi betrayed Hadi, allowing him to die after obtaining the information she needed from him during the plane wreck. 

In addition to the prominent characters, other significant individuals in the series play crucial roles in unraveling the truth behind the alien’s arrival. Rainer, portrayed by Uwe Preuss, serves as Paula’s assistant. Despite his lesser screen time, his character contributes significantly to the narrative as, from his house, Sven finds out about Paula’s secret discovery of the alien’s arrival document. Sonja, played by Janina Elkin, is a police officer who becomes entangled in the events to find out the truth and is killed by Mudhi’s people. Mira, portrayed by Nilam Farooq, is Hadi’s wife. Like the other characters, she is deeply affected by the dangerous situation they find themselves in. 


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