‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge Of Edinburgh Part 1’ Ending, Explained: Did Tristan Defeat Lord Deathpierce?

“The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh” is the tale of Tristan and Lord Deathpierce. The first part of this film was released on December 20, 2022, and it is available to watch on Netflix. This movie is adapted from the popular Japanese manga series by Nakaba Suzuki, ‘Nanatsu No Taizai’ aka ‘Seven Deadly Sins,’ which revolves around the Seven Sins which were introduced in the fourth century by a Christian Monk named Evagrius Ponticus and these are subjective toward the feelings and thoughts that a human being undergoes. The Sins include Wrath, Greed, Pride, Envy, Lust, Sloth, and Gluttony. Moreover, it is the triumph of Meliodas and Princess Elizabeth against the Demons and the Goddess race. This manga was further developed into a series of five seasons, with movies and OVAs adding more weight to its Shonen content. The entire story of the Seven Deadly Sins intrigues the audience with the tale of love between various characters, especially the main protagonists of the series, Meliodas, and Elizabeth. Both of them belong to different races, but their love stops at nothing. For them, creating peace between Heaven and Hell was the highest priority. The duo gave up on everything that was dear to them. In the end, their love brought in colors that no other world had ever seen. Both clans are very powerful, and they can fight each other with no holds barred, their abilities are unmatched, and their rivalries are unparalleled. The two clans hate each other the most, as Meliodas and Elizabeth’s companionship changed everything for them. The two eventually met each other, and despite all their differences, the duo decided to resolve the enmity in the world. 


Princess Elizabeth was once a Goddess and the daughter of the Supreme Deity, creator of the Goddess clan, whereas Meliodas is the son of the Demon King and the leader of The Ten Commandments. Being the commandment of love, he chose to defy his father’s rule and chose Elizabeth over his position as the next Demon King. He was endowed with immense power and ruthlessness. Meliodas is a great idol to his younger brother Zeldris; he grows to resent him after Meliodas gives up on everything he has for Elizabeth. In reality, Meliodas wanted Zeldris to fight alongside Gelda, the vampire he loved. Zeldris supported his father and became the next leader of the Ten Commandments. Moreover, the lovers had to face gruesome punishments, as the Demon King placed the curse of mortality on Elizabeth, causing her to die in every life. Whereas the Supreme Deity punished Meliodas with the curse of immortality because of which he had to witness Elizabeth’s death some 106 times thereby crushing his heart a million times. Elizabeth would meet Meliodas in every life, only to fall in love with him again. The moment she gains back her memories, Elizabeth loses her life within three days. While Meliodas couldn’t stop it, he accepted his fate and went on with his life, hoping that the duo would end up being together again someday. 

Eventually, Meliodas found out that the only one way to get rid of the curse would be to become as mighty as the Demon King himself. Meliodas lost his emotions when all of his seven hearts were destroyed by Estrossa, the next commandment of love. He reawakened and transformed back to his demon form. Meliodas gradually took over the Ten Commandments, thinking that it would make him as strong as his father. But the Demon King controlled his body and attacked the Seven Deadly Sins. The entire team defeated the Demon King, and Meliodas got a hold of his emotions through Purgatory. He willingly moved to Purgatory, fighting against his father, and eventually defeated him, breaking the curse. In the present time, Meliodas and Elizabeth returned to the Kingdom of Liones, and he became the next King. Elizabeth regained her powers as a Goddess, and the couple was blessed with a son who they later named Tristan. Tristan is the spitting image of his father, and he possesses the powers of both parents. Just like Elizabeth, Tristan is a polite young boy who wants to become a Holy Knight and serve the people with his healing abilities and combat skills. Deep down, Tristan deeply resents his powers. Excessive fighting leads him to lose control over himself, and his father’s demonic powers are unleashed. This movie will take us through his journey of fighting the powers inside him and protecting Elizabeth from the powerful curse placed by Lord Deathpierce. 


Spoilers Ahead 

What Happens In The Film ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge Of Edinburgh’? 

The movie begins with a dramatic fight between Tristan and unrecognized soldiers. Tristan is accompanied by an unknown fairy, and then it transitions to a flashback. Tristan is living a peaceful life with his parents in the Kingdom of Liones in Northern Britannia, where he is trained under Meliodas to attain his dream of becoming the mightiest Holy Knight. Tristan is practicing his combat skills with Lancelot, the son of Ban, The Fox’s Sin of Greed, and Elaine, the Fairy Warrior. The two seem to enjoy the fight until Tristan loses complete control over his powers, and his demonic form steps in. Tristan fails to control himself and blindly attacks Lancelot, giving him a serious injury. Suddenly, Tristan wakes up from his dream only to realize that he had a nightmare and steps out of the castle to explore the Kingdom with Gowther, The Goat’s Sin of Lust. Gowther is quite skeptical about the situation since Tristan has been skipping practice to enhance his healing abilities, and he has to provide a valid reason to his father, Meliodas. The two are quickly distracted by a sudden accident where two men are thrown off their carriage as the wheels give away. Both of them suffered from serious injuries; one man severed his extensor carpi radialis longus muscle, whereas the other broke his right costal and ensiform cartilage. 


Tristan immediately cures them with his healing abilities, and the whole town is shocked by his powers. Soon, Tristan returns to the castle to have dinner with his parents. Meliodas instantly questions him about his disappearance, and Tristan hesitantly responds that he skipped the training sessions to learn more about medicine from Hendrickson. Meliodas wanted to enhance his combat skills because he always wanted to become a Holy Knight; Tristan clarified that it was something he desired as a child. He angrily left the dinner table because Meliodas didn’t understand his feelings. Elizabeth stepped in and confronted Tristan about his father’s motives, and she further added that fighting might be the only way to protect people someday. Tristan didn’t respond to his mother and ended the conversation abruptly. The next morning, Tristan is awakened by the palace guards, who inform him about Elizabeth’s sudden collapse. Unable to detect the real cause, Hendrickson stated that Elizabeth was cursed by a powerful spell, and it was only a Goddess’ magic that could remove the curse. Elizabeth was too weak to fight the curse. Meanwhile, Tristan decided to use his magical abilities and drifted off to a different realm, where he spotted a random creature casting a spell across the country. Tristan tried to reach him, but the creature closed the portal.

Who Is ‘Lord Deathpierce’? Why Is He Creating An Army Of His Own? 

Deathpierce was a Holy Knight; he served under Denzel Liones to protect Liones from the wrath of the Demons and Goddesses. Deathpierce witnessed death and manipulation across the Kingdom; when Denzel sacrificed his own body to summon a Goddess, she refused to fight against the Ten Commandments. Denzel wanted to prove that Humans could fight against the demon race, but it didn’t work out. Meanwhile, the members of the Ten Commandments ruthlessly killed the Holy Knights and controlled their minds. Deathpierce resented the Kingdom and refused to serve in a place where the King and Queen belonged to the Demon and the Goddess clan. He aimed to create a country of his own, a place specifically made for humans. Deathpierce used the Staff of Chaos to combine the powers of Giants, Fairies, and Demons. He created soldiers with his powerful spell and sent them across the country to find more such beings to create an army with their powers. Back in the Kingdom, Tristan couldn’t control his pain and decided to leave the castle to find the traitor. Deathpierce eventually became the leader of Edinburgh, a kingdom that was destroyed by Vampires over 20 years ago. 


The Vampires of Edinburgh were completely eradicated by Meliodas and the Seven Deadly Sins. Seven years later, the whole place was rebuilt, and the remaining survivors took back the fallen realm. Liones had no contact with them, and the whole place collapsed again. Deathpierce became one of the survivors, and he was in charge of reestablishing their domain and eventually became its new King. He wouldn’t work with any races other than Humans, persecuting Fairies, Giants, and anyone else who lived in the surrounding area. The people who once fought so closely beside Deathpierce ran out of patience and left Edinburgh forever. Even though he became a King without any subjects to rule, Deathpierce still clung to the throne. Soon, the priest who worked alongside Deathpierce completed casting the spell across the country, which impacted Elizabeth as well as caused pain and anguish to others too. The main purpose of this spell was to hurt Meliodas. Deathpierce was shocked to know that Tristan was arriving close to Edinburgh and decided to send a demon created with the powers of his staff to defeat him and others with him. 

‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge Of Edinburgh Part 1’ Ending, Explained – Did Tristan Defeat Lord Deathpierce? 

Deathpierce was intrigued by Tristan’s arrival; he enjoyed the fact that Tristan wanted to save his mother and hurting him would hurt Meliodas as well. To make it more painful, Deathpierce cursed Elizabeth, and now Tristan has provided him with an opportunity to cause more torment to Meliodas. So, Deathpierce sent two of his most powerful villains, Knight and Mage, to fight Tristan and the others. Back in the Kingdom, Tristan saved the fairies and a baby giant from all the soldiers, and the fairy helped him with archery. They decided to follow the trail and found the captives and the soldiers on the way. Tristan and the fairy attacked them and ended up eliminating the soldiers. Meanwhile, Tristan tends to become easily distracted, and the fairy helps him with those. Once the captives were set free, the fairy realized that the dark magic surrounding the soldiers had disappeared completely, revealing Knight and Mage. While Tristan was busy fighting Knight, Mage attacked the fairy and started mocking him for his appearance. 


The fairy didn’t respond to its vague comments and ignored them. To create more confusion, the Mage created a purple fogg and attacked from the shadows. Surprisingly, the fairy predicted all its moves and ended up killing it by shooting a bow right across its neck. The moment the Mage died, the spell broke, and it was revealed that a young fairy and a dragon were combined with each other to create exquisite powers. The fairy decided to stop Tristan from killing Knight, but Tristan couldn’t deal with his powers; his mind was drifting off to another dimension, and his demonic powers began sinking in. While Tristan battled his inner emotions, the fairy distracted the monster, and Tristan immediately warned him to get to safety. The fairy instantly mocked his statements and showed him that he was capable enough to kill that thing. Suddenly, the fairy changed its form and pierced right through the monster’s chest, revealing his true form—and it was none other than Lancelot, the son of Ban. 

Tristan noticed his scar a few times and expected him to be Lancelot, but he changed his appearance completely, which was enough to fool anyone. The series began with a fight between the duo, during which it was clear that Tristan might have broken his friendship with Lancelot since he attacked him in his Demon form, and the second part of this film might bring them back together. Their fight with Deathpierce might be a turning point for both boys. Ban and Meliodas are great friends, and maybe their children will end up creating a history together as well. It is pretty clear that the Seven Deadly Sins will come back together for another fight since Gowther sent a discreet spell across the land to inform King, Ban, and Diane about the upcoming war. The movie might also provide a clearer insight into Tristan’s ability to withhold his father’s powers, and this might create a huge change in Tristan’s strength and character.


“The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh” is a 2022 action anime film directed by Noriyuki Abe.

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