‘The Secret Romantic Guesthouse’ Episodes 13 & 14: Recap And Ending: Do Kang San And Yu Ha Join Hands?

Kang San and Yu Ha have discovered each other’s true identities through a chance encounter in The Secret Romantic Guesthouse. Yu Ha found the secret scroll meant for Kang San and learned that Kang San is Lee Seol. After hearing the rumors about Mokinhoe and its leader Lee Seol, Kang San infiltrated into one of their meetings and recognized that their leader Lee Seol was Yu Ha, just from his voice. Neither Kang San nor Yu Ha would want the history of fratricide to repeat itself, but they have the decision to make.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Attacks Kang San?

Yu Ha explains to Kang San that he needed to stop the king and that becoming Lee Seol was the best choice he had. Kang San thinks that he is deceiving people, no matter how good his intentions are. He believes that Yu Ha will make things right, and he gives him a chance to do so. However, Hwa Ryeong panics when she hears them talk. She asks Yu Ha to make the first move because he is in a weaker position than Kang San, but Yu Ha tells her that he doesn’t want to hurt his own brother. Dan Oh already knows that Yu Ha knows about Kang San’s true identity, but she doesn’t know Yu Ha’s true identity yet. She is sure that Yu Ha won’t betray them as he is a part of Mokinhoe, but she is worried about someone else. Dan Oh sees Kang San walking into Buyounggak with Ban Ya and eavesdrops on their conversation. She thinks that Kang San is flirting with Ban Ya and takes out her frustration on him later at home. However, he reassures her that she is his one and only lover. While talking about Ban Ya, Dan Oh remembers the conversation she had with her before. Ban Ya knows that Lee Seol has a red mole on his ankle, and Kang San tells her that she tried to take off his socks once when he was drunk. When Dan Oh goes to meet Ban Ya, she finds out that Ban Ya is paying a visit to Master Jang. However, she gets relieved knowing that Ban Ya didn’t reveal anything to Jang. Ban Ya is on Kang San’s side, and Dan Oh understands why Kang San treats her well.


Yu Ha has made his decision and asks Kang San to meet him at the gathering spot in Mokinhoe. Kang San reaches the spot earlier and gets surrounded by assassins trying to kill him. He takes them all down with Si Yeol, and Yu Ha arrives after everything is over. Kang San feels betrayed, but Yu Ha swears that he has nothing to do with the attack. He reveals to him that he has decided to step down as Lee Seol, but Kang San tells him to take it slow as people might get confused if they take steps hastily. People trust Yu Ha, and as they share the same goal, Yu Ha should keep those people close to him. The only person in Mokinhoe who knew about the real Lee Seol and knew about their meeting was Hwa Ryeong. Yu Ha confronts her, and she speaks earnestly about wanting to save his life. In the flow of their conversation, she says something so obvious that it makes Yu Ha realize that Hwa Ryeong is his mother. He doesn’t have time to focus on his relationships right now and just asks Hwa Ryeong not to involve herself in his life anymore. On the other hand, Eunuch Noh reveals to Minister Shin that Lee Gyeom has met with Lee Seol and that he will recognize whoever Minister Shin chooses as Lee Seol. The king has become suspicious of Minister Shin’s activities, but Shin tells the king that he plans to capture Lee Seol by entering Mokinhoe as an imposter. Minister Shin’s intentions don’t sound good, and he might use Yu Ha as a scapegoat to attack the king with the real Lee Seol.

How Does Jang Find Out Minister Shin’s Plan?

Si Yeol still doesn’t trust Yu Ha and is cautious whenever he is around Kang San. Yu Ha refuses to reveal who the attacker is, but Kang San trusts him because their intentions are the same. The king has a good impression of Kang San and takes him on a secret outing with him. The king has been performing shamanistic rituals to protect himself from Lee Seol, and it could have been a great opportunity for Kang San to slay the king when he only has one other guard with him, but he holds back. The real reason the king took Kang San with him is revealed when he asks him to take him to Dan Oh’s guesthouse. The shaman has advised him not to return to the palace right away, and he finds the guesthouse safer than any other place. Dan Oh gets scared at first, but by the time the king leaves, she is assured that Kang San can take on the king. The very next day, Kang San decides to take down the king. The king is going on a hunt, and he will have only a few guards with him. Meanwhile, Yu Ha tells Minister Shin that he will give up on being Mokinhoe’s leader, but Shin demands to meet Lee Seol first. Kang San meets Minister Shin and tells him to continue with his plan while he continues with what he has decided. Both of them have come too far to change their plans now.


Kang San, Yu Ha, and Si Yeol have gotten closer to each other than before after knowing the truth, and they even fight about who is older than whom and should be respected as one. Dan Oh hears their argument and ends up finding out that Yu Ha is Kang San’s half-brother. Yu Ha even reveals that he has been impersonating Lee Seol, and the only thing that’s still hidden from Dan Oh is that Si Yeol is Lee Seol’s personal guard. Yu Ha and Kang San are on good terms now and are proceeding according to their plans. However, Mokinhoe’s secret is in danger. To save Kang San from trouble, Ban Ya has been reporting Hwa Ryeong’s suspicious activities to Master Jang. Jang had ordered one of his men to keep an eye on Minister Shin, but he understands that the guard has colluded with Minister Shin when he doesn’t report to him that Hwa Ryeong met the minister. He catches the guard and tortures him to make him confess everything he knows. The guard doesn’t want to die and reveals that Minister Shin is supporting Mokinhoe to enthrone Lee Seol and that Eunuch Noh, the queen dowager, and Hwa Ryeong are also with him.

‘The Secret Romantic Guesthouse’ Episode 14: Ending

On the king’s hunt day, Kang San switches shifts with another guard, saying that he has to hold a memorial service for his father. Kang San plans to attack the king, and Minister Shin and Eunuch Noh are already accompanying the king on the hunt. However, Master Jang brings an urgent message to the king and tells him that he has caught a witness to Minister Shin’s treacherous activities. The king leaves the hunt in the middle and suddenly turns back with his horse. The king is scared, and the guards get startled as the king speeds up, leaving them behind. The king’s fear comes true when he faces a man covered in black pointing an arrow at him, but he is not Si Yeol. Si Yeol is with Hong Ju, who has been attacked by Jang’s men. Jang recently found out that Hong Ju deceived them, and he aimed to kill her once and for all.


Kang San and Yu Ha are ready to take on the king in The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, and it is the beginning of the great rebellion against his tyranny. The path to the throne is not going to be easy for them, and any one or all of them can lose their lives. The one who is most likely to sacrifice himself would be Si Yeol, who has dedicated his life to Kang San so far. His only way out is to make Kang San king or die with him. However, he has fallen in love with Hong Ju, and now he is in a situation where he can either save her or Kang San. Si Yeol is in a moral dilemma, and as he said, he can never live freely as he wants.                                

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