‘The Rings Of Power’ Locations Introduced In Episode 1 And 2, Explained In-depth

If you have already watched the first two episodes of “The Rings of Power,” I believe you are pretty much familiar with the characters by now. The series has been brilliant so far and promises to be more exciting than ever. We are introduced to some of the great realms and places. Since the days of Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings,” we can’t deny that we have missed such world buildings. Many movies and TV shows came after, but none could make the world feel as warm as Peter Jackson did. World-building is one of the most significant things when you are creating a fantasy. The world itself drives the attention of the audience. For example, we all remember Bilbo’s Shire because of how the makers made it look like. We couldn’t help but marvel at the intricacies and the detailing of the shire and other such set pieces. 

In “The Rings of Power,” the creators have put together some brilliant visuals that helped build the most extraordinary worlds. We will talk about some of those worlds, especially the realm of the Dwarves, Khazad-dum. Also, the elves’ world of Valinor was very detailed in nature. So, without much ado let’s begin with that.

Valinor: Green grass, streams flowing, birds chirping; a perfect world that treasured peace. Elves’ worlds are meant to be like that. The makers perfected every little detail, including the fashion of the people. We see Finrod talking to Galadriel while standing in a meadow. They described the beginning days of Valinor when there was no sun, but they managed to accumulate a tremendous amount of light that will give you the warmth of the sun even if it was not shown for once. The Two Trees of Valinor provided light and prosperity to the whole realm. The Kingdom of the Elves was very detailed. High towers, golden structures, everything was put there to show how sophisticated the elves were. Soon, we get to see the tone change to dark as Morgoth poisons the Two Trees and destroys the source of light. Every little detail was so minutely observed that you would surely be fascinated by the world.

Middle-Earth: Then we see a glimpse of the gates of Valinor and thousands of Elvish ships sailing towards it. We see the Sundering Seas, in which strange creatures live. The elves set their course for Middle Earth soon after Morgoth captured Valinor. We see them fighting with the orcs and dragons, bringing each other down. The Great Battle is so vibrantly portrayed that you can feel the gravity of it. While establishing the ruin, the war left us a sea full of blood and dead bodies. Morgoth was defeated, and we are introduced to a place where Sauron met with his Orc force.

Forodwaith: Later, when Galadriel begins searching for Sauron to avenge her brother Finrod’s murder, we see the Northernmost Waste named Forodwaith. Nothing can be seen here when the wind gets angry. It was almost the end of the world, and there they found the place where Sauron summoned the Orcs soon after the death of Morgoth. It was one of the darkest places we were introduced to until now.

Rhovanion: Right after the intro, we see the map of Rhovanion, the Wilderlands. It is situated in the eastern part of the Anduin. Here we were first introduced to the Travelers and later to the Harfoots. The Harfoots feared the travelers as they preferred to stay hidden from the world. They built their burrows around the bush, mostly in the jungle. They built their houses with leaves and wood to use as camouflage in case any travelers came. They have a book they use as a journal to remember the happenings around the year. So, if a traveler came unwelcomed, they would know it was not the right time of the year for the traveler to be there. They had a great grasp of the constellation. However, Sadoc Burrows noted everything and was the most intelligent of the Harfoots. Anyway, we see Nori and Poppy and how they fear wolves. The makers didn’t miss the minor details, as being the forefathers of the Hobbit, Harfoots needed to be established generously.

Lindon: Later, we see the capital of the High Elves, Lindon. It is a very sophisticated city, and its structure was very detailed. We see Galadriel returning from the quest and meeting with her friend, Elrond. We also see High King Gil Galad giving a speech under the open sky. Then we see Galadriel standing in front of a tree where her brother Finrod’s structure was engraved. The elves had a ritual where they would carve the names of brave warriors into the trees so that they would always be remembered.

The Southlands: After that, we see the camera pan across the map, showing glimpses of the landscape and then introducing the Southlands, the lands of men. Here we get to see two places: Tirharad and Hordern. Now, when we say the lands of men, the first place the makers established was a bar/salon. Before that, we see men playing board games. They even showed a bar fight and warriors falling in love in the lands of men. For the first time we are introduced to the realm of mortals. We see minimal sophistication, warmth, love, empathy, anger, and various other emotions. How can you forget a world structure like this? You will know this place is vulnerable, just like the human race in general.

Eregion: We see the realm of Eleven-Smith, ruled by Celebrimbor. We see this in “The Rings of Power” Episode 2. Now, let’s see how we are introduced to the world of the Eleven-smith. Elrond briefed us about the hammer of Feanor. This hammer was used to make the silmarils. Feanor was one of the legendary smiths who made the Silmarils, the three gems, from the essence of the Two Trees of Valinor with the help of the hammer. The Silmarils were so beautiful that even Morgoth, the Great Foe, who paved his path to darkness after stealing them, could do nothing but stare at them for weeks. So, now you get the essence of the world the makers want us to introduce. Brilliant, no?

Khazad-Dum: Lastly, we are introduced to the realm of the dwarves, Khazad-Dum. It was said that the dwarves were the best craftsmen in the world. Convincing the audience that the dwarves had unparalleled skills required an elaborate setup that would sway them off their feet. Well, the makers did not fail to do that. From the rituals of Sigin Tarag, to the lavish structure inside the mines of Moria, the production design team indeed brought an unparalleled visual delight for the audiences. We see mirrors guiding the sunlight to the furthest corners; structures that could lift heavy weight; big animals being used for different purposes; a pulley to pull water from the waterfall; everything so detailed, yet you never feel like any of it is force fitted. So, within a few minutes, you will be convinced that dwarves are the most skillful people left on the face of the earth. Also, Elrond already told us they were the best, and now we are introduced to the best. Convincing? Well, you bet.

Final Words

Apart from these, we see the gate of the Undying Lands of Valinor from the other side and how it opens for its passengers. We see the brutality of the Sundering Seas. The vision of the production design, art direction, set decoration and the art department team, have led to a creation of this make-believe world, that matches the high bar set by the “Lord of the Rings” Trilogy. The work of having such enchanting visuals is that it elevates each and every scene and also aids the performers to move ahead with conviction. As the story unfolds, we will get to know, if the narrative is able to make use of this leverage and is it able to create conflicts that intrigue and captivate us, or it falls into the pit of mundanity and blandness. 

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Shovan Roy
Shovan Roy
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