‘The Real Has Come’ Episodes 1 & 2: Recap And Ending: Why Is Tae Gyeong Against Marriage?

Gong Tae Gyeong, a gynecologist, belongs to an elite family of a business mogul, but he knows that he is an unwanted member of the family because he is a stepson of his father. He lives his life comfortably on his own and hates having familial bonds. Oh Yeon Doo is a literature teacher and the breadwinner of her family. Her family is not as strict as Tae Gyeong’s, but there are some things that she can’t share with them. “The Real Has Come!” is a family drama and romantic comedy about two people who decide to get together after an unusual incident.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Do Yeon Doo And Joo Ha Break Up?

Oh Yeon Doo teaches at a private academy and is on her way to becoming a star teacher. Her academy’s director advises her to get married before promotion because she will have a lot of work later. Yeon Doo has a boyfriend, Kim Joo Ha, and after finishing her morning classes, she goes to see him in his hotel room. Yeon Doo frequents the hotel a lot and carries a key to Joo Ha’s room. As soon as she enters the room decorated with rose petals, she is surprised to see a ring in front of her. She starts dreaming about her wedding but gets back to her senses when Joo Ha gets startled to see her. She notices that neither the lingerie he bought for her nor the ring fits her. When the cake with someone else’s initials on it arrives at the door, Yeon Doo confirms her suspicion that all of this was for someone else. She got cheated on by her boyfriend, and he gave the excuse that he felt burdened because Yeon Doo wanted to get married after a year of dating. Before leaving the hotel, she writes offensive words on Joo Ha’s car, calling him a cheater and a pervert. However, the car actually belongs to Oh Tae Gyeong, who gets into deep trouble because of it.


Oh Tae Gyeong is a reputed Gynaecologist who is well-trusted by his patients. His girlfriend, Jin Soo Ji, a news anchor, proposes to him in a cafe. It obviously doesn’t go well because Tae Gyeong had mentioned to her at the beginning of their relationship that he never wanted to get married. He doesn’t like getting attached to people and adjusting his life for others. As Soo Ji is a public figure, it has become a hot topic on the internet. She won’t stop calling Tae Gyeong to apologize, and she follows him to his hotel. That’s when both of them look at the remarks written on his car. Soo Ji misunderstands that Tae Gyeong cheated on her and starts fighting with him. She didn’t care about the people watching them and recording a video. While Tae Gyeong’s life turns upside down, Yeon Doo has her family of a mother, an uncle, a younger brother, and a niece to comfort her after her breakup. Meanwhile, Soo Ji’s mother disrespects Tae Gyeong’s mother and grandmother at a meeting, calling their son a womanizer. Tae Gyeong doesn’t live with the family, but he has to visit his grandmother whenever she calls him. This time, she has called him to tell him to get married, but he has no intention of obeying the people who continuously look down on him and his mother.

Even after he denies it, his grandmother fools him into going on a blind date, and the woman she’s picked for him turns out to be Jang Se Jin, Tae Gyeong’s old friend—and now, his grandmother’s secretary. Se Jin calls it her boss’ order, but she has willingly agreed to marry Tae Gyeong. Her family is not as well-off as Tae Gyeong’s, and she owes a debt to his grandmother. Tae Gyeong is more invested in finding the one who ruined his car and his mental peace than in the marriage his grandmother’s planning for him. He goes to the hotel as soon as he gets a call from the security guard that the woman has shown up again. Yeon Doo goes to visit Joo Ha for the last time but sees him kissing his girlfriend, which breaks her heart all the more. Jang Se Jin is Joo Ha’s girlfriend, and she announces to Joo Ha that they can’t be together anymore because she is getting married. Yeon Doo came to meet Joo Ha because she got a voicemail from him saying that his other girlfriend also broke up with him and that he was having a hard time, but seeing them kiss made her think that Joo Ha was just playing with her. She is already disturbed when Tae Gyeong stops her and asks her about the remarks on his car. Yeon Doo is not able to listen to him and collapses. Tae Gyeong takes her to the ER, and Yeon Doo, who is barely able to think straight, wakes up and sits straight when she hears the doctor say that she’s pregnant.


Who Is Going To Be Tae Gyeong’s Bride?

As a doctor himself, Tae Gyeong scolds the residential doctor who keeps calling him Yeon Doo’s husband and then leaves the hospital after telling Yeon Doo that he will send her the car repair bill. It is a shocking revelation for Yeon Doo, but Tae Gyeong sees pregnant women every day. Yeon Doo is six weeks pregnant with twins, and she is confused about what to do next. She sits by the river alone, lost in thoughts, and instead of going home, she spends two nights at her academy. When she visits Tae Gyeong at his clinic to collect her phone, she asks him for advice because she has no one to talk to. Tae Gyeong books an appointment for her with the surgeon after she herself says that she wants an abortion. Amidst this situation, Yeon Doo gets good news. She gets an offer to become a head instructor at a big academy. Her family is celebrating her success, while Tae Gyeong is only getting into fights with his family. His grandmother has ordered Se Jin to convince him to get married in any way possible.

At her 80th birthday party, Tae Gyeong’s grandmother announces to everyone that he is getting married. Tae Gyeong didn’t even want to attend the party, and he regrets his decision to do so now. The next day, he goes to the family home and tells them that he is cutting all ties with them. He understands that they are making him marry Se Jin, who comes from a non-influential family, so that he won’t be able to get any position in his father’s company, but he doesn’t even intend to do so. He is happy with his life as it is. While returning from her meeting with the other academy director, Yeon Doo runs into Tae Gyeong, who is carrying his patient’s baby. Tae Gyeong doesn’t like to form bonds with people, but he is kind-hearted and helps those in need. He even advises Yeon Doo to talk with Joo Ha before it is too late. He can still see visible confusion on her face about the pregnancy. He had received Joo Ha’s call on Yeon Doo’s phone, where he talked about going to the US. Yeon Doo just finds it out and musters the courage to meet Joo Ha again. She doesn’t tell him right away that she is pregnant but instead asks him if he would have still cheated on her if she was pregnant, and his answer doesn’t impress her; rather, she feels humiliated. He says that he would have just asked her to get an abortion if that ever happened.


‘The Real Has Come’ Episode 2: Ending

Yeon Doo has an appointment with a doctor at Tae Gyeong’s clinic, and she wants to skip the consultation to get an abortion right away. The nurse notices that Yeon Doo is feeling unwell, which is alarming for a pregnant woman, but her doctor is at another appointment. Thankfully, Tae Gyeong is free at the moment, and he tries to calm her down. He tells her the procedure is not easy, but Yeon Doo is not ready to listen to anyone and insists on getting it. Yeon Doo is impatient, so Tae Gyeong himself performs an ultrasound on her and finds an odd result. The babies are not visible in the ultrasound, suggesting an interesting twist in the story.

“The Real Has Come!” is a treat to watch for fans of classic family dramas with overindulgent families, second leads who are villains in the love story of the main leads, and the main leads who never thought they would fall in love with each other. The backdrop is very familiar, but the story evidently won’t follow the cliche path, and it raises the anticipation of what happened to Yeon Doo’s babies and how Tae Gyeong will be left with no option but to get involved in Yeon Doo’s life.


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