‘The Price Of Nonna’s Inheritance’ Review: An Unexpectedly Hilarious Comedy From Netflix Italy

Netflix Italy has been churning out a lot of movies and television shows from their home country. Usually, Italy is only known for its scenic beauty, but lately, Netflix has taken it upon themselves to change the narrative about the country. Just last week, Netflix Italy released a show about a transitioned woman that was presented very sensitively, A Life You Wanted. Tearsmith, however, was swing-and-a-miss in the psychological drama, and it borderline became cringeworthy. The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance is Netflix Italy’s venture into a comedy-drama about a family in dire need of money. The movie was released on June 4, 2024, and was written and directed by Giovanni Bognetti.


It is hardly ninety minutes long, and it is all about Anna and her family, which consists of her husband Carlo, daughter Alessandra, and son Emilio, who are desperate for money to fund their endeavors. They are aware their grandmother, Anna’s mother, had inherited a huge amount of family money. All of them needed it, and they hoped for the matriarch to offer them some. 

Giuliana, Anna’s mother, has other plans as she introduces her new boyfriend, whom she intends to marry, veteran theater artist Nunzio, who claims to have traveled across South America but was ousted from many countries for his plays were of rebellious nature. He also happened to be Anna’s ex-boyfriend, which makes her wonder if the man is after her mother’s inheritance money. The family is horrified to watch their matriarch go after a younger man; they plan to kill him in the most unsuspicious manner. Was Nunzio a golddigger? Is Giuliana really in love or pretending to be? Did Anna and her family find the strength to get rid of Nunzio?


The best thing about this film must be the fact that it does not take itself too seriously. This movie could be dubbed a comedy of errors, as people who have no experience with murder take it upon themselves to try their hand at homicide. We know homicide needs to be taken seriously, but the way the screenplay is written and executed is hard to believe, a matter such as this was pulled off with a lot of finesse. Kudos to the writer and the director, Giovanni Bognetti, who keeps the premise simple and does not steer away from the main plotline. He focused on only one main plotline and kept it engaging till the end. It is hilarious to watch each family member come up with ideas on how to get rid of Giuliana’s boyfriend but miserably fail as nobody has the guts to carry out a crime. Since the film is a comedy, the makers of the film added many layers of complex humor without making it look caricaturish. The humor is blended well with this simple narrative, and it allows the audience to remain hooked on the film till the end. 

Another big factor that works in the favor of the film is the actors, who can pull off comedy with a lot of expertise. Doing comedy requires a lot of skill, and since the writing is watertight, the movie requires good actors who can land the jokes perfectly. All the working parts come together to form a hilarious family comedy. The ending of the film is yet another aspect that makes it fun to watch. Hats off to the makers of The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance for making the ending completely bonkers. The fact that writer and director Giovanni Bognetti could come up with such an unusual ending is beyond me as a viewer. Most comedy movies usually lose their grip on the narrative as many unnecessary subplots are added. Even in The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance, a small subplot about Bojan, Nunzio’s friend, is not necessary in the grander scheme of things. Thankfully, it never affected the overall storytelling or derailed the narrative. 


The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance, the name of the movie, is a mouthful, but as a viewer, I can guarantee that the film wholeheartedly talks about how women after a certain age are not considered desirable, but this film chose to question that mindset. However, there were certain jabs at depression and how people behave when they are going through a mental health crisis; this angle could have been toned down. There is a lot of discourse on why depression needs to be taken seriously, and if a global film like this mocks it, it only adds to the stigma around it. 

The direction is simple but brilliant. Since Giovanni Bognetti has written the film as well, it makes it easy for him to have control over the storytelling. The film is a feel-good watch right from the start to the end. It does not pander to any agenda and stays true to the genre. The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance could have been made in any other language because the family wanting a piece of the inheritance from an older family member is a common sight across cultures. 


The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance is very similar to the 2022 Hollywood film The Estate, which was also about an aging, rich matriarch who was on her deathbed while many family members hounded her in the hope that she would leave her home to one of them. The premise seems the same, but the overall treatment of Hollywood is different from what Giovanni has done in The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance. The performances of all the actors, who are essentially the leads carry the film on their shoulders smoothly. Of all the performers in the movie, Christian De Sica as Carlo, Anna’s husband, must be given maximum credit for his insane comic talent and timing. The same could be said about the beautiful actress Fioretta Mari as Giuliana, an aging matriarch who refuses to let anyone dictate her life. The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance is unexpectedly a good watch on a lazy weekend. It could also show the mirror to many who seem to take many people around them for granted. 

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Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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