‘The Power’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending, Explained: How Does The Power Take Over All The Women Of The World? 

Episode 8 of The Power is extremely intense and has many revelations for the characters and us as the audience. We all know that “with great power comes great responsibility,” but there is also greed and hunger that is insatiable, making people climb on others to reach more and more power that they can’t really handle, leading to the biggest problems in the world, such as war, hostility and suffering. The Power, too, looks like it’s leading up to some kind of war, whether it be civil, domestic, or between countries. Something massive is coming.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘The Power’ Episode 8?

Allison’s life is finally flourishing as she lives as Eve in the convent. Everybody has great food, and they have the shelter and sisterhood they need. It’s almost like an Eve cult. But the scene plays out as if it’s a reenactment of the “Last Supper,” hinting at things going wrong very soon. It is Savannah who makes a big mistake and accidentally posts a video of Eve’s “baptism” of the girls from the previous episode online. She calls Eve a miracle worker and is very excited to show everyone the video until they all start to freak out because her face is visible. Eve finally admits to sister Maria that she killed her foster father. Sister Maria comforts her, saying her life is in danger and that she understands why she did what she did. Her video has spread across the world. Many more young girls begin to join the convent, and Eve’s friends begin shunning Savannah for posting the video, even if it was a mistake. Savannah may be changing her mind about Eve’s greatness now. Finally, the news of the murder Eve committed appears on TV, and Sister Veronica is over the moon that her suspicions about her have been right. She’s about to call the police so that her cultish ways can finally be stopped, but before she can, Eve grabs her hand. Eve’s “God,” tells her to get inside Veronica’s brain and “change her mind”. Eve actually manages to do something to Veronica’s mind, and she begins to act strange, coddling Eve instead of yelling at her.


Roxy sees the video of Eve and doesn’t believe what she’s doing is real. She thinks it’s a trick and it’s an ego fight between the two teens. It’s her 18th birthday, and Bernie gives her a treat—one-third of his estate. Now Ricky is even more frustrated as she has to go along with him to get people to pay up his dad’s money. Bernie even says it’s not all about the books; some “muscle” is also required to be great in their line of business. Roxy decides to have a chat with Eve and sends her an aggressive message asking how she “tricked” those people. Eve replies that it’s a “gift from God.” They have their little power battle, and Eve calls Roxy to come to find her if she wants to see who really is stronger among the two. Over at her mother’s beauty shop, Roxy finds out from her mom’s colleagues that her mom was with a man named Derrick Reena. Roxy is confused. On their way back, Ricky gives Roxy 10 grand to sort her out so she can live on her own. He tells her that Bernie made sure she showed up to the wedding because he wanted her away from home! But why would Bernie want to kill Roxy’s mom? Are there some more secrets he’s keeping? Or is this just Ricky playing tricks now that Roxy has the share that, according to him, was rightfully his?

Margot and her family worry about a video that’s going to be made of their family now. They train the kids to be “natural” and talk about cliche things, but Matty is completely against it. He doesn’t want her mother to win and has fallen prey to Urbandox’s words entirely. Margot doesn’t know what to do, but Jos fights her brother, who then reminds her that his face has a scar because of her. In his irritation with the family, Matty posts the video of Ryan and the lights to the Urbandox app. Additionally, the family hasn’t addressed the guy who burned himself to the death. in front of them, and Rob doesn’t like it at all. He finds that they are distant from him and hiding everything. The video shoot turns out okay, and Rob is a mess, but Jos saves the day for a little bit. In the middle of all this, Margot finally finds out that it was Jos who wrote insulting comments about her and feels terrible. Jos confides to her that she didn’t want this extravagant life in the spotlight just because her mother chose it. It was her way of being a rebel when her mother posted a video that she had specifically said not to post. Margot appreciates the honesty, and Jos tells her that she has to win the election because the other two candidates are absolutely rubbish, reminding her that what she is doing is important work. In the meantime, Rob decides to take them camping. The family is having a decent time until Jos finds the video of Ryan online and yells at her brother. She’s had enough, and she wants to shred him to pieces. In her anger, she almost shocks him, but Margot interferes, showing everybody that she, too, has the power. Matty runs away with the notion that they aren’t even safe in their own home.


Tunde returns to Declan with a story about Zoia. He explains to him all the torture the women went through and how the men beat up their women and didn’t give them any rights. Now, a rebellion starts among the mistreated women who were ostracized and trafficked there. Declan is heading to see Viktor, and Tunde wants in because he has a message from Zoia to pass on to her sister. He tells Declan about Zoia and Tatiana’s relationship, and Declan tells him to come along as his photographer. The questioning only proves what a pathetic misogynist Viktor is and how unfit he is to be president. Declan even brings up Zoia and her fellow rebels, and Viktor tells him that they deserve to go back to their prostituting ways. Tunde attempts to tell Tatiana that Zoia is the leader of the group but is interrupted by the guards, who have found his pen that has the name of his website inscribed on it. Tunde sees the tracker on Tatiana’s foot and understands that she is not on Viktor’s side through her expressions and mannerisms, but of course, he needs proof to take to Zoia. Tunde and Declan get pulled up by security, and when the time comes for Tunde to admit who he is, Declan bails and tells the guards that he’s been played by Tunde too. Tunde is shocked by Declan’s behavior, and he is locked up when Declan walks away to speak to his editor.

How Bad Is The Power, Really?

Rob admits to Margot that he is completely devastated that she couldn’t admit to him that she had the power, and to add to that, she made his own daughter hide it from him. All he wanted from her was honesty and togetherness, but now he doesn’t know what he thinks of their entire marriage. Margot admits she made a mistake, but she can’t do any of this without Rob, and she needs his support, especially through the campaign (ouch, lady, some respect for the dude). Rob sees that Margot is power-hungry now, and he tells her that he will support her through the campaign, but then he wants a divorce.


After Eve essentially shocked Veronica’s brain, the entire convent sits down with her, demanding answers for what she did. Savannah is the loudest voice to go against Eve and call her unhinged for killing a man because every one of them has gone through something bad, but this is unacceptable. Unfortunately for Savannah, everybody supports Eve after hearing her story and pitying her. Eve’s cult grows in support, even with her wrongdoings. Until Veronica begins to act strange, and suddenly her eyes begin to bleed as she looks at Eve and calls her God, collapsing to her death in front of all the girls. They realize this has something to do with Eve, but will it be accepted again this time?

Back in Carpathia, Tatiana is getting ready for bed with Viktor. In a fit, he kicks her dog, and this is her last straw. Tatiana finally breaks free, grabbing a piece of decor with a blunt edge. She is so furious, and he doesn’t even notice and blabbers on about how Zoia will be taught a lesson. As he’s asking her what she’s doing, she bashes his head with the object. He continues to wonder what is going on, but Tatiana doesn’t stop and keeps bashing his head until he’s on the floor and completely dead. Tatiana uses her servant Solongo to save herself, and she kills her, too, with her electricity. She then places the object in her hand and puts Viktor’s blood over her so that it appears that Solongo killed him. Then she calls the guards and frantically cries as if she were witness to the terrible murder of her husband at the hands of her own servant. She says she couldn’t stop Solongo before it was too late. What is Tatiana playing at, and will she aim for the presidency at Carpathia with her sister Zoia? Possibilities are endless now that Viktor is dead, and all she needs is the support of the military, whose commander seems to be smitten by her already.

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