‘The Power’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained: What is Margot’s Next Step?

In the fifth episode of “The Power,” Margot got the power from her daughter Jos and became the “true face” of the power. Terry was lost in the crossfire that Roxy started because of the man who killed her mother. Matty, Margot’s son, began listening to Urbandox, the anti-woman power voice of the internet, who specifically hates Margot and the family because of her support for the power. Finally, Rob decided to leak confidential documents from the government about the Skein to do “good” and save women from accidental chemical castration. Hopefully, Margot will forgive him for the danger he has put the entire family and their careers in. 


Spoilers Ahead


Along with Matty, millions of men are listening to Urbandox because of his “motivational” speeches regarding what he claims they have lost to the power—physical strength. Urbandox is coaxing men to use their physical strength, guns, tasers, etc., to harm women should they feel threatened. This could cause a really big disaster soon. In the meantime, Margot, who has the power now, sleeps alone in the room while Rob sleeps outside on the couch. She isn’t so mad about his late-night shenanigans anymore, but right now, her focus is on something else. Margot now has the power herself, and because of the big fight she and Rob are having, she can’t tell him the truth. Margot wants Rob to apologize for putting them all in danger, but Rob feels like she has forgotten her first goal of doing right by the people.


At work, Margot, who now rocks boots and not stilettos, quickly finds out that women with electricity are being fired from work. Dandon wants every woman in the mayoral office, including Margot, to be tested for the EOD. Of course, this takes away the autonomy that Margot has been relentlessly fighting for, which is absolutely redundant. Margot refuses to take the test, but Dandon says it’s only a list they’re making; besides, if she or any of her staff forgo the test, they must take unpaid leave until further notice. Margot is furious, but her assistant convinces her that if she can manipulate the test, she can maintain her position without anyone knowing about her power. Margot passes the test with flying colors, then exits the building and lets go of her power and fury. This is the final straw for Margot, and she decides to run for Senate. Her decision affects the whole family, so will they be okay with this next burden?

Margot’s daughter, Jos, on the other hand, is having her own problems. While she and her mother are finally getting along and doing marijuana together, her love life is changing. Jos wants to go to the next step with Ryan, but Ryan feels pressurized by Jos and accidentally bites her in reflex. Ryan doesn’t want to rush things with Jos. To Jos, Ryan was never a prude, so why now was he stopping her from going to the next step? Later, Ryan tells Jos that he is intersex, which allows him to have the skein too. Ryan has had the power this whole time, but he didn’t tell Jos. Jos behaves like a hypocrite because, on one end, she complained about her mom becoming the face of this power, and now she argues with Ryan that her mother has been fighting this whole time, but Ryan can’t tell her the truth. Additionally, Jos thought she never owed anybody answers, but now she was expecting them from Ryan.



Back in Nigeria, Tunde takes a break from all the action-packed journalism to attend a friend’s wedding. Wale, the groom, is having the jitters because his soon-to-be wife has the power and can “zap” him whenever she likes. In response to his fear, Tunde talks about the size of Wale’s arms and how if he had to strike the woman down once, she would be done for. After everything Tunde has seen, he understands how women are feeling too, making a compelling argument for their side. The man still runs away, and while they look for him, Tunde makes his way to the bar, where all the ladies are eyeing him for the famous journalist that he is. They’re interrupted by Ndudi, who is keen on having a word with Tunde. Now that her anger has subsided, she tells Tunde that she has reason to stay in Nigeria and help establish a matriarchy in the country. She has worked there and doesn’t feel the need to travel like Tunde anymore. Finally, Ndudi tells Tunde that there is one thing he can give her, and they use the bride and groom’s suite to sleep together. Tunde feels enlightened by the power of Ndudi. He isn’t afraid of her. Finally, the groom returns and the wedding is back on.


Roxy and Darrel talk after visiting Terry’s grave. Roxy feels terrible about her brother’s death. Darrel, for once, decides to talk to her untethered. Darrel tells Roxy that he doesn’t want to be a part of Pop’s business. Roxy claims it’s because he’s all posh now with his posh schools and reading for fun. It is possible Darrel sees Roxy as a similar figure to their father. Darrel and Roxy are the same age, but Darrel knows it is Roxy who deserves to follow in her father’s footsteps. This is made extra clear when he asks her how it felt to kill the man. Roxy’s dad, too, finally sees the potential of the power and attempts to force her to use it to get a man to hand over the money he owes. Roxy refuses because she’s still traumatized from Terry’s death and his mom’s fierce hatred toward her. Roxy fights with her dad and shows him that she can do what she likes when she likes, and she’s not afraid of him anymore.


What Will Happen When Margot Runs For Senate?

At the family dinner, Margot announces that she will be standing in the Senate elections. Surprisingly (and unsurprisingly to us), Jos is supportive of Margot’s decision immediately. Rob, too, who seems to be disarmed, isn’t against the idea. Matty, on the other hand, with his mind filled with the words of Urbandox, is completely changed. He hates the idea and has started to think that the “male voice” isn’t important anymore and that his mother “emasculates” his father. He wonders why his mother doesn’t cook while his father works; his concerning thoughts are a hope for people to go back to the “order” of how things are supposed to be. Matty leaves the dinner table, and of course, it has to be Rob who rushes to clear the mess because he would be too angry with Margot.

Outside the house, Margot and Jos share a cigarette while they discuss their powers. Margot tells Jos in confidence that she hasn’t told her father about the power yet because he can’t hide anything, and she needs to hide this power until she gets elected. Margot gives a press conference with her whole family in the office to announce her new decision. She hopes to fight for what her mother, grandmother, and all other mothers have fought for till now: safety for their daughters, just like Mother Nature’s new plans. Matty feels terribly left out again. Before she knows it, when everyone is cheering for her plans, a man douses himself in oil and sets himself on fire in front of Margot. We hear a voice-over, in the voice of Urbandox, that claims this is a war that is a fight for the birthright of men, and so they will fight fire with fire. How will Margot fight this war, and will the culmination of this fight be all the powerful girls joining hands? Let’s find out these answers in next episode.


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