‘The Power’ Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Is Causing This Power To Manifest Itself?

In episode 2 of “The Power,” we learned that the capacity of the power within the teenage girls was different for each of them. We were properly introduced to Margot, Jos’ mother, and the mayor of Seattle. Margot is righteous and cares for her family, but she doesn’t have much time to balance her role as a woman in politics. Her husband Rob and she look to have a great relationship, but this may change after everything that goes down in episode 3.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘The Power’ Episode 3?

Allie gets picked up from the street when she’s unconscious from fatigue. She’s taken to the Sisters of Christ convent. Over there, a nun named Sister Maria tells her that the convent takes in girls like herself who are lost and alone. They make seaweed soap for a living and take care of themselves in this isolated location. Allie is skeptical about being there at first. She gives her name falsely as Eve, but she also tells her sister Maria that she talks to God, and “She” always talks back. When she meets the other girls and has a look at the TV, she finally realizes that she’s not the only one with the power and that she’s not special, but God tells her that nobody else can do what she can. Later, the head nun, Sister Veronica, warns the girls not to use their power or they will be kicked out of the convent. Allie says she will leave soon, and Veronica warns that there is a storm coming. The convent will be locked after that. Allie tries to steal some things from the convent, but Maria catches her. She tells her there isn’t much she can get but explains how the convent is made up of rebel nuns and lost girls. So, ideally, this is the kind of place Allie can find her people.

In Nigeria, Tunde became an internet sensation within days of posting the video of Ndudi. At work, he gets a call from CNN, but before he can do anything about it, his father shows up. Tunde has some business exams in the next three weeks, and his father needs him to concentrate and stop caring about this journalism work. Tunde is lost. He has no idea what he wants to do for himself. He wants to be a journalist, but he also wants to be a good son. Finally, he decides to have a word with Ndudi. She reluctantly meets him. He tells her he wanted to see her, but then brings up CNN. Ndudi is furious at Tunde. He is the reason her face is plastered all over the internet, and he didn’t even ask her if he could upload the video. She tells him he needs to do something he believes in for once, but Tunde has no idea what he wants to do. Ndudi’s family shows up then, and tells her to get back in the house. Before Tunde leaves, he sees a girl in the neighborhood giving power to a house. He’s inspired seeing this and decides to go to Saudi Arabia and do the work for CNN.

Margot is devastated after dealing with the plane crash. The casualty count was incredibly high, and they don’t really understand what caused it. After being called over early in the morning and doing all the work, Dandon shows up, telling her she’s taken care of everything and needs some rest, conveniently as the press arrives. Dandon, of course, wants to pretend he’s doing all the work in front of the people for his seat in the Senate. Margot makes her way to the hospital where the victims are and finds a man fighting FBI agents regarding his 12-year-old daughter. Margot intervenes and tells him she will get the answers he needs, handling the situation with ease. She asks Rob if he knows someone at the hospital who can help her sneak into the room the girl’s been kept in. Rob’s ex is his contact at the hospital, and she helps Margot get to the isolated room. Margot speaks to the 12-year-old girl, who is extremely scared.

At the same time, in Jos’ school, things are not going okay. Firstly, she isn’t allowed on the bus because of her sex. Then all the girls in school who can do the “electricity trick” are rounded up. Her friend, who was jealous that she spent too much time with Cat, snitched on both of them. The girls are all isolated in school with their hands locked up.

The little girl tells Margot that she didn’t mean to hurt anyone, but she was afraid when the plane started shaking. The flight attendant tried to help her and put her seat belt on, but all of a sudden, the blanket was on fire. The girl was more afraid because she thought she hurt the flight attendant when she touched her. Margot meets the flight attendant, who is in another room similar to the girl’s room. She tells Margot that the girl somehow “gave her” the power. Margot is then discovered by the FBI and sent out. She gets a call from Rob then, and he tells her about Jos at school. At school, Jos is annoyed that Margot is here too because she only expected her father. Rob yells profanities at the school administration and gets his child out of there. They do an MRI on Jos in the hospital with the help of Rob’s ex, and the MRI scanner malfunctions with Jos inside. She freaks out, and Margot comforts her. It turns out that the girls are not charged by anything but an organ under their collarbone that is conducting electricity. Just like the heart and brain, which are also charged with electricty, this particular organ’s only function is electricity. Back home, Rob and Margot discuss what happened at school, but they get into an argument. It looks like Margot wants to make this a political thing, but Rob wants to understand what is happening to Jos first. She is worried about all the girls in the world rather than just Jos.

What Will Margot Do?

During the argument, Jos is watching TV, but her brother Matty tries to steal the remote from her. She gets angry and shocks him by accident. This leaves a scar on his forehead. Margot tries to be vulnerable with her daughter and tells her she knows it was an accident, but Jos thinks her mother is just pretending to care. She tells her that this is the most time they’ve spent together in over a year.

Margot tries to talk to Dandon about whatever she found out in the middle of the night because she is eager to do something about the whole thing. Dandon tells her she’s harassing him by calling him in the middle of the night and she should calm down. Margot tells him all she knows about the organ that they discovered in Jos, and to her utter surprise, he already knew. This riles up Margot, and she decides to take a huge step for the girls of the world. As a woman herself, she doesn’t want men like Dandon to be the agents of such a phenomenon. In the meantime, politicians around the world (all men) tell their countries that the whole shenanigans of the electric girls are a hoax and there is nothing to be worried about, as they would say in any such situation. Margot takes it upon herself to become the face of women and tell the world the truth. She holds a press conference, explaining all that she knows about the organ and telling the world that nothing good will come from taking away the agency of girls over their own bodies. It is only fair that they know what is happening inside them so things can be figured out. Although this is wonderful for Margot and the rest of the world, who now know the truth, she didn’t tell her own family about her plans to go out in public and take such a huge step. How badly is this going to affect their relationship? We will find out next week in “The Power.” 

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